Berard Reportedly Close To Signing With Bruins is reporting that UFA defencemen Bryan Berard is close to signing a contract with the Boston Bruins. Berard, who played last season with the NY Rangers, will reportedly receive a deal for 1 year, worth $850, 000 with a club option for a second year at $1.3 million UNLESS Berard scores 36 points or more in which case it becomes his option for the second year.

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  1. pantherboy says:

    This rumor has been going on all summer that Berard will sign with the Bruins. If, or I should say when he does, that may mean the Bruins will actually dump McLearn off on another team.

  2. edmontonrules says:

    For that price I am surprised that there aren’t any other rumors about him going to any other teams. Heck, I might even buy his services. Does anybody else think that this is b.s.? That money doesn’t grow on trees you know. Do they actually think this guy is a superstar?

  3. Kariya-09 says:

    They better sign Berard very soon. Since i am a bruins fan id be glad to get someone who can finally get a defenseman who can bring the puck out of our zone.

  4. sabotage says:

    DOES anyone else notice how many articles start with “ is reporting…”…I counted 3 this afternoon on the mainpage!!

    It seems members are typing 2 sentences and quoting everything from tsn just to get an article posted…

    Listen guys, it’s not a big deal getting your article on HTR…Why don’t you sit with your news, and write at least half an opinion on it before you thunderously refresh tsn’s webpage hoping to be the first to get a submission into HTR..Hell, why don’t we just post a massive link on the mainpage that says “SEE TSN.CA”…

    And to the admins, why don’t you not post these ridiculous 2 sentence articles.. Set a precedence of quality.

    –As for Berard…I told you so…A couple weeks back I said Berard was going to be a Bruin, even when that “breaking news” of the Thrashers was released. Well now its gonna happen, and guess what, McLaren will most likely end up an Oiler. Look for Lowe to ship either Grier or Marchant. Todd might be gone simply because he’s UFA next year…

  5. titans says:

    Bruins are gonna be good this year!!!!

  6. McCabe_24 says:

    whoa calm down guy…I think u gotta get a life or somethin. I haven’t been on here often…like once a month and i dont know how things work. I can tell u must be on here 24-7 though, who uses the words “set a precedence of quality” when talking about hockey?!? Thanks for the info though….

  7. r_milley says:

    I dont think I know a hockey fan who doesnt go by to check out hockey news and it’s pretty dumb to come here and see is reporting on 5 or 6 of the articles on the front page. This(or any) webiste SHOULD set a precedent for its quality by not posting each article that comes off of just so people can see their username on the front page.

  8. nixter says:

    Its all but a done deal with Berard. He is just sorting out the insurance payback with the insurance people. He recieved 6 million dollars not to play hockey and he has to repay that money in order in to play hockey again.

    This will be a huge acquisition for the bruins, as he will drastically help the power play.

  9. bruinsfan12 says:

    Chill out, maybe people like to discuss things on at this website. Who cares, if you don’t want to see those articles then don’t read them. I personally like seeing things posted

  10. bruinsfan12 says:

    As a Bruins fan I will be glad if they sign him. I know he’s not all that great, but any offensive defensemen will really help this team. He can play with someone like Sweeney or O’Donnell who plays hard defensive defense so they can make up for him when he jumps up into the play. Lets hope it doesn’t turn out to be a fluke like, say, Coffey.

  11. Kariya-09 says:

    i hope so.

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