Berard tests positive for banned substance

According to, Brian Berard had a positive test for a banned substance during US Olympic summer evaluations last summer. Apparently, he was tested in December by the NHL, but the test was negative.

Sources say Berard, who was invited to the U.S. summer Olympic evaluation camp and therefore eligible for Olympic testing, tested positive for the substance nandrolone, an anabolic steroid which is on the IOC banned substance list.

A positive test means that Berard is ineligible for any international competition for the next two years. The test will not impact on the Olympics in February as Berard was not selected to the U.S. team.

The positive Olympic test will have no impact on his current standing or status within the National Hockey League.
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The test was apparently conducted in November with the results being made known to Berard in December.

Sources say the NHL was made aware of the positive test in December. Sources also suggest that Berard voluntarily went to the league in late December and underwent league sanctioned testing, which came back negative for any banned substances.

Sources say Berard attributed the positive test to a supplement he was taking in off-season training.

Berard would only be sanctioned by the NHL if he tested positive within the joint testing program of the NHL and NHL Players Association which began last Sunday.

Blue Jackets executive director of communications Todd Sharrock says the team is aware of the report, but will have no comment “until the results are confirmed by the group that administered the test.”

The USADA is scheduled to announce the doping result at a Friday news conference. Berard is also slated to talk to the media Friday.

The 28-year old former first overall selection in the 1995 Draft has 9 goals and 18 assists in 40 games with the Blue Jackets this season.

What is Nandrolone?

Nandrolone helps muscle grow. When taken when training it will improve endurance, strength and oxygen-carrying capacity no matter what sport an athlete is taking part in.

It should be noted that the IOC was able to find Nandrolone in over 14% of muscle-building supplements it tested.