Bertuzzi / Guerin Way too Expensive is reporting that Bertuzzi and Guerin will not come cheap. They are suggesting that the asking price is still way too high for these guys and it is going to take … you guessed it …. Picks and prospects to land these guys as well.

Presently Detroit is actively searching for a player to supplement their current roster but with that beings said it is clear that the Wings GM is not willing to mortgage their entire future for a playoff rental.

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  1. StevieY9802 says:

    I still think Guerin is the Wings #1 choice but they won't pull a Nashville/Atlanta to get him either. Everyone wants a big name, including myself, but maybe a Jason Blake or a Gelinas is all they need. Everyone thinks adding a big name bring a cup but look at the years they wings won the cup what they did at the deadline. Larry Murphy 97, Mironov & Macoun 98 and Jiri Slegr 02. Some people think because the prices are so high the Wings won't make a move now but I don't think thats the case. They will do something to improve, they have to, unless they want to be gone by Apil 21st.  The next 28 hours should be interesting, not only for the Wings, but the rest of the buyers and sellers alike.

  2. avery_is_scared_o_fedoruk says:

    even without making a move the redwings will go DEEEEEEP.  Its not worth selling the farm for a renta for detroit

  3. StevieY9802 says:

    I don't agree the red wings go far without a deal for someone to help out that second line. They won't go deep with just one line carrying them. And thats what is happening right now.

  4. big_booty says:

    Dude, get real.

    Jiri Slegr played in exactly eight regular season games after being acquired by your precious Wings.  He played in exactly one – ONE – playoff game while the rest of your team won the cup.  For these nine games and nine games alone, that over-rated waste of space has his name engraved on the Stanley Cup.

    That hardly qualifies the Slegr deal as a "deadline winner" for Detroit.

  5. my_sphincter says:

    It would be nice to see the Habs go after Bert.  They really need some size and strength up front.

  6. StevieY9802 says:

    Did I say he was a deadline winner? no. I was just making a point that you don't need to land a big name to win the stanley cup.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    I'm sorry, but any GM that trades for Bertuzzi needs to have his head examined.  He is a big power forward…and when was the last time he played?  If you can't remember, that's not a good sign, especially when it comes to streaky big guys.  Sorry, but I'll pass.

    St. Lous is sitting very pretty right now.  As I wrote in a post to an earlier article, if the Blues can get that kind of deal for Tkachuk…imagine what they'll be asking for Guerin!  A player that can actually perform n the playoffs! 

  8. Mattay05 says:

    Wings suck. My 70 year old grandfather got signed to play D for them the other week. They will be number one in the west come playoff time then lose four in a row to the Calgary Flames… hmmmmm deja vu? hahahah

  9. Steve23 says:

    Listen this year there really are several teams which can win the cup.  If the Wings pick up BERT, the Wings are setting up themselves up not just for this year BUT for the next few years.  IF the wings can pick him up for CONDITIONAL PICKS they should do it.   NO DOUBT!!!!!  They need the size!  If they can get Larocque with BERT watch out.  IT really is a different playoff team…..NO running the WINGS. 

  10. Steve23 says:

    Those of you who follow the wings…I thought it was interesting what Mickey Redmond said during the game against the oilers.  He had mentioned that many people were specualting the Pens were going to get Laraque.  BUT he said watch out for the wings because they may make a pitch (Especially with the Barry Smith connection).  If anyone is close to the wings it's Mickey.  SO I'm sure he has heard many discussions.  Don't be suprised if he is one of the players who ends up in Detroit. 

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