Best Small Players

Being a under-average sized player myself, I’ve always looked up (err, sorta) to the other small players that have made an impact in a so-called big mans game, hopefully in the future there wont be such a prejudice against under-sized players, and an emphasis on lumberjacks like Zdeno Chara who have no real skill other than their massive size.12. 5’8 Clifford Ronning- The Burnaby native is having a great season so far playing alongside Marion Gaborik and Andrew Brunette, and at 37 he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Hopefully he can convince the Wild brass that small players can play and maybe meaning they’ll actually dress Pierre-Marc Bouchard.

11. 5’9 Martin St. Louis- I was a big fan of Martin when he had his hot streak near the end of last year until a broken leg sidelined him for the rest of the season. Being near the top of the scoring race is no fluke for Marty, and I’m sure he’ll be there at the end of the season too.

10. 5’6 Theoren Fleury- Being the League’s smallest player at 5’6 180 pounds, Theo is a prime example of how size doesn’t matter. He would be higher on this list but you can guess why not, I hope Theo the best.

9. 5’9 Steve Sullivan- Wow, another great move by the Leafs; let the little guy go, he’s too small, he’ll never amount to anything, except maybe the Hawks leading scorer if they claim him off waivers.

8. 5’10 Ray Whitney- A small veteran playing on crappy team after crappy team, I’m glad Ray becomes a UFA at the end of this season, whatever contract Ray signs he deserves it, he’s paid his dues in this league.

7. 5’9 Daniel Briere- After clearing waivers 2 seasons ago, Daniel decided to take a different training approach. He asked his World Strongman friend (also from Gatineau) to help him work on his strengths, shooting and skating, instead of just bulking up like most players do. The training was needless to say successful, as he went on led the ‘Yotes in scoring w/ 32 goals last season.

6. 5’10 Chris Drury- I used to think of Drury as Forsberg’s little lacky, but now that hes stepped out of his shadow, he has people in Calgary asking Jarome who? and I’m starting to like the tiny American more with everygame he plays in cowtown.

5. 5’10 Ziggy Palffy- The Slovakian Sniper tore it up against the Avs in the playoffs and was a top 10 scorer 2 seasons ago, when Ziggy and Allison are healthy at the same time they are one of the leagues most dangerous duos.

4. 5’9 Brian Rafalski- The NJ Devils diminutive defenseman is one of the leagues best offensive blue liners and one of the smallest too, in a position where phyisicality is absolutely necessary, Brian seems to get by just fine.

3. 5’9 Mike Comrie- A little guy who plays like hes a lot bigger than he actually is, not only can he score big goals (fancy ones at that) but he can hit and if the opponent isn’t too big, fight as well. While the Oilers are currently struggling, it shouldn’t be long before Comrie is once again scoring at a prolific rate.

2. 5’8 Sergei Samsonov- Man, I could watch Sergei dipsy-doodle around for a whole period and not get bored, make that a whole game. Easily one of the best anti-power forwards in the game, Sergei strikes me as a more talented version of Pavel Bure.

1. 5’10 Saku Koivu- A little guy with a big heart, Saku made a miracle comeback last year to help play the Bruins in a David vs Goliath match-up (literally) and lead his fellow munchkins to victory in which he was tied for the Habs scoring lead.

5’11 Honourable Mentions-Brendan Morrison, Joe Sakic, Mike Peca, Darcy Tucker, Steve Yzerman, Sami Kapanen, and Pavel Bure