Best Players all time for their teams!

I just bought a magazine from Barnes & Noble that’s really fascinating reading. The Magazine is called “The Hockey News The Best of Everything in Hockey” And yes you guessed it, it is chock full of great lists involving the NHL. One of those lists involves the greatest players for each of their respective teams. Some are no brainers like Lemieux for the Pens…and some are a little more open to debate. So here’s the best ever according to THN, and my opinions on the selections…Anaheim: Paul Kariya (No brainer)

Atlanta: Danny Heatly (what about Ferraro?)

Boston: Bobby Orr (duh, but Borqu wasn’t too bad either.)

Buffalo: Gilbert Perrault (Hasek anyone?)

Calgary: Al Macinnis (I thought Fleury for sure, but Macinnis is hard to argue with.)

Carolina: Ron Francis (No brainer)

Chicago: Bobby Hull (See above)

Colorado: Joe Sakic (Bull****!! Forsberg by far!)

Columbus: Geoff Sanderson (Yea, but soon it’ll be Nash)

Dallas: Mike Modano (Dino Ciccarelli anyone?)

Detroit: Gordie Howe (Obviously!)

Edmonton: I won’t even insult your intelligence with this one.

Florida: Scott Mellanby (WRONG! Vanbiesbrouk)

Los Angeles: Marcel Dionne (I’d like to say Robitaille, but I can’t. It’s Dionne)

Minnesota: Marian Gaborik (Ha! He’s their only great player)

Montreal: Maurice Richard (Anyone else voting for Guy Lafleur?)

Nashville: Cliff Ronning (Wrong again! Kimmo Timonen!)

New Jersey: Scott Stevens (OH COME ON!! WHAT?? NO BRODEUR??? RIDICULOUS!!)

New York Islanders: Bryan Trottier (Tough one, Potvin, Bossy, Smith…some good players to choose from)

New York Rangers: Mark Messier (yup!)

Ottawa: Daniel Alfredson (Sure, why not)

Philadelphia: Bobby Clarke (as much as it pains me to admit it…yea, Clarke it is)

Phoenix: Dale Hawerchuck (Agreed)

Pittsburgh: Billy Tibbets (just kidding)

St Louis: Brett Hull (Golden Brett is a no brainer)

San Jose: Owen Nolan (Wow, havent been too many great Sharks huh?)

Tampa: Brian Bradley (I’m sorry, who?)

Toronto: Syl Apps (Of course, and his grandson is one of the greatest Trenton Titans ever too!)

Vancouver: Pavel Bure (Wrong, Naslund!)

Washington: Rod Langway (Oh come on! Bondra!)

So there it is! What’ya think?

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  1. Donovan says:

    Bradeley was sweet back in the day with Bellows and Puppa.

    LA? What about Bernie!

  2. TC_4 says:

    I’m killing myself laughing about Billy Tibbets! Classic!!! Anyways, how about Mike Dunham for best Predator, or Scott Walker, or Legwand, or Hartnall??? There all pretty even. For the Leafs, why didn’t the big M get recognition? Best Canuck should be Linden. When he was in his prime, he was a damn good player, a better leader then Naslund in my mind. I would pick Potvin for best Islander. It’s so tough to judge with some teams. Bradley was good for the Lightning when the came in the league, but so was Puppa. I would pick Ciccarelli actually. Beezer was the best Panther. Best Ottawa Senator was….Brad Marsh.

  3. Kashin says:

    Boston: tie. They are top 2 of all time.

    Buffalo:there is no goaleis on the list otherwise everyteam would have their goalie.

    Colorado: Forsberg is a better player, however sakic has had the biggest impact on the team.

    Dallas: Mike Modono is Dallas.

    Edmonton: Tie between Eric Brewer and Brad Isbister.

    LA: some might say robataille

    Montreal: damn they were so good. Could make an argument for anyone.

    Nashville: Ronning.

    NJ: stevens without a doubt.

    NYI: Bossy scored more goals but Trottier is the correct answer.

    Ottowa: Alexei Yashin. Just kidding every ottawa fan would kill him. when he retires like some impact players will have their number retired. Yashin did a lot, however they will honor him and burn his jeresy. the answere in hossa.

    philly: couldve been lindros but bobby clarke wanted to keep that to himself.

    Pittsburgh: Steve Mckenna? Hello?

    Tampa: Vinny Lecavalier after all their long history they found a leader.

    Toronto: I dont know a lot of their history but could be Sundin.

    Van: Bure maybe since he did a lot in little time. Naslund needs another 100 point season since bure is rediculous.

    Wash: have to go against you here.

  4. titans says:

    Ciccarelli is a good one…Leclavier has to be considered for the Bolts too.

    Linden?? No way! Bure, Naslund, Bertuzzi, hell even Thomas Gradin are above him.

    Dunham?? Ehhhh…maybe, Timmonen is better in my opinion though.

  5. CaptainModano says:

    Oh come ON!!! Yeah, I bought that magazine too….here’s who I think should be the best for every team.

    Anaheim: Ruslan Salei!

    Atlanta: Lubos Bartecko

    Boston: Steve Shields

    Buffalo: Rob Ray

    Calgary: Jamie McLennan

    Carolina: Glen Wesley

    Chicago: Nathan Dempsey

    Colorado: Claude Lemieux

    Columbus: Espen Knutsen

    Dallas: Jon Sim

    Detroit: Sean Avery

    Edmonton: Jani Rita

    Florida: Peter Worrell

    Los Angeles: Marty McSorley

    Minnesota: Richard Park

    Montreal: Patrice Brisbois

    Nashville: Jordin Tootoo

    New Jersey: Ken Daneyko

    New York Islanders: Kenny Jonsson

    New York Rangers: Anson Carter

    Ottawa: Chris Neil

    Philadelphia: Marcus Ragnarsson

    Phoenix: Krys Kolanos

    Pittsburgh: Rico Fata

    St. Louis: Tony Twist

    San Jose: Alyn McCauley

    Tampa Bay: Cory Cross

    Toronto: Adam Mair

    Vancouver: Artem Chubarov

    Washington: Jason Doig

    C’mon now… list is MILES ahead of the real one!! It’s common sense!

  6. titans says:

    Brewer or Isbister huh??? Funny.

    No way Sundin is their best player ever…You should see their history…soooo many good players. It’s incredible.

  7. titans says:

    Now your just being silly!

  8. dkball7 says:

    For Lightning… Dave Andreychuk. I know I know, all garbage goals but he has the numbers and is really helping them with leadership.

  9. TC_4 says:

    I’m just thinking about Linden carrying the team to the 94 finals. You could say that it was Bure, but no way they get there without Linden’s leadership, and the heart he showed in that 7th game. Where was Bure then? Don’t get me wrong, Timmonen is a good pick.

  10. TC_4 says:

    You idiot, what an awful comment!!! Gawd, your stupid………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………the best Capital was Nolan Baumgartner.

  11. GeniushockeyKID says:


  12. titans says:

    Poop=always funny!

  13. B-man says:

    The best player for the Edmonton Oilers is without a doubt, STEVE SMITH!

  14. titans says:

    Steve Smith my ass! Cory Cross baby!

  15. WildWing89 says:

    Anaheim: Steve Rucchin. Pauli and Salami put up numbers, but Rucchin has been the impact leader type guy all teams need since day 1. Same reason Sakic got picked, he’s just been their leader.

    Atlanta: Dany Heatley. He’s just been amazing, even in only two years.

    Boston: Ray Bourque. Orr was phenominal, but was never the first guy thought of when the word “Bruins” was mentioned. Bourque was the Bruins’ franchise.

    Buffalo: Pat LaFontaine. I just really like the guy. He was one of the best players in the NHL, and could’ve still been going today had he not had injury problems. Perrault is also a good pick tho.

    Calgary: I’d have to say Doug Gilmour. MacInnis, Fleury, and Nieuwendyk are also excellent picks, but this guy was just an amazing player.

    Carolina: I’ll go with Francis.

    Chicago: Bobby Hull. The Golden Jet was just an awesome player.

    Colorado: Joe Sakic. He’s been that franchise for so long. I’d also go and say since the franchise started, he’s been the better player. Forsber is better now, but overall, I’d take Sakic.

    Columbus: Yeah, I’ll go with Geoff Sanderson.

    Dallas: Going back to Minny, Bobby Smith is a good pick. Modano is also a gooder. I’ll call it a tie.

    Detroit: Mr.Hockey easily.

    Edmonton: Easiest one yet. A no brainer. How can’t it be Mike Grier lol.

    Florida: ‘Ol Breezer gets this one.

    Los Angeles: I feel very saucy today. I’ll go with Luc Robataille.

    Minnesota: Marain Gaborik.

    Montreal: Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur, Jean Beliveau. Take your pick.

    Nashville: Kimmo Timonen.

    New Jersey: I guess I’ll go with Stevens.

    New York(I): Denis Potvin, Mike Bossy, Pat LaFontaine, Brian Trottier, take your pick.

    New York(R): Mark Messier.

    Ottawa: I’ll go with another pick and go with Wade Redden.

    Philadelphia: I don’t like Clarke, but he was their best player.

    Phoenix: Yeah, Hawerchuk sounds good.

    Pittsburgh: Billy Tibbets? Your crazy, man. It is obviously Le Magnifique, Mathew Barnaby lol.

    St.Louis: Oh yeah. Golden Brett for this one.

    San Jose: Yeah, Nolan’s good enough.

    Tampa Bay: Brian Badley’s the only one who’s done enough with them.

    Toronto: Darryl Sittler, Doug Gilmour, Borje Salming, take your pick.

    Vancouver: Trevor Linden for sure. Pavel Bure is another good pick.

    Washington: Dale Hunter. He was this team way back when. Bondra and Johansson are other good picks.

  16. titans says:

    I’m sorry but how can you pick Rucchin over Kariya or Gilmour over Apps, Charlie Goncher Frank Mahovlich, King Clancy, Babe Dye…Toronto has sooo many greats throughout it’s history Gilmour can’t compete!

  17. Datsyuk13 says:

    wtf is this??? What did you try to do, pick the player that no one likes from every team??? c’mon now Detroit… SEAN AVERY??? Being a huge Wings fan, while Avery was in Detroit I was happy to have a tough player like him but thats just stupid to post something like that…but hey, it was funny anyways so good job! lol

  18. rojoke says:

    I’ll assume that you mean DENIS Potvin, not Felix. My pick for best Islander would have to be Mike Bossy, with no slight intended to Trottier. But after Bossy left, then the team pretty much fell apart.

  19. rojoke says:

    You may have written something that was never written in the annals of hockey. “Orr was phenominal, but was never the first guy thought of when the word “Bruins” was mentioned. Bourque was the Bruins’ franchise.”

    Bobby Orr only won a league scoring title as a defenceman, finished with the highest plus-minus in league history, won two Cups IN BOSTON, and single-handedly redefined the term ‘rushing defenceman.” My brother is a Bruins fan. You ask any Bruins fan to name their all-star team, and more often than not, Bobby’s name will come first. If anyone defines the Bruins’ franchise, it’s Bobby Orr.

  20. rojoke says:

    I’m a little surprised that Sittler wasn’t the pick for the Leafs. If it weren’t for Ballard, he may won a Cup in Toronto. Salming would have been a choice as well.

  21. dumpsterdiver says:

    Vancouver Canucks: Trevor Linden, Kirk Mclean, King Richard Brodeur

    Calgary Flames: Doug Gilmour, Theoren Fleury, Al Macinnis

    Edmonton Oilers: The Great One, The Moose, Cementhead

    Winnipeg Jets: Dale Hawerchuk, Phil Housley, Doug Smail

    Toronto Maple Leafs: Dale Sittler, Bill Barilko, Howie Meeker

    Montreal Canadians: Too Many too list…

    Quebec Nordiques, Burnaby Joe and the Stastny Brothers

    Honorable mention to the heart and soul of their respective teams over their careers: The Sutter Brothers

  22. Donovan says:

    Quebec Bulldogs: Joe Malone (44 goals in 20 games!)

    Colorado Rockies: Rob Ramage

    Kansas City Scouts: Wilf Paiement

    California Seals: Joey Johnston

    Hartford Whalers: Pat Verbeek

    Brooklyn Americans: Eddie Shore

    Montreal Maroons: Nels Stewart

    Vancouver: Orland Kurtenbach

    Isles: Brett Lindros

    Lightning: Manhon Reahume

    Ottawa Senators(Silver Seven): One Eyed Frank Magee (14 goals in one game, with one eye)

  23. comrie44 says:

    Vancouver: Smyl, Naslund, Linden are all good picks, but definetly not Bure, 2 good seasons does not make you the Greatest Canuck.

    Colorado: Joe Sakic (was the only bright spot on the Nords for years, and took em to a cup in 96 and 02, when Forberg was nowhere to be found.)

  24. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    Philadelphia: Dave Brown…Rangers suck!

  25. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    Philadelphia: Hextall

    Colorado: Sakic

    New Jersey: Brodeur

    Wasington: Dale Hunter

    Toronto: That bastard Tie Domi

    Buffalo: Hasek

    Atlanta: wait ten years

    Columbus: wait ten years

    Minnesota Wild: wait ten years Minnesota North Stars: Modano?

    Nashville: wait ten years

    Side note: How good does Pikinen look, and thank god bob clarke did something right when he didn’t trade justin williams. P.O. “V”

  26. cwthrash says:

    One of the first names that jumps to mind, Stastny.

    In the overall scheme of the franchise, Sakic of course. But the heart of the team, without a doubt Peter Stasny.

    Very scary to think of that team in the recent past; Sakic, Sundin, Nolan, Foote, etc. Of course who could forget about the game where Tugnutt made 70 saves as a virtual unknown. Good times!

    For Buffalo, Hasek meant a lot. But Perrault meant so much more. Not even close, Gilbert by a very wide margin. Ask a long time Sabres fan.

    LA: Dionne I’ll agree with. But I wouldn’t argue too much with Dave Taylor.

    TB: Bradley was one of the best playmakers I’ve ever seen. From an old geezer like me, that will hopefully be a complement. Very much a shame his career was cut short.

    As for the original Six, that debate can go on forever. Too many great ones I’d like to mention here, but I won’t for time’s sake.

    Too many excellent ones for the (relatively) recent teams as well. I’ll forego bringing up the names right now, but I will be more than happy to discuss should others become nostalgic.

  27. AvsOwnYou says:

    Are you kidding me! sakic/forsberg for best av. They both own but c’mon! Remember a guy named PATRICK ROY! I would expect more people say his name.

  28. dumpsterdiver says:

    Cyclone Taylor

  29. shootinglicense says:

    maybe i’m blaspheming here but someone should mention steve yzerman. he has scored more points as a redwing than gordie howe and has done it in a shorter amount of time. he was also the captain of the team for what 16, 17 years? gordie never was. steve yzerman has worn the winged wheel since his first game and will retire in it. no skipping to the wha for him. this comment is not meant to take anything from mr howe, i just don’t think picking him is a no-brainer.

  30. titans says:

    Steve Yzerman is one of the greatest players of his day…Gordie Howe, one of the greatest ever.

  31. ranger_fan says:

    Aneheim- Guy Hebert…just b/c Kariya took that huge cut

    Atlanta- Ilya Kovalchuk

    Boston- Orr/Bourque/Neely/Espo

    Buffalo-Dale Howerchuck/Hasek/LaFontaine

    Carolina- can’t argue with Francis

    Chicago- Tony Espo???

    Colorado- Pat Roy

    Columbus- Marc Denis seemed like it


    Detroit-Howe played forever to get all of those points, how about Yzerman?

    Edmonton-Bill Ranf…I mean Gretz


    LA-#99 also




    New Jersey- Brodeur

    NYI- Billy Smith

    NYR- Brian Leetch, Mike Richter, Brad Park

    Ottawa-Phil Bourque lol, Alfredsson



    Pittsburgh- Mario

    SJ- Nolan

    St. Louis- Hull

    TB- Vinny

    Toronto- Doug Gilmour

    Vancouver- Naslund, or McLean in ’94

    Washington-Bondra-Kolzig, or Jim Carey lol

  32. Datsyuk13 says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Detroit. I think Yzerman deserves it just as much as Howe does.

  33. ranger_fan says:

    He’s a loser, Mart McSorley

    He’s an A-hole and a fool

    What a dickhead, Marty McSorley

    …That was a great song

  34. titans says:

    How can you say Doug Gilmour was better than Syl Apps…open up an NHL history book! Toronto has had a dozen players better that Gilmour throughout its history!

  35. Bretzky says:

    Anaheim: Paul Kariya

    Atlanta: Dany Heatley

    Boston: Bobby Orr

    Buffalo: LaFontaine

    Calgary: Theoren Fleury

    Carolina: Ron Francis

    Chicago: Bobby Hull

    Colorado: Patrick Roy

    Columbus: Geoff Sanderson

    Dallas: Mike Modano

    Detroit: Gordie Howe

    Edmonton: Gretzky

    Florida: Scott Mellanby

    Los Angeles: Gretzky

    Minnesota: Manny Fernandez (because Gaborik is a prick)

    Montreal: Patrick Roy

    Nashville: Cliff Ronning

    New Jersey: Martin Brodeur

    New York Islanders: Mike Bossy

    New York Rangers: Gretzky

    Ottawa: Daniel Alfredson

    Philadelphia: Lindros and Leclair together.

    Phoenix: Keith Tkachuk

    Pittsburgh: Mario Lemieux

    St Louis: Gretzky

    San Jose: Owen Nolan

    Tampa: Vincent Lecalvalier

    Toronto: Mats Sundin

    Vancouver: Pavel Bure

    Washington: Olaf Kolzig (except for this season)

  36. titans says:

    Gretzky was only w/ St. Louis for what? 1/2 a season? Hull was there for over a decade! Hull is the greatest Blue ever!

  37. rojoke says:

    Wasn’t Gordie named captain after they traded Ted Lindsay to Chicago?

  38. shootinglicense says:

    you are right: 1958-62. still strange as it is whenever i picture gordie howe he is wearing a whaler uniform… i have no idea why (also i have a hard time not imagining him as the 70 year old man i saw talking to his penis in a restroom… true story). whenever i think of the redwings i think of steve yzerman

  39. Donovan says:

    Gretzky was only on the Blues for six weeks. The best Blue is definatley Bernie Federko.

  40. davidhabba says:

    Anaheim: Paul Kariya (No brainer)

    Atlanta: Ilya Kovelchuk

    Boston: Bobby Orr (this guy changed the game, sorry Ray)

    Buffalo: Hasek (don’t know why Perreault is picked so often, Hasek had more of a winners competitiveness)

    Calgary: No-brainer, Gilmour. Without him, they don’t win the Cup in ’89

    Carolina: Ron Francis (great as a whaler too)

    Chicago: Bobby Hull (honourable mention-denis savard)

    Colorado: Patrick Roy, but I’m glad to see posters recognizing Stastny.

    Columbus: Geoff Sanderson

    Dallas: Mike Modano (homourable to Bobby Smith)

    Detroit: Stevie Y (I agree with the did-more-with-less)

    Edmonton: 99 (honourables to 17 & 77)

    Florida: Vanbiesbrouk (honourable to Brian Skrudland, very underrated leader, without him they don’t go to the final, ask Dallas)

    Los Angeles: I can’t believe no one has picked Gretzky. Yeah, he is more identified with Edm but Robitaille and Nichols took off playingwith 99. He puyt LA on the map. Dionne never won anything.

    Minnesota: Marian Gaborik

    Montreal: Maurice Richard (honourables to about 20 players)

    Nashville: Kimmo Timonen

    New Jersey: Marty

    New York Islanders: Bryan Trottier

    New York Rangers: Mark Messier

    Ottawa: Hossa (soon to be Spezza)

    Philadelphia: Tim Kerr (I would pick my grandma ahead of Clarke just out of principle)

    Phoenix: Dale Hawerchuck (very underrated)

    Pittsburgh: 66 (honourable to 77)

    St Louis: Brett Hull (I hate to say this)

    San Jose: Owen Nolan (having since retired to the Leafs)

    Tampa: Vinny

    Toronto: Sittler (honourable to Wade Belak)

    Vancouver: Have to go Linden on this one. A leader in his prime

    Washington: Rod Langway

  41. matrix2003 says:

    i bought that book too, it’s pretty good from what i have read so far, they should have had a section for the greatest teams of all-time for the NHL, not just for each club (which was good).

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