Best/Worst Owners

With all this talk about the CBA and such, I’ve but a list of the good/bad owners out there, and from my viewpoint there are only a few bad apples out there.GOOD

1. EDMONTON GROUP: Poor rich guys, what do they get for a couple million dollars in shares? They get to write a cheque at the end of the season. Like one of them said last year “I hope the players and fans appreciate what we’re doing.”

2. CALGARY GROUP: See above.

3. TED LEONSIS, Washington Capitals: Closest thing to a Mark Cuban the NHL has, comes to games, listens to fans, complains about refereeing, signs big name UFA’s. Too bad nobody cares in Washingon.

4. MIKE ILLITCH, Detroit Red Wings: Probably the highest profile owner in the NHL, the Illitch family deserves credit for the marketing of the team and not to mention spending big bucks on free agents.

5. THOMAS HICKS, Dallas Stars: Of the Illitch variety, Hicks spends tonnes on his team.

6. MARIO LEMIEUX, Pittsburgh Penguins: I know this is going to raise some eyebrows because many want to believe that Mario has ruined this franchise, to those people I ask, where would this team be without him? Thats 2x he’s saved this sad sack franchise.

7. ED SNYDER, Philly Flyers: It’s hard to rank guys like Snyder, they spend millions on their team, but they also rake in big profits.

8. CRAIG J. LEOPOLD, Nashville Predators: The only reason Tennesee has a team. Pretty ballsy of him to gaurantee the playoffs within 5 years as well.

9. BILL LAURIE, St. Louis Blues: The team is 40 mill in red ink but they still managed to re-sign Demitra and keep some of the cheapest tickets in the league.

10. ALAN COHEN, Florida Panthers: Gotta give him some brownie points for writing an angry e-mail to the Caps after they got whipped 12-2. Not many owners are that passionate.

11. EUGENE MELNYK, Ottawa Senators: Shelled out 2 mill so The Eagles would play a free concert for Sens season ticket holders.

12. TOM GOLISANO, Buffalo Sabres: So far so good, brought in Drury and re-signed Satan.


Phill Anschutz, Disney, Davidson (T-Bay), The Great One (Yotes)


Teachers Pension Fund (Leafs), Stan Kroenke (Avs), Bob Naegale (Wild), BJ group, Jim Dolan


John E. McCaw (Canucks)- Heart was in the right place with Messier signing, but has disappeared since.

George Gillete (Habs)- Meh.


PETER KARMANOS (Canes): Moves the team from Hartford to Carolina? Idiot!

“Dollar” BILL WIRTZ (Hawks): The mother of them all, Wirtz has turned what was once one of the NHL’s flagship franchises into this. He even blacks out games on his own fans, despicable.

JEREMY JACOBS (Bruins): SOB has been bleeding B’s fans dry for 25 years. Reason for departures Oates, Bourque, Allison, Orr, Guerin, Dafoe… Who’s next?

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  1. distance7 says:

    I have no respect for Mike Illich as an owner, I know this is about hockey, but as you know he owns the Detroit Tigers as well, and I’m their biggest fan ever. What the hell does he ever do for them? HEY, SELL THE TEAM IF YOU JUST DON’T CARE! *composes self* Sorry about that…

  2. WeStSiDe says:

    TML has multiple owners, but yes Pension fund is majority owner, and they are seen as the greedy ones, the others are fine. So if they sell like there has been rumors, just think how much better off they would be. However I dont see them selling yet.

  3. WeStSiDe says:

    VERY good point.

    Supports Wings, leaves Tigers to dry.

  4. mikster says:

    Jim Dolan, Rangers……..has to be the, or one of, worst owners.

  5. markjohnston says:

    what do I care if they make money.

    they’ve been putting high $, exciting, competetive teams on the ice for years now.

    could be worse – think of the 80’s

  6. gr8haluschak says:

    Well THat comment has no merrit what so ever, WHAT were the wings back in 84 when he bought them and what are they now, Thank you. As well was it not Illich who stuck by Yzerman in those first few years, and who was the one who just about brought Gretzky to the Wings in 88.

  7. WildWing89 says:

    Mike Eisener, though wants to sell the team like he did with the Angs, is an awesome owner. He has alot of committment to the team, like making the payroll higher to sign Oates last year and Fedorov this year.

  8. Donovan says:

    I have a feeling that Illitch would bankrupt the Wings to make the Tigers good.

    Well maybe not that, but he would definatley put some Wings money into the Tigers. With the lock-out looming maybe he will. If you remember he had a try-out and almost made the tigers back in the 60’s. We loves them.

  9. WeStSiDe says:

    The money he saved on Kariya paid for Federov.

  10. hockeyPete21 says:

    I have to put Stan Kronke who owns the Nuggets, Avs and now Rapids as one of the best. He doesn’t meddle and allows the teams to do what they need as long as they produce.

  11. distance7 says:

    I don’t know what it is about the Tigers though. He actually does spend about the same amount of money…it’s just baseball has mega inflated salaries, but the good thing is, the tigers are actually building a franchise. Their pitching is going to be awesome in the next few years, maybe I don’t have a reason to complain, but…*complains anyway* hey, it’s the society…win now, dammit.

  12. cgolding says:

    honestly i don’t think ed snyder is really making all that money off of the flyers at all anymore… i’m not sure how the situation works in philly anymore monetarily, but Comcast…First Union…Wachovia own the flyers… regardless no one who knows the first thing about snyder could ever claim that the bottom line has been something that concerns him. and the Flyers, along with most teams in the NHL, are not generating much in the way of profits off of operation at the moment.

  13. BosBrn77 says:

    ***JEREMY JACOBS (Bruins): SOB has been bleeding B’s fans dry for 25 years. Reason for departures Oates, Bourque, Allison, Orr, Guerin, Dafoe… Who’s next? ***

    I do agree that Jacobs has to be one of the(if not THE) greediest and worst owners in the eyes of the fans. But (And I’m not sticking up for him) he had nothing to do with Orr leaving. Orr left because his agent (Eagleson) never told him the Bruins had part ownership included in the new contract offer. Orr left and signed with Chicago… he found out after he signed what the Bruins had actually offered. Needless to say, Eagleson was dismissed.

    Oates spoke out about management so he was shown the door(Along with Tochhet and Ranford). Allison was asking waaayy too much money and was traded (We did get Murray back)…. he didn’t even get what he was asking from the Kings. Guerin was/is not worth the 9 million that Dallas gave him(And they have been trying to move him). I like Bill, but not for 9 million. Dafoe was offered a similar salary (I think a small raise) but scoffed at it. He then sat out until he was not worth squat(which probably took two days) and he signed for less then half what Boston offered to play with Atlanta. Now Bourque…. I blame Jacobs for. He left so he would have a chance to win the Cup. Thankfully… he got the chance… AND the Cup!

    But there are many other reasons why Jacobs is horrible.

    1)Signing LaPointe to a 5 million a year contract just to spite Illitch!

    2)Allowing Sinden to trash Bourque in arbitration hearings. ( I would have fired the bastard!)

    3)Not letting Sinden pull the trigger on getting Hull, back when Oates was here.

    4)Not opening the wallet for decent stars to play with Thornton, Samsonov and Murray (Neely, Bourque and Oates in the past) when he proved he can by the LaPointe signing!

  14. FlyersGoCupCrazy says:

    Here’s how I understand it works:

    Comcast owns the Flyers, they get the profits. Wachovia (what a stupid name, I LOVED the name “FU Center”) pays Comcast for the naming rights to the center. Snyder is an employee of Comcast, and is the president (not owner) of the team. I’m still not sure if Snyder gets a salary from Comcast or if he gets a percentage, since he owned Specticore (not sure if that’s how it’s spelled) which is now part of Comcast. I hope that clears some things up for you.

  15. Zamboni says:

    Wirtz is a piece of s—.

    I plan on celebrating the day he dies by calling in my order for Blackhawks season tickets.

  16. Gforce says:

    Great Points.

    I never heard of hull coming here when oates was around..what player where involed ???

    i Think Thornton and Co.has a better players around then Oates Neely and Bourque back then.

  17. BosBrn77 says:

    There were no players mentioned in the Hull deal. But at the time the Bruins had the “Bourque” salary cap which meant nobody on the team would make more then Ray. An article appeared in the Globe and in a St. Louis paper that stated Hull said he would go to Boston and take less then what Bourque was making to play with Neely, Bourque and Oates again. Sinden shot it down by saying two words in the paper…… “Not interested!”

    Sounds stupid to me considering Hull is still playing and Neely had to retire. Would have been nice to have gotten him…. what would they be like now?

    I agree that Thronton and Co. have better players. I’ll take Rolston, Axellson, and even LaPointe over Bob Sweeney, Steve Leach and Ted Donato. DOH… Donato is back!

  18. tmeyers says:

    Peter Karmanos IS THE WORST. He deserves a STRAIGHTUP BEATDOWN! I am surorised it hasnt happened yet (he must have good security). This man better not show his face in Connecticut.

  19. tmeyers says:

    Are you kidding?

    Neely had Janney (in his prime)!!

  20. SaskSen says:

    Gillette is a great owner, should be under good ones.

    He is commited to the franchise, raised payroll, but knew enough sense not to butt in on the hockey decisions.

    Also when he attends road games anyone he sees wearing a Habs uniform in a visting stadium he invites them to be his personal guests and watch a game from his box if they are ever in Montreal.

  21. Gforce says:

    Bob Sweeney lol i forgot about him , i wasn thinking along the line of comparing the styles for thoughts of Dave Poulin to Rolston,

    another good point

  22. ranger_fan says:

    The only problem with Dolan was he couldn’t give Keenan a raise, and hired Slats who hired 2 shitty coaches.

    I’d perfer him over any owner because he will pay for a championship.

  23. BosBrn77 says:

    Am I kidding about what?

    Janney was traded for Oates. Which was a great trade for Boston!

  24. BosBrn77 says:

    I miss Dave Poulin and Dave Reid!!

  25. regdunlop says:

    ALAN COHEN the worst…..he is an overrated sleazy used car salesmen. h edoesn’t know jack about hockey…..he has rick dudly as a glorified scout while he makes shitty business decisions and runs the fans away in florida. This was a great expansion franchise with a fantastic future and know it’s some guys write off. A good owner makes the team! remember Shit rolls downhill,

  26. Kewl says:

    I like Lowe, he makes due with what he has. Even if he had the money I doubt he would pay the high amounts of money to they players. He’s old time hockey in my eyes.

  27. habs_punk says:

    Ilitch a GOOD owner??? what the crap are you on? ya, he’s good for wings fans, but for the rest of the nhl, esp. the low budget teams, he is pretty much the antichrist. he is everything i despise about sports, he has made the red wings into the yankees of baseball, in that he is buying championships. its a whole bunch of BS. get a freakin’ salary cap in the nhl, and then we’ll see how many cups the wings win.

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