Best & Worst Hockey Arena's in the NHL

Since I haven’t been to all of em’ please feel free to fill in the blanks with the one’s I’ve missed.

I’m ranking these arena’s using ticket prices, overall look, visibility, anemnity’s (man did I butcher that word) and overall experience.

Please feel free to share your experiences at certain arenas and give your own ranking as well.

1. Arrowhead Pond (Mighty Ducks) A beautifull arena with great sight lines, easily accesable, it’s by far one of the finest arena’s in sports. The marble floors, clean exterior and interior show that Disney touch to the place. Unfortunatly it doesn’t make up for the horrible hockey played on the ice.

2. Air Canada Centre (Maple Leafs) Wonderfull arena (if you can get tickets and parking) Every inch of the Air Canada Centre has been thought through. Easy to get around, lines weren’t that bad for food and souvenirs. Only complaint was that the bathrooms were too small. Anyone else agree with me?

3. First Union Center (Flyers) Great place as long as you can take out a mortgage to get good seats. Parking isn’t that bad, Clean well kept, and great signage (hehe, pats himself on the back) Prices tend to get a bit ridiculous, and the fact that up in the booneys they actually rent binoculars to you is a little much, but a beautifull place.

4. MCI Center (Capitals) Easy to get in and out, prices wern’t that bad. Everything was easy to see. Only complaint was the seats wer extreemly uncomfortable, way too close togethor and small, but it didn’t deter from the overall experience.

5. United Center (BlackHawks) It was easy to get tickets (hehe) It was very easy to get in and out. Great parking. Very clean, but not very excited crowd. Having been to a Bears game I was expecting the fans to be more exciteable. I was down low but I can imagine up top there might be trouble seeing well. Kind of expensive too.

6. Fleet Center (Bruins) What they didn’t have any room so they built the place straight up? Driving was a royal pain in the a

a$$! Expensive but pretty shiney new arena is nice. Fans were surprisingly in to the game much more than many other games I’ve been to. Just way too high up to see if your in the cheap seats

7. Pepsi Center (Avalanche) Good god can they make their seats any smaller?? As beautifull as the arena is (and it is a nice one) the minute you sit down it’s all over! And the steep incline walking up th the nose bleeds (where we sat) made me wanna keel over and die half way up, and I’m in my mid twenties and in good shape.

8. Nassau Coliseum (Islanders) I’m a little biased since I got luxury suite tickets every game I’ve been to, but since I’m trying to be objective, it’s time for a new arena. Sad looking, needs desperate repairs. But it’s easy to get to. And for all you Islander fans out there take a real good look at their new menuboards this year. Especially the players helmets and eyeballs, (if you can see that good) there’s a little surprise snuck in to them (hehehe)

9. Mellon Arena (Penguins) Wow those are some great fans! And the graphics on the awnings over the concession stands are great too (hehe once again patting myself on the back) but everything else sucks!! It really does! The place does have a good vibe to it during games though.

10. Madison Square Garden (Rangers) Great atmosphere, very accessble IF YOU CAN GET FREAKIN TICKETS!! The place is really a neat place but the prices and the inaccessability of tickets make it all a wash! And don’t eat the food (trust me). Just too expensive which is ashame because hockey is a really enjoyable experience there.

11. Continental Airlines Arena (Devils) A hockey wasteland! The arena sucks! The management refuses to put a dime into the place and it shows. The place just isn’t very nice. Even with the free 9th row, center ice tickets I used to get, it wasn’t that enjoyable a time. Add in the ridiculous prices, the bad food and the hoo hum crowd, and you should just skip this one.

So there you have it. Please rank your teams arena as well! Or let me know how right or wrong I am (preferably right). Thanks.

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  1. MoeWanchuk says:

    Yup,you’re dead on about the AWA.Obviously,Jerry Colangelo wasn’t thinking ahead when he had the arena built to NBA specs only.But the Coyotes will have a brand-spankin’ new arena next year…geez….now my $9 restricted-view seats will probably cost twice as much.Oh,well.

  2. pop0331 says:

    are you nuts, the medowlands blows big time! and i’m a huge devils fan! you’ve got to be crazy if you think it is anywhere near mediocre! 1st off, parking blows big time(gee i get to park 3 miles away and walk through a long tunnel just to get to another friggin parking lot to walk through) the ticket prices and food are insane, the fans are the worst i’ve ever seen at a hockey game! and i’ve been to the finals twice!!! the games aren’t ever sold out, in 95 i walked right up to the window for game 4! and got tickets!!! every game that isn’t played against the lowly rangers there is the most boring crowd i’ve ever seen! the new haven beast (for you conn people) had better crowds then the devils, now this is coming from a huge dev fan so you know there is something wrong here, lets just get to newark already so i can hop on a train and not have to sit through traffic on the turnpike just to get to more traffic on rt 3

  3. pop0331 says:

    the whale used to play in the middle of the mall which was awesome cause everybody just hung outside it and partied before and after the game, the only thing that sucked was no tailgating, you guys down there must be living it up with that huh? anyway the inside was cool, nothing fancy just good old-old fashioned hockey going on!

  4. Blakefan says:

    Staples Center (Kings Palace) is a great place to see hockey games, and the fans are really into the games! The Arrowhead Pond (Duck Pond) is a great place to see games also but with the lack of interest from fans for their team it still makes the Staples Center the best arena in Southern California! The Shark tank cannot get as loud as Staples center in their best moment because Staples center is at the center of Hockey Town!

  5. ShaneDawg says:

    From what I’ve heard of ice quality…

    1. Edmonton

    30. Philly

  6. puckedinthehead says:

    That and that stupid horn that goes off when they score a goal who started that tradition anyways.

  7. puckedinthehead says:

    That and that stupid horn that goes off when they score a goal who started that tradition anyways.

  8. puckedinthehead says:

    I guess it helps when its 40 below outside untill late May.

  9. larrydallass says:

    Winnpeg Arena was and always will be the loudest arena ever build. Made of Cement which meant all the noise stayed inside. When the fans got going, you could not hear yourself talk. The sights were good, the tickets cheap, food cheap but that was 95 prices. I wish they made a bigger one when they had the chance in 92. I will always remember that arena for the Jets and the always good times you had there. There were freaking chearleaders and who could forget BENNY and DANCIN GABE hahahah

  10. A_DeVandry says:

    This list is SO WRONG. The Arrowhead Pond doesn’t even have escalators. You have to take steps the entire way up to the nosebleed sections. That arena pipes the cheering in through its speakers to make the place seem livelier and louder.

    How funny that Pepsi Center is on the list, yet Staples Center isn’t. Staples is basically the same thing as Pepsi Center, only bigger. The crowd there is intense. They sell out their games, even when the team is bad.

    The SJ Arena (Compaq/HP Center?) is very nice also.

    Joe Louis and America West are the worst.

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