Best Free Agent Goalie of 2002-2003?

There isn’t a whole deal going on these days in the NHL, so what a great time to consider who won the free agent goaltending race of last summer.
Here are some stats to chew on, as up to date as I could find:

Ed Belfour: 35GP, 20-12-3, 2.07GAA, 0.920SV%, 5SO

Contract: $13.5 million over two years

Curtis Joseph: 34GP, 17-10-5, 2.48GAA, 0.910SV%, 3SO

Contract: $24 million over three years

Byron Dafoe: 13GP, 3-9-1, 4.12GAA, 0.867SV%, 0SO

Contract: $1.5 million with $3.5 million option for next year

Please realize this isn’t a question of who of Detroit, Toronto, or Atlanta is better, I think we can all agree that Detroit should win the Cup. This is a question of who is getting better value for the dollars they spend on their goaltender?

As a Leaf fan, I think Belfour was the best signing.

The Leafs got off to a slow start (but Belfour missed a handful of games) but have rebounded with Belfour between the pipes. As of this past weekend the Leafs were in the middle of the conference and tied or not far behind teams like New Jersey, Philly, Boston and Washington.

Belfour has more wins, a lower GAA, a higher SV% and more shutouts on a weaker Toronto team than Joseph has with a stronger Detroit. I included Dafoe just to be fair as he was talked about a lot in the summer.

Tell us what you think. I can only imagine the landslide of Leaf bashing comments and other misplaced drivel, but this is about individual goaltenders and not how much you hate the Leafs and so forth.

Let the games begin!