Best Uniforms of All time

It’s off season. Leaves all of us a lot of time to think about hockey, without anything new going on.

So, here is my list of the NHL’s ALL TIME best uniforms.

I’m sure yours will follow… 1) California Golden Seals (Home) 1972

2) California Golden Seals (Road) 1975

3) L.A Kings (Home) 1974

4) L.A Kings (Road) 1977

5) Colorado Rockies (Road) 1979

6) Vancouver Canucks (Road) 1982

7) Minnesota North Stars (Road) 1980

8) Quebec Nordiques (Road) 1984

9) Vancouver Canucks (Road) 1976

10) St. Louis Blues (Road) 1978

24 Responses to Best Uniforms of All time

  1. Minky says:

    Do you have a site with these? or are you just an insane person? :>)

  2. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Hartford Whalers, hands down.

  3. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    unfortunately, you’re obviously too young to have seen any hockey in the 70’s. but that is when teams were wearing the coolest uniforms.

  4. Kill_Yourself says:

    What time is it ? Yeah, it whaler time baby right on.

  5. HC16 says:

    THE WHALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. NYRules says:

    BRING BACK HARTFORD!!!! Theres no need for a team in carolina… they suck and the few fans they have dont seem to care.

    Move Carolina back and move Pittsburgh to Kansas City and they can switch divisions.

  7. Hockeyinsideher says:

    You must be a real fashion statement if you think those are cool looking uniforms!!!!!!

  8. Pucked says:

    Being old enough to remember seeing the games at the Oakland Coliseum, the 1969 Oakland Seals Road Uni is my favourite. Remember the Oakland Oaks? Rick Barry, ABA… Jeez, I feel old all of a sudden…..

  9. LeafsCrazy2430 says:

    Toronto Arenas – 1917

    Toronto St. Pats -1919

    Quebec Bulldogs -1919

    Hamilton Tigers – 1920

    Toronto St. Pats – 1920

    Ottawa Senators -1921

    Toronto St. Pats – 1922

    Montreal Canadiens -1924

    Boston Bruins – 1924

    Montreal Maroons – 1924

    Pittsburgh Pirates – 1925

    New York Americans -1925

    Toronto St. Pats/Maple Leafs-1926

    Detroit Cougars – 1926

    Toronto Maple Leafs – 1927

    1928 Detroit Cougars

    1928 Pittsburgh Pirates

    1929 Pittsburgh Pirates

    1930 Detroit Falcons

    1930 Philadelphia Quakers

    1933 New York Americans

    1934 St Louis Eagles

    1936 New York Americans

    1940 New York Americans

    1941 Boston Bruins

    1941 New York/Brooklyn Americans

    1955 Toronto Maple Leafs

    1963 Toronto Maple Leafs

    1967 Toronto Maple Leafs

    1967 California/Oakland Seals

    1970 Toronto Maple Leafs

    1972 Atlanta Flames

    1974 Kansas City Scouts

    1976 Cleveland Barons

    1980 Toronto Maple Leafs

    There You Have IT.

    Check Out

  10. raine_kalisz says:

    Hartford’s making some serious investments about getting another NHL teal. There ya go.

  11. Tops04 says:

    Do you like the Leafs?

  12. kingmo15 says:

    I’m going to keep mine to the last 20 years:

    1. 90-91 Buffalo Sabres (road was best)

    2. 90-91 Quebec Nordiques (home or road)

    3. 93-94 Dallas Stars (home or road)

    4. 84-84 Hartford Whalers (home)

    5. 86-87 Maple Leafs (home or road)

    6. 86-87 Chicago Blackhawks (home)

    7. 02-03 Pittsburgh Penguins (home)

    8. 00-01 Columbus Blue Jackets (home or road)

    9. 86-87 Calgary Flames

    10. Detroit Red Wings (never changed…classic)

  13. cgolding says:

    personally, i think the Blackhawks have the best uniforms in sports… with the Leafs a close second.

  14. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Testify, my brothers. No symbol in the NHL will top the Whalers’ for coolness.

  15. Rico420 says:

    1) The Montreal Canadiens

    2) The Toronto Maple Leafs (pre-expansion)

    3) The Boston Bruins (Black and Gold)

    4) The New York Rangers 3rd Jersey

    5) The LA Kings 88-96

    6) Quebec Nordiques Away

    7) The Toronto Maple Leafs (The Ballard Years)

    8) The Montreal Canadiens “Vintage” Jersey

    9) The Edmonton Oilers (Current)

    10) Minnesota Wild/New Jersey Devils

    My 10 Least favourite Jerseys of all Time! (Though not part of the question)

    1) Vancouver Canucks (any period after the Stick)

    2) Ottawa Senators

    3) Minnesota North Stars

    4) Dallas Stars 3rd Jersey

    5) Pittsburgh Penguins

    6) Philadelphia Flyers

    7) Florida Panthers

    8) Tampa Bay Lightning

    9) Columbus Blue Jackets

    10) Original Phoenix Coyotes jerseys.

  16. cgolding says:

    okay… there have been some SERIOUSLY hideous jerseys, especially third jersey’s, that are way worse than your list…

    i mean, the flyers uni’s are pretty boring, but they ain’t ugly.

  17. Rico420 says:

    I just dislike the flyers so I gotta say the jerseys are bad 🙂

  18. Flyaz says:

    Not trying to offend you at all, but clearly our tastes are quite different…It’s like you purposely picked the worst jerseys of all time and made that list to get people’s goats, lol….the only one I like out of your list is the Nordiques jerseys, the kings were alright but the rest were pretty brutal….being an Isles fan I’m suprised you didn’t pick the fishsticks logo.

  19. Flyaz says:

    I liked the Whalers jerseys after they changed there colors….the jerseys they had right before they moved were awesome…and I always like the Whalers logo.

  20. shotnthdark says:

    Yeah, that’s right. None of us in North Carolina care about hockey. Keep your ignorant musings to yourself. And very few fans, oh yes, which is, in part, why in recent years, the Canes finished above the beloved Bruins in attendance in two consecutive years. I won’t knock Hartford, but there were reasons they moved, and it’s a lot more than just “Peter Karmanos is a dick”. As for the “they suck” part, remind me of all the success Hartford had in the NHL.

  21. Naslundfan says:

    I dont know about the best uniforms, but the worst ones were the canucks V uniforms. they were pathetic.

  22. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    interesting comment. but i was serious. those are my favorite uniforms!

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