Berezin Moves Once Again

The Chicago Blackhawks acquired the left wing from the Montreal Canadiens on Sunday for a fourth-round pick in the 2004 draft.

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  1. trademan says:

    This makes me wonder if the Habs will actualy spend the money to get a guy like Teemu Selanne.

    I actually dont know if I would want Berezin on my fav team. To me this guy doesnt add very much.

  2. titans says:

    Yea I kinda agree with trademan for once, this could be another salary dump the likes of which we have seen lately (McEchron to Atlanta Czerkawski to the Habs,) Montreal might be trying to squeak out a few more bucks for Selanne.

  3. Hockeyman93 says:

    How do you say “Mike Smith loves russians” in russian?

    Berezin has worn out his welcome in every single locker room he has played in. He didnt even play in the playoffs for the Habs. How does a player go from first line in Toronto, scoring 30 goals, to benched during the playoffs? Bad personality.

  4. MantaRay says:

    You might as well just say: “Habs trade Berezin to free up money for Teemu”.

    Habs4Life was right

  5. Stanajax says:

    Good move. With Czerkawski (cheaper), Berezin was really expandable.

    And we needed cash to sign Théodore and…..let’s say Teemu Selanne 😉 (I’d prefer Holik, though, it seems unrealistic)

  6. Jonathane says:

    So all the Habs have to show for Brian Savage is a 4th round pick from Chicago.

  7. habs_88_4life says:

    Technically they have Teemu Selanne and a draft pick because they freed up money for him.

  8. habs_88_4life says:

    I’m a habs fan, and i rarely miss a televised game. Watching Berezin he is kinda like Jonas Hoglund. They both float around waiting for chances instead of making thier own. He rarely passes so goalies are always ready for his shot. Maybe Brian Sutter can teach him how to pass.

  9. Ghost_of_the_Forums says:

    yeah, good point

  10. MoeWanchuk says:

    Here in Phoenix,Berezin played hard but just didn’t fit in with the rest of the team on the ice.The term “puckhog” comes to mind when thinking about his style of play.Passing the puck seemed to be a foreign concept to him.Apparently,there weren’t any locker room problems during his short stay in the desert,but Berezin and team management came to a mutual decision that he should be traded so he could start fresh elsewhere and the Coyotes could get someone that was a better fit for the team’s style of play.

  11. Ghost_of_the_Forums says:

    Berezin played for Montreal?

    geez, don’t remember hearing his name


    yes, I do

    “Berezin shoots”

    that was it!

  12. keon says:

    Is it just me, or are the Chicago Blackhawks starting to look like a bunch of old Maple Leaf rejects.

  13. habs_88_4life says:

    Yeah, it is just like Dallas having Montreal veterans.

    Carbonneau, Skrudland, Ludwig, Muller, Manson, Rucinsky and Brunet.

  14. leafs123212000 says:

    You can’t really say that, because he has yet to sign with them..not to say it WON’T happen..

  15. habs_88_4life says:

    True, but it goes the same for any free agent who signs with them. They don’t just get a draft pick.

  16. Hockeyman93 says:

    Karpotsev, Berezin, Korolev, Thomas, Sullivan. I thinks thats it. Except for Sullivan, i think the hawks could do better.

  17. wholefnshow says:

    Yeah but that 4th rounder might be able to produce numbers beyond october.

    Savage might as well hang up the skates after halloween.

    The Habs first priority is Theo. They should ink Zed to multi-year contract as well. I think he’s really going to make a name for himself in the upcoming season. They should also TRY to stop Dougie from retiring so he can play one more season.

    After all that is done, THEN the Habs should ATTEMPT to sign Selanne.

  18. wholefnshow says:

    Thomas ain’t to shabby either.

  19. rrudd says:

    Mikhael Smeeth lyublyu Russkaya.

  20. Jonathane says:

    Selanne turned down $6 million or more from San Jose. So lets see Berezin was making $2.9 million, So you can add almost $3 million in the pot for Selanne right? Wrong, subtract $2.4 million for Mariusz Czerkawski.

    Let’s see that is a savings of $500,000. It’s a ton more than I make, however its not Selanne money.

    If you want Selanne, Koviu’s friendship isn’t going to cut it. Think a 3 year deal starting at $7 million. Keep saving those pennies and dimes for Selanne, however don’t give me this trading Berezin thing as freeing up money for Selanne.

  21. Jonathane says:

    Why do you think Toronto sent him packing.

  22. habs_88_4life says:

    The money is the least of the Habs worries.

    He stated himself it was a possibility he was checking into.

  23. zednik says:

    Thank goodness they got that much for him. Even if they don’t sign Selanne it good that they have cleared 2.95 Million from the payroll. Berizen I am sure will rebound somewhere else Chicago or otherwise. He wasn’t going to work in Montreal and its stupid to have a player of that Salary get scratched. His money can go toward paying Cherkawski and right there that makes the Habs a better @ a 500,000 savings over last year all they need to do is drop Hackett and resign Theo then with whatever is left in to deep pot they seem to have we can spend and improve the defence and Wings.


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