Bertuzzi Stays, Jovanovski Goes

The Vancouver Canucks will not be parting ways with Todd Bertuzzi any time soon. has posted an interview with Bertuzzi where he states that he has never asked for a trade. In the interview he emphasizes that Vancouver is where he wants to play. He goes on to say that his relationship with Marc Crawford is not an issue and he has the utmost respect for Crawford.

In addition, Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi are best friends and linemates on the team. Dealing Bertuzzi would piss Naslund off and affect Naslund’s future with the team. Dave Nonis would not dare mess with that situation.

However, look for Ed Jovanovski to be traded sometime this season. The Olympic defenseman’s contract is up at the end of this season and JovoCop is inline for a pay raise. He is currently making 4 million a season. With players like Adrian Aucoin making 4 million and Adam Foote making 4.6 million, a player like Jovanovski could command upwards of 5 million. The Canucks who have Naslund at 6 million and Bertuzzi at 5.3 million would certainly not be willing to pay Jovanovski the contract he could potentially get with another team with cap space.

Prior to the injury to Dan Cloutier, rumors had Jovanovski heading to Florida with Cloutier for Jay Bouwmeester and Roberto Luongo. Florida seems like a logical place for Jovanovski to land because his wife is from there and it is where he spends much of his time in the off season. This trade has been mentioned a number of times on Mojo Radio 730 in Vancouver as well as the Team 1040 in Vancouver.

The Canucks will not let Jovanovski leave as a free agent at the end of the season and get nothing in return. So expect a deal to be done sometime before the trading deadline.

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  1. EmptyNetter says:

    I don’t think Jovo will sign in Florida. Supposedly they want to maintain a payroll of about $27m. If Luongo stays he’ll be wanting a raise — Keenan will have his work cut out just resigning him without adding Ed. Pittsburgh? Columbus? Those sound like more likely destinations.

  2. BigCanuck says:

    Now you are calling me a liar? Why don’t you take an English course, learn how to spell, and come back in say….. 15 years.

    Why the hell would I make something like that up??

    Maybe you are a little upset from the comments posted on your views of hockey.

    Have a nice evening.

  3. neilios says:

    Canucks will trade Jovo by the trade deadline and it will be a blockbuster.I think they might trade with the Lightning or Maple Leafs.

    To Canucks-Richards,Boyle,and Modin

    To Lightning-Morrison,Jovo,and Park

    This deal would be pretty even in the Sallarys after.

    To Canucks-Sundin,Calivacio,White

    To Maple Leafs-Morrison and Jovo

    Morrison and Sundin get about the same amount of points and plus Toronto would get one of the best Dman in the NHL and Vancouver would get there #1 C that they desparty need a couple good Dmen and the Sallarys work out.

  4. FLAMESOWNU says:

    um, if u think +/- means nothing, then u dont know hockey

  5. mush124 says:

    If Jovo was to get traded he most likely to head over to the east coast. The east teams in dire need of a dman are Toronto, Montreal, and New Jersey. Out of all of them I think Montreal can offer them the best due to thier depth of solid prospects both in the juniors, minors, and big club. The bottom line is Vancouver will be in need of a goalie. I believe a deal like this can happen.

    Vancouver trades Jovonovski to Montreal For Carey Price strait up.

  6. prehpreh says:

    Vancouver does not need any more young goalies. Besides Auld who is 24, they have Corey Schneider, a first rounder who is expected to start for the US at the world juniors, Julien Ellis who is at Canada’s junior camp and Maxime Ouellet a former first round pick in 1999 who played for canada at the world juniors a few years ago. he is backing up Auld right now. If they do acquire a goalie it will be a veteran… someone who can step in right away. i dont think they need another young goalie.

  7. Adam_0486 says:

    I doubt ethier trade will go done (especially the second one) but the first one has some potential. I like Richards to replace Morrision but Boyle to replace Jovo noway, Modin is a smart choice to add to the trade because of the swedish connection of naslund and modin (topline: naslund/richards/modin). The second one man im sorry but never in million yrs.

  8. thatleafsguy says:

    have a nice life, posing!

  9. neilios says:

    Montreal has nothing to offer for Jovo and Canucks dont need prospects and the only fair trade to the Canucks would be getting Theodore in return but the Canucks dont need him at all they dont need anyone but a solid backup for him like a Roloson or Biron but I think Biron would want to be a starter but Aldy the Baldy is way better then Biron.I dont think the Canucks have to trade Jovo anymore now the cap is moving up to 45 mill next season so they will have plenty to re-sign him.if Montreal wanted to make a trade for Jovo this is how the deal would go down and the only fair deal for the Canucks.

    To Canucks-Theodore,Markov,Komisarek,Ribero

    To Montrea-Jovo,Luc Bourdon,Park,and the rights to Cloutier

    What does all the Canadians fans think of that deal???Its only fair and plus Montreal can go out and pick Thibault up for nothing to play between the pipes till Cloutier get back.Then maybe the Canadians make the playoffs with Jovo in there lineup.

  10. Deadman says:

    In the detroit free press ( the other day the Wings formally stated that the team was looking to ad a defensman to play first/second line, as a replacement for Fischer. They said “it has to be the right player…” Just putting it out there.

  11. mush124 says:

    montreal would never make this trade. Gainey is not Mike Milbury!! The habs need a dman and getting rid of markov and komisarek would be absurd. Why the hell would montreal be intrested in park? Mtl have enough quick small guys, no need at all for him. You keep forgeting that jovo is a unrestricted free agent, therefore making his value half of what he would be worth in a strait up trade.

  12. BigCanuck says:

    What, like you in front of your mirror, stroking yourself with a latex glove on, so it feels like someone else??? HA HA HA.

    If you want a wit contest “leafs guy” I’ll take my brain out, and we will start even. How’s that???

    Once again, have a nice day.

  13. prehpreh says:

    Vancouver won’t be trading Bourdon. He’s gonna be an elite d-man in a couple years.

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