Belak, Simpson Suspended

Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Wade Belak was suspended for two games Wednesday for elbowing while Phoenix defenceman Todd Simpson received a three-game ban for high-stickingBelak was handed a five-minute major and a game misconduct on Tuesday night for elbowing Washington’s Brendan Witt in the head during the Leafs’ 5-4 win over the Capitals.

“I think he (Belak) was protecting himself,” said Leafs coach Pat Quinn in defence of his player.

Belak, who is eligible to return Dec. 3 against Tampa Bay, will forfeit $8,555.56 US in salary, which will be donated to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Simpson received a match penalty for attempt to injure, which carries an automatic one-game suspension, when he high-sticked Rob DiMaio at 18:54 of the third period during Monday’s Stars-Coyotes game .

“DiMaio was hassling (Daymond) Langkow, one of our best players, so I stepped in and hit him, and as soon as I did, (Manny) Malholtra jumped me, so I don’t know how it’s a match penalty,” Simpson said after the game.

Simpson, who will lose $24,166.68, can also return Dec. 3 against San Jose.


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  1. mikster says:

    Total bull crap.

    Laaksonen, Weekes, and Sean Hill should be as well suspended.

    Laaksonen who swang his stick on Sopel’s face.

    Weekes for punching McCarthy with his blocker (i.e. Snow got suspended)

    Hill, same as Laaksonen except Barnaby was down and bleeding.

    Gee, the Barnaby scenario was three times as worse than what Lindros did to Quintal . Yeah, way to go Campbell, go screw little homo Bettman who wants to form the PHL (Pond Hockey League).


    Also, Michael Peca was given a Game Misconduct for hitting Zdeno Chara in a VERY SIMILAR WAY as Tucker did to him. Obviously Chara is much taller, so the injury did not last long, he came back after missing some time.

    However, what i call sick is the fact that the Isle’s announcer did not consider that a “cheap shot” but just a damn hip check. Well gee, Tucker was also a hip check except $hit happened and Peca got injured. Also, the announcers did not call Weimer’s dirty hit on Leschysin a cheap shot.

    This league is crapp off the ice.

  2. rojoke says:

    Belak not only got shafted with the suspension, but with the initial penalty call. It was a defensive elbow, not a Domi-on-Niedermayer shot. A minor penalty in my opinion. Reserve the majors and suspensions for guy who are running around head-hunting, looking to start trouble.

    As for the Peca hit, that looked clean to me as well. Chara’s 6′ 8″, so everybody HAS to hit him low. From the replay that I saw, it looked like Peca caught him on the thigh, but maybe timed the hit poorly, kinda like Gauthier did last week.

  3. mikster says:

    Right, and the hip check is NOT dirty. But, Isle’s fans and Peca whined that it was. It’s a hip check….

    And Belak’s elbow was as bad as McCarty’s elbow on Danton or the typical Messier elbows.

  4. Aetherial says:

    Well I don’t necessarily know if Belak deserved a suspension. Suspensions are more for stuff that occurs away from the play or stickwork. The fact is, Belak was going to get pasted so he threw a beautiful, FLAGRANT elbow shot. He definitely deserved a penalty, whether it should have been 5 is debatable; I would say that 5 was fair.

    I found Peca’s hit oddly ironic. Somehow Tucker became evil incarnate after doing almost the identical thing. I can’t wait for the people who are going to say “but Tucker went lower blah blah blah”. The fact is, everyone (including French Canadian sports writers apparently) bought into the American media hype during the playoffs last year. I suppose all Steve Webb’s hits were clean, like when he left his feet to cream Sundin from behind into the boards… or when he blindsided Reichel when the play was about 50′ away… Yet he was as American as Apple Pie and Ice Cream last year!

    There is ridiculous varying standards of enforcement, there always has been. Even more ridiculous is the way people judge incidents with a mind clouded by media hype and their own homer loyalties.

    Alfredsson’s hit wasn’t from behind either… Yeah right, morons.

  5. Tradedude says:

    Belak should not be suspended, he should have got a 2 minute elbowing penalty, if not, 4 minutes, and still playing. Witt was coming at him, he couldn’t help, he would have gotten crushed, especially for a tough guy like brendan witt. and yes HE WAS protecting his-self, although i dont think he should have elbowed him to protect him. and he has to pay what 8000 – 9000 dollar, so much for salary. j/k.

    but the suspension will be an upgrade for the leafs. He hasn’t done anything in particluar for the leafs, but trying to get them going by starting fights, and injuring players, and i agree with mikster, tucker should have gotten suspended, whether if it was pay or no pay, and some games. Don’t get me wrong here, tucker’s a fan favourite of mine, i remember tucker was mad at peca for a CHEAP ILLEGAL INTERFERENCE HIT. and no u didnt see him go to the box. i still can’t see why he was mad at him for that.

    and this simpson guy, if he attempted to injure this diMaio guy, wouldn’t u think he would get more than belaks 2 games, since belak was protecting his-self, and simpson was attempting to injure. there’s a difference here.

    beak should be traded.


  6. Aetherial says:

    I’m sure many teams would be willing to trade for Belak for something like an unopened box of last-years goalie bobble-head dolls.

  7. Rico71 says:


    And if the players where Messier, Shanahan or someone else with some star power, they would probably get off scot free. Why was Marchment not suspended then? 14 times in 15 years seems to be a trend no? Oh well…no wonder NHL 2003 on my PC sucks so bad. You can’t hit shit anymore with it.

    Suspending the pluggers and hitters will simply take out the physical aspect of the game.

    Wanna bet that if Mario was not back, this would not be happening as much? But since the Big Whiner is dominating the league and bringing in some money and recognition, Ratman will bend be kissing some Mario ass.

    Pond Hockey League is starting to sound good to me.

  8. Rico71 says:


    Good one.

    The only place this dumb goon should be playing? Semi-pro League. A collection of gorillas on skate imitating a hockey game.

    What the hell is he contributing to the Leafs with his no-brain penalties? Against Montreal he charged a player…whined and bitched about it until he got another 2 minutes and offered a nice PP goal to Montreal. Send him back to the AHL.

  9. Tradedude says:

    would the AHL want him? he’d be damn lucky to play as a 6th or 7th d-man.

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