Belfour gone… who to replace?

Hockey Canada announced today that Leafs Goal tender Ed Belfour will not be playing in the world cup of hockey due to a back probem. Now that means no leafs are on the roster. It also means we need another goalie so who will it be?

I think we have several candidates

Marty Turco- Turco had one good season but not much else. I can not see him as the favorite because one good year really can’t help you.

J.S. Giguere – Another one hit wonder. Though great in the world championships he has yet to preform well in NHL rules since the 2003 playoffs.

Jose Theodore – Theodore had two stellar years but with his personal problems team Canada may not want to bring him in. Although I can see him as a favorite.

Curtis Joseph – I find Joseph to be very under rated over the past few years. The Wings just had no offence. In the 2003 play offs Joseph lost games by scores of 1-0 and 2-1 obviosul he was under rated. Also in the 2004 play offs though only playing about 10 games he had the top GAA in the playoffs.

Sean Burke – Old broken down and probabley wouldn’t play. But Gretzky likes him so I think it puts him in there.

Kevin Weekes – Not quite at that lelel yet he could be a force to be reckoned with soon.

Andrew Raycroft – Pretty young but good I some how don’t see him playing.

So my top three are Theodore Burke and Joseph. I would pick Joseph but I think the winner will be Theodore.

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  1. movingfire says:

    No way it is Joseph…Not after his whining the last time he played for Canada. Theodore has to be the guy as he is the best remaining goalie there is. If he does not join the team, it will be because he declined due to his off ice problems, not the other way around.

  2. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    This is bad news for leafs fans. Belfor is GOOD but he is no spring chicken. He NEEDS to get healthy to be worth his 8 million a year during the season.

    If I were a GM, I wouldn’t be all that excited about my players playing in the world cup. There is only one cup that matters and it is a LONG march from September to April and then another campaign for the playoffs. That is a lot of games to stay healthy and sharp for.

    Hopefully, the time off will help Belfor quite a bit with his back.

  3. CaptainModano says:

    Turco’s proven to be Belfour’s successor in Dallas, and he’ll do the same at the World Cup, if Gretz chooses him

  4. habs_punk says:

    thank you captain obvious

    i think it is important to also note that theodore will be belfour’s successor at the world cup if gretzky chooses him. or giguere if gretzky chooses him.

  5. movingfire says:

    whoa there….rough day…but seriously, turco is not going to be named….look at the team in front of him compared to Theodore and Giguere….and at least Theodore as won some awards….Theodore is going 4sure.

  6. TheCoach says:

    This is pretty scary news for Leafs’ fans. JFJ just signed Belfour to a huge 2 year contract, and after almost 2 months of rest, his back is still acting up. Belfour is no spring chicken, and JFJ has got to be wondering if he can last the whole year. If I was Ferguson, I would be trying to find room in the budget to bring in a capable back-up. No offense to Tellqvist, but if Belfour goes down for an extended period of time, would you trust him to stop 30 shots a night? Someone like Kevin Weekes, Chris Osgood or Felix Potvin might fit the bill. They might, however, be a little bit pricey, so maybe the Leafs should consider bringing Corey Schwab back.

    As to who will replace Belfour, it will likely be Jose Theodore. He was apparently in the final 4, so I’d expect him to get the call.

  7. greengiant says:

    That big contract Eddy got just keeps getting worse and worse

  8. CaptainModano says:

    Theodore just got the invite

  9. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Part of the problem with current CBA is that the Leafs would be stuck with a HUGE contract in Belfor that they can’t really do anything with even if he is hurt.

    In the NFL – he could be cut allowing the Leafs to get a new goalie and maybe another big name free agent like Karyia without missing a beat.

    I love players like John LeClair but even he would tell you he is not worth $9,000,000 per year. the hard fact is, players are simply commodities and the owners need to be able to get out of them at certain times.

    This might be one of them for the Leafs but they are stuck. Ask the Kings what it was like last year paying Deadmarsh and Allison resulting in missing the playoffs.

  10. morrissey says:

    Teams take out insurance on those contracts, if the players can’t play then the insurance co covers the contract, not the team.

    I totaly hate those non-guaranteed contracts in the NFL, why should the team be allowed to just walk away from a contract and a player cannot?

    And as for what a player, or anyone for that matter, is worth, the answer is simple: you are worth what people are willing to pay, period. the current salary crisis was created by the owners, 100%. I mean if I know my income is 60k and my expenses are 75k, then it ain’t hard to figure out than I’m gonna be in trouble sooner or later!!!

  11. Rysto says:

    The problem with this argument is that it complete ignores a crucial fact: the fans will not show up if there isn’t a good team on the ice. If a team were to get rid of its top players to cut salary, their revenues drop quickly. Who wants to pay to watch a losing team? Teams are stuck between losing money because of big contracts, and losing money because they’ve alienated their fans.

  12. CyberMen says:





  13. nordiques100 says:

    i wonder how come no one mentioned garon as he is supposedly better than Theodore………NOT!!

    thank god theo was named as it should put to rest who the better goalie in montreal was.

    by the way getting a top 2 centre for a BACKUP goalie in garon was a GREAT deal for the habs.

    I am so happy for theodore as he deserved to be there in the first place.

  14. habsoverserver says:

    Before you think that Bonk for Garon was a bargain, ask yourself what LA had to give up to get Bonk in the first place. Bonk went to LA for a third round pick.

    How many teams would have traded Garon for a third round pick?

    Bonk wanted more money than anyone in the NHL but the Habs was willing to pay.

  15. Tweek says:

    He could play but he just dosnt want to go through the possibility of his back acting up, its in better shape then when the season ended and he was playing. Last time I checked the NHL may not even be ready to start at the beginning of the season. Even if the CBA gets settled there is nothing to worry about, its just a restful measure takin by Belfour. He’ll be ready for a good season, he may take 2 weeks or off at some point because of his back but besides that he’ll be fine. Everybody is blowing this story out of control.

  16. Enigma says:

    He “whined” because he was apearantly promised at least another start by Pat Quinn, obviously curtis never got another opportunity to redeem himself.

  17. BADBANNER says:

    As a leaf fan, this news is a little scary but i dont think fans have anything to worry about. Personally i dont think Belfour is hurt, but is just using the whole summer to rest, and get fully healthy.

    Theodore is a good choice. But I don’t think it really matters who the backups are because unless Brodeur gets injured, or starts playing bad, because he will no doubtly have the starting role.

  18. BADBANNER says:

    If i recall the Habs also got Huet with Bonk for garon. It isnt a bad trade because Montreal replaced their goaltending prospect(Garon) with another prospect(Huet), and also got a top six forward in Bonk.

  19. BADBANNER says:

    I agree with what you are saying, but i dont think that they should be allowed to walk away anytime they want. I think that if a team wants out of a contract there should be LEGIT reasons to do so. Like Allison and Deadmarsh, considering they have missed a whole season beween them, L.A should have been able to walk away from them. But to cut a player just because hes in a slump or something shouldn’t be allowed.

  20. greengiant says:

    Huet is not a prospect… he is 29. Career backup.

  21. TheCoach says:

    All I’ve read is that he pulled out because of a back injury. When he got selected, he seemed very keen on going so I find it surprising that all of a sudden he had a change of heart.

  22. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    Théodore was a good choice, even though I expected Turco to get the call..

  23. Rico420 says:

    Do you guys realize that Goaltending happens to be the Canadiens best depth position?

  24. DandoEagle says:

    nope nope nope what a terrible choice. theodore is won of hte worstest goalies ever. he chokes every time and never wins a big game. it easily should have been turco. turco should have been one of the first three along with belfour and luongo. what a mistake by gretsky. luckily they have luongo to carry the load otherwise the canada would be in troubled.

    i cant beleve they named theodore. what a terrible choice. canada will lose for sure now. the americans would have won anyway.

  25. habsoverserver says:

    Congrats to Theo. Theo probably doesn’t get to dress for any of the games, so it is very nice of him to give up his free time to sit in the stands in a suit for two weeks.

  26. wayne2 says:

    The goalie that deserved it got it,Theodore.Not that

    the other candidates are not worthy,its just that

    Theodore is young,getting better and is part of the

    future elite goalies so he will be more experienced

    for the next team CANADA.

  27. Aetherial says:

    OK everyone,

    It is HIGHLY likely that the Leaf organization knew all about this before they signed Belfour.

    It is also VERY likely that the organization and Belfour knew he would bail from the championship all along.

    This is not any big deal. It is simply to give him as much rest as possible.

    The reailty that Belfour’s back would have to be *nursed* through the next year or two was known already. It is the same things with Nieuwendyk.

    Think about it this way… whatif Belfour was 100% healthy?

    How much money would he make?

    If he was 100% healthy you could argue he would have received MORE from the Leafs even.

  28. tmeyers says:

    I think its funny how canadians continually claim thay are the reigning world champs…when everyone knows it was Mike Richter and the USA who won the last.

    For example:

    From Canoe:

    “Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers, who has led Canada to back-to-back world championship gold medals, is also on the team. “

    Montreal Gazette:

    “Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers, who has led Canada to back-to-back world-championship gold medals, also is on the team.”

    I dont even think he was playing the last time thgey one.

    The same on TSN:

    “. Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers, who has led Canada to back-to-back world championship gold medals, is also on the team.”

    anyone notice a pattern here? Its all the same qoute about incorrect facts.

    Are canadians just stupid, liars, dreamers, or all of the above?

    Give it up already…you are not number one.

  29. tmeyers says:

    Joseph is overrated.

  30. tmeyers says:

    Didnt Belfour lead Canada to bacck to Back world championships? or was it Loungo? or was it Worsley? Maybe it was Mike Richter….im soo confused..i thought Richter was American.

  31. nordiques100 says:

    you are an idiot

    the americans won the last world cup in 96

    the canadians have won the last two world championships in 2003 and 2004

    also canada is the reigning olympic champion

    there is a difference. they are all different tournaments.

    canadians are not liars, stupid nor dreamers.

    we damn well know we are the best hockey nation in the world and the last two world championships and last olympics have proven that.

    we are the best hockey fans in the world as we love this game more than almost anything else and because of that, we know lots about the game and about the history of the game.

    and luongo did help canada win the last two world championships so the facts are true.

    the only lying dumb dreamer around here is you.


  32. PayUpSucka says:

    Right on!!!! Another internet tough guy!!! The U.S must mass produce these morons.

    No offense to most on this site who are american.

    I gotta funny feeling this is Darkhorse.

  33. PayUpSucka says:

    Exactly. Which is why JFJ had no idea what reporters were talking about when asked about Belfour’s decision.

    It’s a good decision on his part anyway. He wasn’t going to start or possibly not even dress. Stay home and get ready for the lock out shortened season.

  34. tmeyers says:

    I guess your stupid too. The world championships are every 8 years…jerk.

  35. tmeyers says:

    screw you..ass

  36. tmeyers says:


    “When eight years will have passed between the time the United States first won this tournament and when it will be called upon to defend that title, one has to address that.”

    It is every eight years..morons.

  37. tmeyers says:

    who’s says im from the U.S.?

  38. nordiques100 says:

    this article below is from the website. I am and so is everyone else talking about the world championships that is held every year in europe around the same time the playoffs (which is may) are going on in the NHL. the teams are usually made up of non playoff nhlers. for example the panthers didnt make the playoffs so Luongo was team canada’s goalie. this is NOT the same as the world cup of hockey. yes the world cup of hockey is every 8 years but the world championships is every year and canada has won the last two. SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT YOU DUMB *****!!!!

    A golden age for Canadian hockey

    Team Canada captain Ryan Smyth hoists the IIHF World Championship trophy

    Canada has found a way to win gold here in Prague–and his name is Dany Heatley. The remarkable forward ignited a four-goal rally that saw Canada turn a 3-1 disadvantage into a 5-3 victory and claim its second successive gold medal over Sweden. It marked the first time Canada has won gold back-to-back since 1958 and ’59, and now gives Canada a total of 19 gold medals during the 69 years the IIHF has organized the World Championships (not including Olympics).

    And, just like last year, the Canadians overcame a 2-0 disadvantage to claim the world title.

    The game began with Canadian Head Coach Mike Bab***** sending a clear message to his Swedish counterpart Hardy Nilsson. Every time the Peter Forsberg-Daniel Alfredsson-Jorgen Jonsson line hopped over the boards, so too would Rob Niedermayer and Shawn Horcoff. So dominant were the Canadian duo that by game’s end they had even outscored the talented Tre Kronor forward line.

    The celebration is on

    Sweden scored first and early, on a power play, after the Canadians failed three times to clear the puck when they had possession. Dick Tarnstrom took a point shot, and Jonas Holglund collected the rebound in the slot and drilled a quick shot over the glove of Roberto Luongo.

    The Canadians hadn’t fully recovered their senses when the Swedes opened a 2-0 lead, and it came on one of the rare times the Horcoff-Rob Niedermayer combination wasn’t out on the ice against the Alfredsson line. Forsberg ripped a 100 foot pass from deep in his own end to a streaking Alfredsson, who caught Scott Niedermayer napping, and beat Luongo on the breakaway with a low shot to the stick side.

    Play heated up just after the midway point when Rob Niedermayer nailed Forsberg from the side near the players’ benches, and the Swedish star crumpled to the ice. Forsberg was all right, and Niedermayer was penalized, but that seemed to increase the Canadian intensity.

    Matt Cooke capped off the scoring for Canada

    Canada earned a break a few minutes later when a turnover in the Swedish end saw Glen Murray make a nice pass in the slot to Brendan Morrison. He deked goalie Henrik Lundqvist, but by the time he was by Lundqvist, he was behind the goal line. Morrison pushed the puck in front and Ryan Smyth tapped it home before Lundqvist could recover. It was just the goal Canada needed, and the teams headed to the dressing room with the score 2-1.

    Sweden recovered, though, and it was Tre Kronor that opened a two-goal lead again when Hoglund and Andreas Salomonsson broke away on a two-on-one. Salomonsson converted a lovely pass from Hoglund, and the Swedes were full value for the 3-1 score.

    It wasn’t until ten minutes later that the Canadians launched a stunning offensive. Scott Niedermayer floated a beautiful lob pass from his blueline cross ice to the Swedish blueline, the puck hopping over a Swedish defender and landing softly on Dany Heatley’s stick. He was in full stride, and he beat Lundqvist with a gorgeous, high shot on the deke. The Canadian bench leaped up as one to celebrate, and there was a tremendous sense that that was the turning point of the game.

    Indeed, less than a minute later, Horcoff made a beautiful back pass between his legs from behind the Swedish goal onto Rob Niedermayer’s stick. He managed to knock it past Lundqvist. The Swedish bench sagged, and the pro-Swedish crowd of 17,360 reeled with shock. The rest of the period was all Canada, and the Swedes limped to the dressing room looking for a way to gather their composure.

    They had no time. Off the opening faceoff to start the third period, Heatley burst in over the Sweden blueline and lofted a soft backhand pass to defenseman Jay Bouwmeester who was joining the rush, and he drilled a low shot to the far side. Twenty seconds into the final period, Canada had its first lead of the game, 4-3, and if the Swedes were reeling by the end of the second, they were almost down and out as a result of this explosive start by Canada.

    The Swedes had a power play chance a short time later, though, and this was the time for Luongo to step up. He made two important glove grabs to send his message, and the Canadians played their game the rest of the way–plenty of banging and hitting, shooting the puck out over the blueline, and not making mistakes.

    The insurance goal came when Niedermayer made a sensationally timed pass as he burst down the right wing to Cooke, who charged his way to the goal, put his stick down, and re-direcetd the puck past Lundqvist.

    Coach Nilsson pulled his goalie with 2:32 still to play, but the extra man provided no real pressure to the Canadian defence. As the clock ticked toward 20:00, the players on the Canadian bench stood and whooped and hollered, their second gold clearly assured.

    The Canadian victory was the result of many factors. First and foremost, Mike Bab***** deserves enormous credit for coming in at the last minute to replace the ill Joel Quenneville and guiding the team through that difficult transition and then forging the team into a gold medal champion.

    The emergence of Heatley as the tournament’s superstar and dominant player occurred as naturally as maple syrup spilling from a tree. He and Daniel Briere helped lift the team from a 2-0 deficit against Austria, deficits of 2-0, 3-2, and 4-3 against the Finns, and now two more 2-0 and 3-1 down situations tonight. The Canadians found a way to win earlier in the tournament with efforts that were not necessarily pretty but were workmanlike. Tonight was a work of art, a beautifully played game and as pretty a victory as Canadian fans could hope for.

    Canada remains number one in the World Rankings in both men’s and women’s standings, and reigns as Olympic champion in both men’s and women’s categories. One thing can be safely stated: this is a golden age of Canadian hockey.

  39. tmeyers says:

    Theres only been 1 world cup since 91 (the last “Canada Cup”). Richter beet cujo in 96.

    You’d think you’d know that.

    by the way..i am canadien

  40. nordiques100 says:

    look everyone, we have found the biggest idiot to ever grace us with his stupid presence on this site. everyone who knows anything about hockey knows that the world championships and the world cup of hockey are two completely different tournaments. the world championships are held every year and the world cup is held whenever it can pretty much.,,, all have stuff on the world championships that was held just this past may.

    the more you speak the more you show how completely and utterly stupid you really are. you know absolutely nothing about hockey and should never ever be allowed to post anything on this site ever again.

  41. nordiques100 says:

    you spelled canadien wrong. it is CANADIAN


  42. thecat_39 says:

    theodore…no…hes a choke, look at this year’s playoffs- sure mtl gotpast the b’s after being down 3-1 , but it was not theodore who got them that…he lost them 4 out of 5 games against t-bay, and he is neevr a good goaltender under presure. take someone like cujo, been in stanley cup playoff games, has the experience and the capability..yeahu may say, he was on detroit, the first year against anaheim, he blew, detroit blew it, he let in 6 goals in 4 games..figure out the g.a.a…..he is capable of being on the team, and gretz shood wise up and pick the more capable goaltender in cujo..theodore can go ride with the hells angels..hoo knows, maybe hell loose team canada the cup do to the fact he may get killed by the angels..hmmm….

  43. thecat_39 says:

    hey yankee, get this…lunogo won the world championships, whcih is still considered world hockey, so get ur ehad outta ur as, and go play basketball…do not insult us canadians for what we know about hockey….h yeah, and by the way…we invented basketbal. imagine that.;)idiot

  44. OldNord says:

    Théodore is a huge upgrade over Belfour for Canada’s team, budget wise.

    Will cost less beers than Eddie, sitting in the press box.

  45. DarkPhoenix says:

    No, no, no, Canada should have taken Patrick Lalime!

  46. tmeyers says:

    BasketBall sux

  47. caniac1026 says:

    Got to go with Weekes

    He’s been the most consistant performer the past three years.

    Raycroft just broke out (otherwise I’d pick him). Turco and Jiggy had slumps this season and those won’t be ironed out until next season starts (fingers crossed).

    Wait a second. I’m American…

    Go with Jamie Storr, he’s so underrated…really!

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