Bertuzzi Stays, Jovanovski Goes

The Vancouver Canucks will not be parting ways with Todd Bertuzzi any time soon. has posted an interview with Bertuzzi where he states that he has never asked for a trade. In the interview he emphasizes that Vancouver is where he wants to play. He goes on to say that his relationship with Marc Crawford is not an issue and he has the utmost respect for Crawford.

In addition, Markus Naslund and Todd Bertuzzi are best friends and linemates on the team. Dealing Bertuzzi would piss Naslund off and affect Naslund’s future with the team. Dave Nonis would not dare mess with that situation.

However, look for Ed Jovanovski to be traded sometime this season. The Olympic defenseman’s contract is up at the end of this season and JovoCop is inline for a pay raise. He is currently making 4 million a season. With players like Adrian Aucoin making 4 million and Adam Foote making 4.6 million, a player like Jovanovski could command upwards of 5 million. The Canucks who have Naslund at 6 million and Bertuzzi at 5.3 million would certainly not be willing to pay Jovanovski the contract he could potentially get with another team with cap space.

Prior to the injury to Dan Cloutier, rumors had Jovanovski heading to Florida with Cloutier for Jay Bouwmeester and Roberto Luongo. Florida seems like a logical place for Jovanovski to land because his wife is from there and it is where he spends much of his time in the off season. This trade has been mentioned a number of times on Mojo Radio 730 in Vancouver as well as the Team 1040 in Vancouver.

The Canucks will not let Jovanovski leave as a free agent at the end of the season and get nothing in return. So expect a deal to be done sometime before the trading deadline.