Belfour for Peca???

This is pure speculation, so don’t get mad at this, but could Belfour be headed to Edmonton for Mike Peca?There are rumors of the Oilers trading Peca (Bruce Garrioch), and of the Oilers wanting Belfour. Apparently Belfour would be willing to waive his no trade clause if the new team is willing to exersize his option. According to “Insider” at, who has called some of these rumors before the media, the Oilers would be ok with exersizing his option.

Don Cherry said last night that what the Leafs need is the kind of gritty 3rd and 4th line guys. They have a fourth line like that, Wilm, Kilger, and Domi, but a good third line two-way forward like Peca would be great for Toronto, not to mention the salaries of the two players are pretty even. Peca is a free agent this summer, which may make the Oilers more inclined to trade him, after giving up something that ended up really good in exchange for Peca (Mike York) the Oilers would prolly like to get something.

After this, the Maple Leafs would apparently want Curtis Joseph. So the two trades would apparently look like this, with the latter of the two being speculation on my party.

To Toronto: Shane Doan, Curtis Joseph

To Phoenix: Mariusz Czerkawski, Jason Allison, Nik Antropov, Andy Wozniewski, 2nd Rounder.

The Leafs prolly won’t wanna trade Harrison right now after seeing last night.

To Toronto: Mike Peca, Igor Ulanov

To Edmonton: Ed Belfour, 3rd Rounder

I know this Leaves Toronto out a few picks, but round 2 and 3 don’t ussually produce much for him. The Leafs have had sucess in the first round (Rask, Steen) and some decent luck in later rounds (Kaberle, Pogge) so right now rounds 2 and 3 don’t matter. The defenseman Igor Ulanov, the Oilers apparently wanna dump, and the Leafs could use a defenseman with their injury problems.

I’m not familiar with the Yotes and the Oilers lines and what not, so I’m only going to do the Leafs lines, maybe Janetty and a Coyotes fan could show what their teams lines might look like.












Joseph as a Leaf always made it at least to the second round, two losses to New Jersey in the 2nd round, a loss to the Canes in the 3rd round, and another 3rd round exit to Buffalo, the Leafs will prolly end up in 7th or 8th, so they’ll prolly face one of the teams he’s never lost to, Philadelphia, or Ottawa. With an outside shot of Carolina, who hell, he can prolly beat.

So any thoughts on this speculation? I really hate Doan, and would prefer Allison, but if it means getting CuJo I’m DEFINATELY on board.


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  1. lukeleim says:

    i dont think doan is going anywhere

  2. the_canadian_game says:

    belfour, 2nd round pick for stoll and ulanov

    allison for kobasew

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Personally, I hope not. I’d rather a defenseman, or you know, anyone but that over rated f*cker Doan.

  4. future_agent says:

    being a loyal leaf fan even through this losing streak, I think any way of shaking the leafs up is a good idea. I am a huge fan of Doan, and Joseph played amazing for us when he was here and as of right now is a lot better the Eddie. With the Edmonton trade I think it would be a huge mistake to pick up Ulanov, he is a waste of a roster spot, I’d rather see Berg play (and I hater Aki Berg). If the leafs threw someone else into that Edmonton trade they should try and grab Bergeron. He would instantly impact the leafs and be able to do so for years to come. I also think they need to pick up a winger who has speed, I don’t know how they could do it but a player like Richard Park would be a good fit.





    Kilger and Domi







  5. 92-93 says:

    i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again:

    To Calgary: Allison and Klee

    To Toronto: Leopold

    To Edmonton: Belfour and Antropov

    To Toronto: Conklin and Spacek





    [Belak, Pohl]







    Then, in the offseason,

    let go of: Khavanov, Berg, Czerkawski, Belak, Conklin (through trade)

    resign: McCabe, Kaberle, Lindros

    Bring up from Marlies: Harrison, Battaglia, Pohl, Kronvall

    Free Agents: Cujo, Patrick Elias

    And voila:





    [Wilm, Battaglia]







  6. lukeleim says:

    Ed Belfour & Chad Kilger to Vancouver for Matt Cooke & Steve McCarthy

    Jason Allison, Nik Antropov, Aki Berg & Andy Wozniewski to Phoenix for Mike Johnson, Curtis Joseph & Jamie Lundmark

    Alexander Khavanov, Mariusz Czerkawski & Tuukka Rask for Barret Jackman

    Jay Harrison, Clarke Wilm & Alexei Ponikarovsky to Nashville for Jordin Tootoo & Shea Weber

    Tucker – Sundin – Johnson

    Steen – Lindros – O’Neill

    Cooke – Wellwood – Stajan

    Kilger – Lundmark – Domi


    Tootoo – Belak

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Jackman – McCarthy

    Klee – Colaiacovo


    Kronwall – Weber



    these trades add grit and speed to the line up. Also, they are stronger on Defense with Jackman

  7. Realistic says:

    These deals aren’t all bad, but they ‘prolly’ will never go down!

  8. 92-93 says:

    If these are the trades that JFJ is looking at with Edmonton – i suggest for him to move on. The Leafs don’t need another centre or aging forward. They don’t need another #6 defenceman (remember Berg, Khavanov, Johannsen, Berehowsky, Marchment, and now rumours for Ulanov and Rivers – yikes, no thanks).

    Phoenix will not part with Shane Doan, period. Joseph is another matter but the leafs need to trade Belfour first. my above suggestion still stands and considering that Lowe might be willing to put Conklin on waivers and has extra defencemen and might not be able to get any goalies from fellow western conference playoff contenders (minny, phoenix, anaheim) … Belfour might be the best choice for the oilers (outside of Buffalo’s Biron).

    Unless a top-4 d-guy is involved (Staios, Bergeron, Spacek) the Leafs should not be making this deal with the oilers. as for the Cujo trade, who knows, but until that trade is made, it might be beneficial for the leafs to get Conklin in the meantime (and then in the offseason – trade either Racine or Conklin and bring up Pogge to the AHL).

  9. NHLSlayer says:

    Pure and simple, thankfully someone said it, and stopped all the dreamers…

    SHANE DOAN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! He just signed an extension, and he is the face of the franchise down in Phoenix, and might be the ONLY untouchable on their team. To have people making stuff up in their head because they think he may be acquired, is nothing short of dumb.

    Also, I don’t know where this talk of Cujo comes into play. Why you would expect the Toronto Maple Leafs to give up anything for yet another goaltender who is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year? He left Toronto last time, because he wanted to play for a contender, and that hasn’t changed. Coming back to Toronto for a stay, would only mean him leaving at year’s end anyways, to explore options with a team that has a realistic shot at winning before his career is over…

    Mikael Tellqvist is the future of this organization. He knows it, the Leafs ALL know it, and they have VERY little interest in pulling a starting goaltender back in a deal, especially at the cost of a scorer…

    If they are to acquire a goaltender and move Belfour, which I think is unrealistic, look no further than the possibility of getting in on the Dwayne Roloson/Manny Fernandez tandem, ONE will be moved, Andrew Raycroft, or Ty Conklin. Anyone of these goalies would be an adequate backup for Mikael Tellqvist, and come with much less baggage than Curtis Joseph. Rumours still circulate that Mika Noronen might be available, but if so, count Toronto out. Buffalo will not put him anywhere that he could come back to haunt them…

  10. Aetherial says:

    None of it will happen.

    I am only glad that the trades seem halfway reasonable…

    At least you aren’t naming 5 poor players/mediocre prospects for the other teams 2nd or 3rd best player like some people around here.

  11. 92-93 says:

    hey don’t worry, i have no illusions that any of this will happen and there are numerous reasons.

    but i can dream …

  12. Aetherial says:

    Yeah, we can all dream, but all things considered… Sundin’s salary, Belfour’s buyout (even if they don’t pick up his option), Allison’s bonuses O’neill, Domi, Khavanov contracts

    The fact that Kaberle and McCabe are going to command BIG dollars…

    The horrendous drafting…

    All mean that the Leafs are going nowhere this year, or next year… and probably not for many years.

  13. 92-93 says:

    well i dunno about the ‘many years’ part. certainly not this year but i am just happy about the young kids coming in.

    according to it says that Khavanov has a one year contract.

    If the get rid of Khavanov, Klee and Berg that covers the money to resign Kaberle and McCabe.

    If the get rid of one of Allison or Lindros – frees up more money right there. if they don’t pick up Belfour’s option, etc…

    a lot of ifs but they do have options. Sundin’s contract, along with O’Neill and Domi’s contracts are the only real deals that are constraining them.

  14. 92-93 says:

    i mean, its good to be realistic but i don’t want to get too over-deterministic about their situation.

    the only thing i am pessimistic about is JFJ’s ability to be an average GM and make some ‘common sense’ moves ( i know i know – common sense is a construction, but NOT resigning guys like Berg, Czerkawski, Belak, etc. IS common sense).

    The drafting isn’t that bad – its the trading away of the draft picks and prospects (which is bad drafting i guess) … and that is supposedly a thing of the past in Leafland.

    I am also optimistic about the play of guys like Harrison, Pohl, Williams, Earl, Pogge, Rask etc. a long way off i know but in the case of Harrison – he should be with this club NOW – i dont care if he’s only played one game.

    the problems are – like you said – other teams being willing to pick up Allison’s bonuses and Belfour’s contract. the good news, Edmonton wants to deal Conklin (they are probably willing to put him on waivers) and have an extra D-guy and need a vet goalie. Calgary has lost out on the Weight sweepstakes and now its between them and Ottawa for Jokinen – if he is moved at all – so it makes Allison a little more attractive.

  15. PaulK123 says:

    If we do get these trades (which is unlikely) this is

    what we have to do in the off-season:


    Re-Sign:Kaberle, Lindros, McCabe, Stajan, Tellqvist,

    White, Wellwood, Harrison, Coliacovo, Pohl, Kilger,

    Khavanov, Czerkawski, Moro, Hoffman, Leeb, Bell,

    Kukumberg, Klee, Joseph*, Peca*

    Let Go Of: Wilm, Domi, Antropov, Berg, J.S Aubin,

    and Brown.

    Sign: Redden, Jokinen, Leetch

    New Line-Up:










    Curtis Joseph

    Mikael Tellqvist

    There! That lieup is capable of winning a cup, with the cap going to 45 million it is a possibility!

  16. lolololol says:

    I think its obvious what trades need to be made:

    To Ottawa: Berg, Wilm, $1000

    To Toronto: Chara, Redden, Alfie

    To Rangers: Antropov

    To Toronto: Jagr

    To Florida: Khavanov, Stajan (sad to see him go but I think its worth it)

    To Toronto: Luongo, Joki, Bouwmeester

    To Carolina: Wozniewski, fans to fill up seats

    To Leafs: Stall

    So our team looks like:


    Stall-Joki-O neill








    Dam I’m good, I should just take jfj’s job

  17. lolololol says:

    Oh, and swap Rask for Joseph then cut cujo the next day

  18. oiler1fan says:

    Shane Doan is NOT going anywhere!

    A few possible trades for the Oilers (with the Oilers getting Belfour) is

    To Edmonton: Belfour and Ponikorovsky

    To Toronto: Markannen and Staios and a 2 or 3 or 4 round draft pick

  19. oiler1fan says:

    The Oilers wouldnt give up bergeron unless it is:

    To Toronto: Bergeron, a goalie, and 4 round draft pick

    To Edmonton: First round draft pick, Belfour, and a second line right winger

  20. oiler1fan says:

    Another thing bout bergeron, he’s a steal because he was 3 years left for under 1 million

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