Battle of the Northeast!

There’s currently a pile of exciting races happening in the NHL, both at the Conference and Divisional levels. Now, I may be biased as a Habs fan, but I honestly think the race in the NorthEast is outstanding:

Toronto – 61 pts. 48 games

Ottawa – 60 pts. 47 games

Boston – 58 pts. 48 games

Montreal – 56 pts. 48 games

FIVE points separating 1st from 4th with virtually even games played (max 6 point spread if you give the Sens 2 points for the extra game)! That’s incredible.

So, the burning questions are as follows:

1) Which team will begin to fizzle first?

2) Will the Leafs bolster their defense?

3) Will the Sens get some toughness up front?

4) Will the Bruins stick with their goaltending or grab another defenseman?

5) Will the Habs add size up the middle?

Does the answer to question 1 directly relate to questions 2 through 5? I believe so. Most teams are still a bit leary to make any big moves if they don’t have to absolutely do so. So, I think if one of these teams drops 4 or 5 in a row, which could theoretically drop you to the bottom or out of the conference depending on your current placement, a move will be made.

Some of the latest rumours/fan’s wishes are:

T.O. – Gonchar (plus everybody else and their dog).

Sens get Laraque.

Bruins?? Already picked up Slegr. There were Sean Burke rumors at one time. Any thoughts?

Habs – not a lot of real rumours, but a lot of fans would like to see Jason Arnott in the CH, including myself.

I’m excited about this race. Even more exciting is the race to see who makes the first ‘big move’.

I hope it stays this tight right to the final wire!