Berard tests positive for banned substance

According to, Brian Berard had a positive test for a banned substance during US Olympic summer evaluations last summer. Apparently, he was tested in December by the NHL, but the test was negative.

Sources say Berard, who was invited to the U.S. summer Olympic evaluation camp and therefore eligible for Olympic testing, tested positive for the substance nandrolone, an anabolic steroid which is on the IOC banned substance list.

A positive test means that Berard is ineligible for any international competition for the next two years. The test will not impact on the Olympics in February as Berard was not selected to the U.S. team.

The positive Olympic test will have no impact on his current standing or status within the National Hockey League.
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The test was apparently conducted in November with the results being made known to Berard in December.

Sources say the NHL was made aware of the positive test in December. Sources also suggest that Berard voluntarily went to the league in late December and underwent league sanctioned testing, which came back negative for any banned substances.

Sources say Berard attributed the positive test to a supplement he was taking in off-season training.

Berard would only be sanctioned by the NHL if he tested positive within the joint testing program of the NHL and NHL Players Association which began last Sunday.

Blue Jackets executive director of communications Todd Sharrock says the team is aware of the report, but will have no comment “until the results are confirmed by the group that administered the test.”

The USADA is scheduled to announce the doping result at a Friday news conference. Berard is also slated to talk to the media Friday.

The 28-year old former first overall selection in the 1995 Draft has 9 goals and 18 assists in 40 games with the Blue Jackets this season.

What is Nandrolone?

Nandrolone helps muscle grow. When taken when training it will improve endurance, strength and oxygen-carrying capacity no matter what sport an athlete is taking part in.

It should be noted that the IOC was able to find Nandrolone in over 14% of muscle-building supplements it tested.

18 Responses to Berard tests positive for banned substance

  1. wingerxxx says:

    Wow, that is too bad. I think that means that he would be out of international competition for a couple of years. I really like Berard as a player too. Not a perfect defenseman by any means, but he adds an electric nature to a team’s blueline, and he’s a competitor. Definitely one of the best offensive defensemen in the league. It’ll be interesting to what he has to say to the media about this test. It’s hard to believe that a guy who has come through as much as he has, would resort to taking a banned substance. But what do I know, I’m not in the Blue Jackets’ locker room.

  2. navajo says:

    I hope he doesn’t get suspended from the NHL. I don’t even think it’s a big deal.

    You either can play or not…muscles ain’t going to make a difference. Ask Gretz

  3. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha wat a drugie!

  4. Marky2Fresh says:

    I hate when these guys get caught and then blame it on a supplement. Don’t take this crap if you don’t want to get in trouble, it’s not rocket science.

  5. ranger_fan says:

    He isn’t getting suspended. Under the CBA, it has to be the NHL/NHLPA test, and he did test voluntarily for them, and came up negative. No suspension!

  6. wingerxxx says:

    He also had a negative test in December, which is very interesting.

  7. Tweek says:

    Even though it was not during the NHL season he should banned 20 games although im sure the NHL would get sued for sure. Im also glad that Dick Pound looks like a complete idiot now for calling out the NHL that a third used steroids when only this smuck got caught.

  8. Neely4Life says:

    the NHL testing, and tests havnt come out yet. Pound isnt proven wrong yet. Berard test was from the fall for international compitition. He shouldnt get banned 20 games, because it wasnt part of a CBA, or the actually testing process. And if n e one deserves a break its Berard. He’s playin hockey with one eye, and if u can over look anyone on this, its him. On top of that, he voltenteered to take another test to show hes clean.

  9. bailerson says:

    Basically what you guys are saying is that players dont work out while using store bought accelerators. Im sure there are plenty of legal items bought that contain things not sanctioned by the IOC. Mistakes have been made and a guy like Berard who has obviously been through alot must be given a shot to prove a bad test. He cleared a month later so … bad test??

  10. tacitus says:

    Its funny how people start bashing Berard for taking whatever substance he took. The guy is blind in one eye, an injury sustaned from playing in the NHL. So does taking that substance give him some advantage considering hes blind? The one eyed guy got caught taking a substance in a league where everybody else has vision in both eyes.

  11. muckies says:

    Is it just me, or the 2 guys drafted #1 overall, that wouldn’t report to their teams, Lindros and Berard, have had the worst luck out of any 2 players in the league?

  12. muckies says:

    Lance had cancer in his balls, does that give him the go ahead to take steroids and win 7 tours??

    I think it does on the first, like he got caught, but not the others.

    Steroids don’t help your eyes, they actually hurt them. So who cares about his vision.

    he should be suspended. its ridiculous. If you test positive at the Olympics for steroids, when you get back to the NHL, you wouldn’t get suspended because it wasn’t an NHLPA test. its stupid.

    Imagine Barry Bonds test positive at the World Baseball Championship, should he be suspended??

  13. bailerson says:

    didnt lance get blamed for an illegal substance as well

  14. wingerxxx says:

    Yes, but the cir*****stances are extremely fishy. There’s a reason that nothing has come of these allegations against him yet.

  15. wingerxxx says:

    It could very well be a bad test. Because that crap stays in your system for a long time. I just have a hard time seeing Berard as a big time doper. I’m also inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, simply because it’s amazing that he is not only playing right now, but playing at a pretty high level.

  16. Tweek says:

    I know that it wasnt during the NHL season, I said that. He should be suspended either way. I guarantee you Pound will be wrong.

  17. habs79 says:

    First off we have one positive test. So unless only three players were tested we are nowhere near Dick Pounds statements about 1/3rd on NHLers doping.

    As for the player who got caught. Is he considered one of the faster skaters? NO. Does he have a lethal shot from the point? NO, it’s not a bad shot but not exactly feared. Is he a phyisical defenseman? HELL NO.

    His Stats:

    9 goals, 27 points, -23

    Taking into account that 8 goals, and 18 points were on the powerplay. So as we can all see the drugs have really done great for him. If anything he can become the poster boy for those who say steroids don’t really help NHLers. Now when Jagr, Kovalchuk, Spezza, Staal, and all the other big stars test positive for something, let me know. Till then, yes he tested positive, but clearly didn’t help him at all. Maybe it’s the reason he sucks.

    Just on a side note for all those calling for a suspension. Didn’t he get caught with the same form of steroid that Mark McGuire got caught with during his home run race with Sosa, not only did McGuire not get suspended his homerun record was allowed to stand till Bonds broke it, apparently with the help of steroids.

    Is hockey perfectly clean? Of course NOT. It would be foolish to think otherwise. However I still believe it is one of the cleanest sports.

  18. tacitus says:

    Lance had cancer in his nuts, Your nuts cancer doesnt effect whether u can ride a bike or not. Now if Lance had no legs and got caught then id say so what. Berards disability is in direct conflict with the game he plays. Imagine bonds took steroids but only had one eye, would he even hit half those home runs? Berard cannot see in 3 dimension so if he took some drug i wouldnt even care. Its not like hes Kovalchuk, Jagr or Forsberg that are the elite breaking records totally healthy and taking roids, its some guy who gave an eye for the game and prolly didnt purposely take it.

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