Best and Worst NHL Team at the draft!

Which Team has the best scouting staff.

The criteria, the most active players in the NHL drafted by a specific team. Regardless of where they play now.I just finished counting up which team has the done the best in the draft. All players currently in the NHL as of Feb 2, 2006 counted towards team totals. (Players out with injuries were included in the count)

Whichever team drafted the player is the team that player will count towards. Example given, John Leclair counts as a Canadien not a Flyer or Penguin.

The goal was to see which team actually has drafted the most NHL caliber players who are playing in the league.

A couple of things too remember,

Some franchises have not been around long

Some franchises have moved (If this is the case I have added the former and current teams together. (E.g. Colorado/Quebec)


New Jersey 38

Montreal 37

Colorado/Quebec 37

Boston 32

San Jose 31

NYI 31

Buffalo 30

Pittsburg 29

Philadelphia 29

Calgary 28

NYR 28

Edmonton 27

Los Angeles 27

Florida 27

Toronto 26

Carolina/Hartford 25

Ottawa 25

St Louis 24

Chicago 23

Vancouver 23

Detroit 22

Phoenix/Winnipeg 22

Washington 22

Anaheim 21

Dallas 18

Tampa Bay 15

Minnesota 14

Atlanta 11

Nashville 10

Columbus 8

Even though New Jersey has been a powerhouse they have the most drafted players playing in the NHL! (A lot of them are on other teams but they have the best scouting system!)

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