Before Entropy Sets In, What will the Eventual NHL work stopage do to HTR?

As the season winds down (much too quickly for some of us – thanks, Minnesota), I’m curious about some things, such as what happens on this site in the “off-season”. I also have some genral questions about people’s attitudes regarding some of the stuff that occurs here on a fairly regular basis.

So – please take a moment and answer the following questions as honestly as you can. As always, there will be extra points for creativity and / or obscure pop culture references (do you hear me, big brother booty?)

1.) What DO you propose we talk about to keep this site viable in the “off-season”? Draft picks, free agent signings, trades, and speculation will only get you so far. Should we sit around and randomly insult each other (like we do now, only without hockey to distract us), or would you be amenable to going a little more “off-topic” (i.e. favorite sports movies, music, things of that nature)?

2.) Referencing the way comments here can sometimes turn to a personal nature – on a scale of 1 to 10, how much does this bother you? Do you think the occasional personal frictions on here add “spice” to the site, or do you think they detract from “talking hockey”? Do the obscenities, misogyny, and cultural insults offend you, or do you think they are basically good-natured and “all in fun”?

3.) Here’s the one I’m really curious about, and the one I’m hoping for the greatest response from – according to the figures, there are over 5,000 members on this site. Yet there are less than thirty people who submit articles on a fairly regular basis, and less than sixty who post comments on a semi-regular basis. With that in mind:

a.) Those of you who do submit and / or comment regularly – why do you do it? What keeps you coming back?

b.) The part I am most interested in – those 5,550 or so of you who DON’T submit or comment – why not? Are you nervous? Shy? Afraid of how you’ll sound? Leery of getting ripped by a$%holes like me?

Don’t be. I was a complete novice to this sort of thing when I stumbled on this site four months ago. With very few exceptions, I have found the people on here to be absolutely great. I can think of no better example of cool this community is than the fact that I am a diehard Avalanche fan, and I have a good relationship with more than a few Red Wings fans on here. Given that fact, perhaps world peace IS possible…..

It’s new blood and fresh comments that keep this site going, and make it the best hockey site I’ve ever found. Jump in and make yourself heard. And for God’s sake, write a submission, even if it’s something as inane as this one. Those of us who do comment frequently get bored, and that’s when we have evil thoughts.

We’re very gentle with “first-timers” (or “virgins” as we used to call them in RHPS). We won’t rip on you until you’ve been here awhile – and then, remember, we only do it because we love you.

So it’s time for the “silent majority” to come on down and let your voice be heard…..

4.) Anyone besides a card-carrying, dues-paying member of CTP – What is CTP? What were its origins? What is its purpose? And what was the genesis and rationale of its evil twin, FSTA?

5.) What is entropy?

What will the Eventual NHL work stopage do to HTR?

titans writes “With it looking more and more likely that an NHL work stopage is unavoidable, I’m posing this question to both HTR and Wowhockey members. It’s real simple. What will happen to these sites when theres no more hockey?

How do you think the impending NHL work stopage will affect HTR and Wow? Do you think these sites will lose tremendous amounts of viewers? Will they be able to financially survive? Will you the reader keep coming back? What will we argue about?

I’m also curious what the site administrators and owner Trademan think about the subject. Are you worried? Are you making plans for the eventuality?