Best Warm up Songs?

Looking for best hockey warm up songs new and old. Thought I would start off with the top 5 in each for now, any thoughts?

Top 5 Best New Warm Up Songs:

1) Enter Sandman – Metallica
2) Welcome to the Jungle – Gun’s N Roses
3) For whom the bell tolls – Metallica
4) Let’s get it started – Black Eyed Peas
5) Hand that feeds – NIN

Top 5 best Older Warm Up Songs:

1) We will Rock you – Queen
2) Thunderstruck – ACDC
3) Rock you like a Hurricane – Scorpions
4) Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
5) Kernkraft 400 (boston song) – Zombie nation

Any additions to that list?

60 Responses to Best Warm up Songs?

  1. Darkjester says:

    I know its a team game but when i used to play goalie i would go sit by myself and listen to Godsmack – I Stand Alone. It would get me all pumped and give me that me Vs. the world train of thought and it seemed to work pretty good.

  2. tacitus says:

    Cmon i thought that was a fairly decent movie. Bruce Willis was pretty badass in it

  3. Hadarsh says:


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  4. ShadysBackRJ says:

    good call with the wolfmother song…gets me pumped

  5. Kosovo says:

    This songs sucks it's not for wramp up we need metal or rock for warm up

  6. Williams1505 says:

    i don't know….if enter sandman and For whom the bell tolls is quite new…considereing…..ES came out in 91 and FWTBT Came out in 84'…….Besides…..Any New metal/hardcore/deathmetal…always gets me going…..

    …Fuel is also about 10years old also….but is a great song….

  7. TheDynasty says:

    well i think headstrong by trapt has to be on a top 5 list.. as well as won't get fooled again by the who.. also  last year i remember hearing the isles come out to tears don't fall by bullet for my valentine once……

  8. the_word says:

    I'm Dead Serious – Ghetto Revival

  9. spida says:

    I think for the rangers it should be  Hell-Disturbed

  10. sundin_500 says:


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