Berard Resigns

Tsn is reporting that Bryan Berard and the Chicago Blackhawks have agreed to a contract.

Its a one year deal worth about 3 million.

Last season Berard 13 goals, 34 assists and 53 penalty minutes in 58 games while averaging nearly 22 minutes ice time a game.

5 Responses to Berard Resigns

  1. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    That’s dissappointing.. I wanted Berard to be the only player in history to have 2 teams walk away from his arbitration award..

  2. raine_kalisz says:

    3mil is quite impressive. i thought he woulda asked for a lot more than that.

  3. wingerxx says:

    I think that Berard got what he wanted. It’s good to see, because he is such an electric player. I’m still angry over the fact that my Rangers let him go after one mediocre season when he wasn’t getting great power play time. I would take Berard over Tom Poti any day of the week. He was one of the only decent things about the Blackhawks season last year, and hopefully he’ll stick around for a while. He’s still young too.

  4. chevykurt says:

    You want to talk about angry, wingerxx? How about when that low life, reckless s***** Marian Hossa high sticked Berard a few years back? Not only would he still have his perfect vision, but he may have still been in a Leafs uni as most fans loved him. ***** Hossa and ***** the Ottawa Senaturds!

  5. wingerxx says:

    Hey I understand…Hossa didn’t mean to put him out of hockey for so long though…and yeah, maybe he would still be a Leaf. If anything though, that incident made Berard a more dedicated player than he was before. I think that it makes up for whatever vision problems he has. Who knows…he has a lot of years left in him. Maybe he’ll wear the blue and white again someday.

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