Bertuzzi a possibility?

Just read some of Ecklunds rumours and hes saying the Habs are a possibility for Bertuzzi. Personally i’d rather them go after Shane Doan or why not try and sign Jason Allison. He had almost a point per game last year. I’m hoping Gainey does something soon because there are too many under-achievers and almost as many over-achievers.

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  1. habsoverserver says:

    Since Bowman left, the Habs have had their share of underachievers.   Captain Koivu  "Mr. worst +/- and lowest scoring of almost any first line center in the NHL"  is the poster boy for not living up to a $4.75 million contract.

    When a team replaces six forwards and is on pace to score the same number of goals as the prior season, someone at the front office needs to meditate on the subtle distinction between action and improvement.

    Betuzzi isn't the answer.  The answer lies in two a day practices until players get the message.   It's time to find out how many hours Higgins can skate before collapsing in a pool of his own vomit.   Trust me, he'll thank Carbo for it in a year. 

  2. Shawn84 says:

    he might not be the perfect answer but can definately be part of the solution. Bert is better and can put up more points than anybody on the team at the moment. I would pick BERT before ryder, samsonov, higgins, jason allison. At the moment we have no one going to the net and big Bert would camp out there, and get the rebounds. All our players play on the outside, and don't go to the net. Bert would compliment them very well i find.

  3. jayhabsjay says:

    we dont need bertuzzi. personnally, i think its time for gainey to make a major deal. he has some good young talent to use a bait and he also has some veteran talent that is under achieving. i think its time for a samsonov, ryder, perezhogin, 1st rounder kinda deal for brad richards, vaclav prospal a 2nd and 6th rounder. im not saying that exact deal but im saying its time for a major shakeup, so we can go from being ok to being great and possibly have a real legit chance at bringing home our trophy, the great stanley cup. and last, i hope gainey gets players with contracts that go beyond the end of this year.

  4. the_purolator_guy says:

    being from sudbury and knowing todd's sister she told me he would like to sign with the leafs but if he couldn't he would like to play in phenix cause of his best buddy ed jovanovski

  5. Hossa38 says:

    It's seems that the habs will not move a guys like rivet or samsonov , but i think that we have the chance to drop Niinima with a young guys like perezoghin to receive some help in offense. With Streit and the hoping return from Begin i'm not really optomistic to see a ''blockbuster'' trade from gainey. Habs have a good working team when all the leader and young player drive in the same way.

    Speculation with Chicago?Everything is hunky dory at Chicago!?!? I'm kidding but i'm sure that gainey listen all offer for his three D without contract.Will see show with pleasure!

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