Bermanisms….NHL Nicknames

OK I have heard enough about McLaren, Kovalev and all the other rumors for now. Let’s have a little fun and see who can come up with the best HOCKEY Berman-inspired nicknames.

I put together a short made up of some of my own and some of Chris Berman’s. I purposely left some easy names off the list because I wanted to see what you guys could come up with.

Nothing too stupid (I know that is asking alot) and nothing too obtuse of a reference.

Here they are:

Adam “Grateful” Deadmarsh

Ed “Saved by the” Belfour

Paul “Made in” Kariya

Adam “Dance on your” Graves

Teppo “Hellooooo” Numminen

Mats “House of the Rising” Sundin

Alexander “baby you can drive my” Karpotsev

Pavol “Hello, Nice” Demitra

Milan ” Na na na na, na na na na” Hejduk

“Funky” Jan Hrdina

Joe “It’s not what you know, it’s who” juneau

Paul ” I fought the” Laus

Denis “Raiders of the Lost” Arkhipov

Vincent “I don’t give a” Damphousse

Shawn “Master” Bates

Brad “pilot to” Bombardir

Andrew “Sand” Cassels

Rob “Ham and Cheese and hold” DiMaio

Karl “lesbians live in a” Dykhuis

Alexander “Do you want more or did you” Khavanov

Goerges “Do you smell what” Laraque “is cookin”

Adam “Honey Bunches of” Oates

Mike “Woody Wood” Peca

Corey “Cotton” Schwab

Martin “Spirit of” St Louis

Jamie “Adult Video” Storr

Kevin “9 1/2” Weekes

Doug “Molecular” Weight


Darryl “Close” Sydor, Jere Lehtinen “the cold air”

17 Responses to Bermanisms….NHL Nicknames

  1. Hockey_Fan says:


  2. matteo says:

    Then we should be talking about you.

  3. mikster says:

    Oh come on!!! Some of those are good ones.

  4. Heinzee57 says:

    I actually sent this in to Berman over a year ago:

    Jerome “Oops I did it” Igin-la

    It was a contest and I never heard back.


  5. starsgirl25 says:

    you have too much spare time!!! hehe, but it’s funny.

  6. jofa says:

    Ok, you hooked me. Here’s a few more…

    Todd “Ernie and” Bertuzzi

    Andreas “Bait and” Dackell

    Mathieu Darche “Bag”

    Robert “Don’t forget your con” Dome

    Dan “Am I ever” Focht

    Dan “Hit the” Hinote

    Eric “Wish my name was Mark” Messier

    Brendan “Try again to'” Morrow

    Tom Poti “Mouth”

    Nolan “Spoiled” Pratt

    Darren “Are you ready to” Rumble!

    Martin “Take you back to” Skoula

    P.J. “Lock” Stock “And two smoking barrels”

    Wes “Balls to the” Walz

    Shane “Whatchu’ talkin’ about” Willis

    Brendan “Half” Witt

  7. MantaRay says:

    Dan “Am I ever” Focht—-Classic.

    Brilliant, just brilliant.

  8. slipnaughtyboy says:

    I know, i was laughing my ass off when I read that

  9. Tradedude says:

    how will the announcer say that, he’s a 5th overall pick for phoenix i believe.

    The announcer would be line FOCHT gets it over to Mark-cough. (markov).


    i liked the roberts dome one, lol!!!

  10. Hockey_Fan says:

    Very nice comeback, ok it was not that gay, still better then Leaf_Expert’s posts.

  11. habsoverserver says:

    well done!

  12. matrix2003 says:

    Great job, hilarious.

  13. sting23 says:

    My buddy sent me these, some are brilliant. Hope you like.

    John “Are you coming” Arnott?

    Adrian “Flip” Aucion

    Patrice “Floating on a ” Brisebois

    Brian ” Ferme la ” Boucher

    Marc “High heel ” Chouinard

    Kyle ” Your mom left a message, it’s about time you” Calder

    Jeff ” So close and yet so ” Farcus

    Sergei ” To pluck a chicken , get every” Federov

    Scott ” Wake me up before you go” Gomez

    Martin ” Burger meister, meister” Gerber

    Stu ” Nice daughter but” Grimson

    Artem ” To get out of jail I suggest you ” Chubarov

    Shayne ” Rotten to the ” Corson

    Cory ” There’s a bee, stay” Stillman

    Jim ” Without a ” Dowd

    Shane ” In the army I slept ” Endicott

  14. rojoke says:

    here’s a few more

    Chris “He was born wild, but now he’s” Tamer

    Taylor “Have a slice of apple” Pyatt

    Adam “Keep those stallions away from my” Mair

    Stu “Every summer I get sun” Barnes

    Stephane “Rebel” Yelle

    Jamie “Am I wrong or am I” Wright

    Tyler “Go down two blocks and hang a” Wright

    Eric “Old King” Cole

    Scott “Just give me half” Lachance

    Dmitri “That woodpecker is gonna peck its” Bykov

    Wes “Climbing the” Walz

    Mark “Do you ever stop” Eaton

    Brian “The Friendly” Gionta

    Mark “That car is a” Recchi

    Brad “February won’t March, but April” May

  15. matteo says:

    OK here are some more that haven’t been mentioned……

    Mike “www.Iscoregoals.” Comrie

    Ben “Mountain” Clymer

    Chris “Ladies and gentlemen of the” Drury

    Martin “Jello brand” Gelinas

    Bobby “Head like a” Holik

    Sean “when that hooker is sick the” Horcoff

    Ethan “the Isle of Dr.” Moreau

    Richard “Amusement” Park

    Joe “Ball” Sakic

    Ruslan Salei “Me down in a bed of Roses”

    Kurt Sauer “kraut”

    Brian “Noble” Savage

    Tommy “Caesar” Salo

    Yannick “when I get scared I start to” Tremblay

    Stephen “3 Blind” Weiss

    Jason “Oscar Meyer” Weimer

    Aaron “Psycho” Ward

    Curtis “Split” Leschyshyn

    Cale “Little” Hulse “on the Prarie”

    Jonathan Chechoo “and Chong”

    Greg “Would you like” deVries “With that”

    Shane “Please” Doan “Go”

    Aaron Downy “Soft”

    Ted “Chocolare Covered” Donato

    Peter “Use the” Forsberg

    Michal “lend me a” Handzus

    Niclas “If you don’t” Havelid “you’ll spill your coffee”

    Deron Quint “pro quo”

    Aris “Fill it to the” Brimanis

    Scott “Water” Mellanby

    Ales “Leaning tower of” Pisa

    Dennis “pass the dutchy on left hand” Seidenberg

    Steve Poapst “Of Greenwich Village”

    Scott “She was a” Young “American”

    Bob “Anal” Probert

  16. Tradedude says:

    Brad “please, no more” Boyes

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