Beer Edition: It's #11 All Over in Manhattan, Media Plays GM, New CBA Issues, Pe

Welcome to Challenging Mikster Beer Edition. Some good beer talk is needed on

It’s Mark Messier night in the Big Apple….. but are Rangers fans really glad to see #11 hanging from the ceiling in the world’s most famous arena?

The media once again thinks it can play general manager….. that’s a no-no for me.

The Penguins soap opera continues.Before getting into the listed topics, I want to make a clarification on my previous CM article.

No way that I meant that article to be about politics, but some people managed to take it as politics. All I did was raise a series of questions. I felt that there was no need for members to post lengthy comments about politics since there was no talk of politics involved, but of an issue.

You could send me a PM if you want to talk politics, and I will be okay with that. In fact, I’d like to thank member 92-93 who shared some interesting opinions via PM about issues.

If you’d like to read some world news that I have commented on, you could visit It’s very outdated, but I will begin updating it this weekend and any comments you could e-mail me or send me a PM.

Anyway, let’s talk about… BEER!

I got to read an interesting article regarding the decline of beer sales in the USA. That’s odd, because Americans tend to prefer beer over any others. However, the young generation is exploring more into the world of liquors. Wine is getting more popular as Americans have taken furhter interest in Italian, Chilean, Spanish, and Australian wines…. and pushed the French wine further aside. The vodka industry has gained a lot of interest too. So in the end, beer is getting quite a hit here.

But why is that? One person in that article said part of the reason is advertisement. And I agree with that. Beer was advertised with the partying…and same old partying everytime with the hot chicks and so on. People got tired of it, frankly so did I. I enjoy beer…I love tasting beer from different parts of the world. I actually choose what kind of beer I should drink depending what I am eating.

Beer deserves to be appreciated, not misused.

The good news is that craft beer has grown. It still is a small part of the market share, but people are starting to look into these microbrewers.

I am not a fan of commercial beer. So Coors, Budweiser, Miller…….not my options. I used to like Molson, prefer Labbat sometimes, but I rather go with the microbrewers.

Of course, my favorite beer comes from Belgium. I believe they are the best in the world. My favorite label has a bad name to it, but it tops my list. It’s called Lucifer. A one liter bottle with a cork in it. It has rich taste and very smooth.

Other Belgian beers that are good are Duvel, Val-Dieu, Mareszdous, and Hoegarden. All are white style Belgian beers. Of course there is Stella Artois, but that is more of a commercial beer.

Belgian whites have become very popular in the USA as well. Rogue brewery makes Belgian whites. There is one from Rogue that comes in a nice ceramic bottle, but I did not like the taste of it much. Allagash Brewering from Portland Maine is very good.

Away from Belgian styles, I like one called Steel Reserve, but only one of its beer product is good. The Steel Reserve 211 in a 4 tall can pack. It’s simple lager beer, goes down smoothly and it is quite heavy on the alcohol, 8%. This one is from Texas.

Another good American beer is Shipyard Brewery. They actually have a good selection of different styles. A common kind is the Export, but the better one is Old Thumper. I really liked the Old Thumper, it has a hog on the label…. really good beer.

Then, of course, there is Guinness Draught. I prefer the bottle over the tall can, of course…. and the best beer comes in bottles, and the best way to drink the real taste of any beer is to pour it in a tall glass. Sure drinking from the bottle is handy, but all the real taste in the bottle is sitting at the bottom. If anything, gently tip the bottle upside down before opening it so it all mixes up again. Anyway, the Guinness Draught comes with the magic widget inside. Still not the same when straightly poured from a bar, but it’s still gooooood.

An English beer I really enjoy, which is similar to Guinness’s consistency, is called Boddington. It’s an ale that also uses the widget and it is quite beautiful to watch when poured in a glass. It’s not strong in alcohol, which I like because you get to enjoy more.

So… this is the CM Beer Edition. Though I would talk about my favorite Italian beer, I won’t reveal it until the Olympics begin. Below, however, is the list of my favorite beers.

Val Dieu
Steel Reserve 211

And cheers to all!

It’s Mark Messier night in the Big Apple and the celebration began yesterday with a conference… a very emotional one at that. Today MSG Network ran a series of games, I believe all of the games in the Stanley Cup Finals back in 1994. Last game to watch is Messier’s last game back in March of 2004 where he scored a beautiful backhand against the Buffalo Sabres. Later on, MSG Network continues the coverage and anyone that has the Center Ice Package can watch MSG Network from I think 6 pm or 6,30 pm and then on with the game.

I know Messier has gone quite downhill ever since he left the Rangers and went on to join the Vancouver Canucks, but so many of us have witnessed this legendary player make history. When will we ever see a captain tell the newspapers that his team will win Game 6 and he ends up scoring a hat trick? When? I remember that moment, and every time I get to watch it over and over again it really touches the passion that I have for the Rangers. Mark Messier is a legendary player, he was idolized by so many young players who started to play mean, aggressive, but with skill.

He proved himself in all levels in the NHL. When the Great One left the great Edmonton Oilers, Mark Messier still managed to lead his team to another Cup victory. He broke records, he made history happen when leading a team that has not won a Cup in 54 years to victory. That was a team made up of classy players.

Though he disappointed many Rangers fans in the past few years, many Rangers fans get to smile when looking at a picture of Mark Messier holding Jason Blake’s jersey, the collar part, so tight that he was almost strangling the guy and Blake could not even move. Talk about massive strength.

He’s won the Cups, his points sit at #2 behind the Great Wayne Gretzky.

I admired Messier, and I still do. But it brings me great shame and sadness that some Rangers fans, and that’s too many, think that Mark Messier does not deserve to have his jersey retired as a New York Ranger. It’s all bitterness about the past few years and how some Rangers fans think that it’s really an “exclusive” club for old time Rangers to retire their jerseys. It’s really sad…. such a nice way to thank the guy for ending a 54 year drought that would have been…..66 years had he not been part of that team.

He made it happen though. And they call out Brad Park deserved it, Vic Hadfield who held the Rangers goal scoring record until Adam Graves broke it; and Vic even wore #11. What they fail to realize is that none of those players, no matter how great they were, never won a Stanley Cup, and yet they could have had Emile the Cat not done the Esposito trade.

I hope those Rangers fans got to watch the games shown today, and I hope they get to watch the moment when Messier held the Cup with such glory…. such glory that shall never leave any Rangers fan’s heart.

Mark Messier is a legendary player… and to have watched him play ever since 1994 has been an honor for me, as a die hard hockey fan, but even as a Ranger fan.

Thanks Mark Messier for the good years, and the bad years were tough…., but what stays in the heart are the glorious years.

So let’s head to the hockey media. You know, it’s bad enough that I came to hate the Toronto media back in the off-season where they basically said that the Leafs would sign any good players. Especially the radio…. good God, so horrible.

Once again, the media trys to think like a general manager. If Bruce Garrioch believe that all his trades would work for the Sens, then he would not be a journalist. The Matt Barnaby rumor? HELLO BRUCE ALNUTTY, Barnaby said, back in 2004, that he did not want to play for the Senators. Why would he now? Why would Muckler want someone like that in the first place?

The Quebec media seems to be pushing Bob Gainey to make a trade. It’s scary, the media is acting like the FBI….where they follow and stalk Gainey and his staff. But, I can’t complain too much. After all, it is the media’s job to discover information. But still….. Gainey will make a deal, we all know that. He may need time… he may need to watch more players…. the media should ease down on the speculation. Every move Gainey makes it’s suspicious.

“Hey hey hey! Jacques!…. Looook at Monsieur Gainey`! He….he… bought a box of cigars!”

“Oh oui oui oui Jean…..thees must mean thadt he will meet with….uuuuh….. Glen Sa`ther…. oui?”

Just kidding y’all French-Canadians. All in good fun. But seriously, the time will come and there is no reason to push push push and speculate (hey, exactly what pregnant women do!) what will happen. That is also a way to mislead Canadiens fans. If Gainey makes a trade that isn’t such a big deal…. then talk about a big fuss for nothing, eh?

Media must take this a few levels down. By the way, I give credit to Larry Brooks because he really wanted Petr Sykora to become a Ranger a while back and in the end, he got his wish!

All the sudden the Toronto media wants to see yet ANOTHER roster change made because McCabe is out. Well… it’s called an injury. Yes, a key player indeed… but so do many other teams deal with key injuries and they hang in there. Why would the Toronto media say that the Leafs MUST get a defenseman? Talk about zero confidence in the team, and why does Ferguson JR. have to make himself look like a jack ass and hit the panic button? Give the Leafs time, they can still win without McCabe and Carlo Colaiacovo is doing a heck of a job… I love how this guy hits… very active on the ice, that’s great.

You know…. this movie will come out….The March of the Penguins 2. The voice of the documentary will be from Demeres…and as he should be reading off a transcript… you pretty much will get to hear a bunch of mumbling words that sounds like French. Then you’ll see Mario Lemieux in a penguin costume…. I swear… this is all true…… I am nodding with my head… this is all true…. and the little penguin that keeps diving on the ice is the Sid Kid…… and…… everytime he is attacked he just goes and hides….between Mario’s….legs…. ……..

………….. yeah…….

And then they find a nice igloo up in Winnipeg where they both lock themselves in. Annnnnnnnnd, so the story goes, and I heard this on CBC as a small midget wearing a furry bikini was reporting about it, I’m telling ya…. it’s all true…… and so….. they find this igloo… where both Mario and the Sid Kid go in…. and….they go in this igloo because they miss home, their other igloo made of steel… and they are upset that people and fans criticize them. And so… they declare that they will never come out of the igloo’s closet….

This is when…..John Travolta, who…became a Canadian citizen, comes in and says “Mm..mmeh, Mhario….S..s…Sid…. it’s Jhean Trevulta….you gotta come oot of the iglooo oh muh God!”.

Meanwhile….. Michel Therrien lived a lenghty period of time in the ghettos of Pittsburgh, a full three days, and …. alright… how the bleeping hell am I making this up?

Anyway, so speaking of Michel Therrien who was supposed to be R Kelly in my little story (those who watch South Park will understand), he totally slams his team by saying that they should get paid 50% of their salaries.

What do you think of that?

I think, and yes that question was asked by myself to answer by……my….myself…., yeah…, and so I think he came out way too harsh on the team. He is the new coach, doesn’t necessarily know all the players, but those words were harsh.

But you know what? I support it. Harsh is good…hey, the truth hurts right? And I think that team should get paid half of its salary for how they play. This is what I had to go through with the New York Rangers. A bunch of vets that play if they feel like it, while making big bucks. This is what I exactly told Bruins and Penguins fans, that signing all of these guys will be a mistake. And so…a mistake it was.

This adds more problems to the Pens though. I can see the younger players responding well to that, but the older vets….. they may be demorilzied by it… they could become headcases in the locker room…. just a big mess. But, I stand by what Therrien said… this is a new coach and he made a statement. This guy is ambitious….and he won’t take such crap. He is setting a standard for Pengins Hockey, that this is now how it’s played. It’s a good message to GM Patrick that he made some bad aquisitions…and will be forced to make changes.

So, this is where it ends. I know it’s a long read, but enjoy it…. take your time with it. Look into the beers I listed that you do not know of.

Anyway, thanks to all and cheers!

Micki Peroni

Vice Administrator

…..and…. breaking news! Milbury has also joined Mario and Sid and he too says he will never come out of the igloo.

66 Responses to Beer Edition: It's #11 All Over in Manhattan, Media Plays GM, New CBA Issues, Pe

  1. Gretzkin says:

    Nailed it!

    Kelowna is my favorite place in Canada.

    Lake Okanagon, just small enough, good people, and apparently the sunniest place in Canada (I think).

    I nearly moved there 8 years ago, but the 1 of the 2 investors of the business I was going to run, stole all the money and did a runner. I didn’t lose a cent, but I lost out on the opportunity.

    Retiring there one day for sure.

    If you guys get the chance, go for it. Rent a car and enjoy. You won’t be sorry.

    And if you do go, and get to Newfoundland, you’d be hard pressed to get out of there without a Certificate…

  2. Scruffy05 says:

    40 minutes south of Kelowna is Canada’s only desert. Plus we have mountain weather so in the summers it gets to 40 degrees plus and in the winters it gets as low as -10,20… it’s like we have 5 seasons…

    Summers are too hot for me but the place is gorgeous… especially with all the young hot bikini clad tourists we get in the summer…. Grandma asnd grandpa and their saggy asses visit Vancouver, their hot 20-something grandkids visit Kelowna:)

    Have I sold it to you yet?

  3. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    honestly, thats cuz here in america, they try to control everything and dont want us to enjoy ourselves…..thats why i wanna go to canada for a week…i can be around people who love hockey and i can select any beer i want

  4. Gretzkin says:

    You had me at ‘young hot bikini…’

  5. Scruffy05 says:

    ba-doom CHING!:)

  6. mikster says:

    Yes i have my friend! Didn’t want to drag on the Belgian beer talk and be biased. Trappist beer is much prefered in my tastes, hard to find, but excellent.

    Though it’s not trappist, Corsendonk is great too.

  7. mikster says:

    Heheh, corrections are always welcomed. I haven’t had Hoegaarden in such a long while because it is harder to find here in Florida than up north.

    And Maredsous, ahhh ok. I’ll remember that and thank you for correcting my spelling. I know Abby and the trappist. I have a friend from Waterloo 🙂

    By the way, you make the real fries, not the French!

  8. 92-93 says:

    speaking of the hockey media – more specifically, the toronto hockey media – check out this huge headline:

    “Ex-Leaf Trainer Returns to the ACC”


  9. mcpeach2 says:

    Who said that Mess didn’t deserve his jersey to be retired by the Rangers??? I’m going to need names and addresses!! I know that this was meant to be a “Beer” article, but don’t worry….beer will be involved in my reaction.

  10. Gretzkin says:

    I tried walking out of A&W after draining that delicious frosty mug of rootbeer, with the mug. The guy freaked. I thought it was free.

    Although the concequences are much worse when you try to walk out on a sizable bar tab…

  11. Scruffy05 says:

    Only if the manager is on duty…. you think a minimum wage employee is going to chase you down?

  12. Gretzkin says:

    I’m not sure who was on duty, but my friend got a pretty good beat down.

    I got away, laughing my ass off.

  13. nyrhockey094 says:

    Getting back to hockey…… I thank you for the points on messier and want all you ISLANDER fans to just go play in traffic with your over done ceremony comments

  14. kicksave856 says:

    i prob didn’t like gin and tonics the first time either, but after i had a few i got hooked. it’s a very refreshing drink. it’s like a sprite to me now.

  15. almelo95 says:

    I’m from Buffalo, right by the border. Canadian beers like Molson and Labatt are considered domestic here. It’s a great thing because both are way better than pretty much any American beer I’ve ever had.

    It was very enjoyable to have a few Molson Canadian’s while watching the Sabres light the lamp 10 times last night!

  16. cippard says:

    I LOVE Hoegaarden. Its gotta be one of my favs. Quebec also has some good, small brewery products such as Don de Dieu and Maudite. Maybe you should try a good ol’ Newfoundland beer? Black Horse, Blue Star or Dominion Ale anyone? Cheers to that!

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