Best/Worst Owners

With all this talk about the CBA and such, I’ve but a list of the good/bad owners out there, and from my viewpoint there are only a few bad apples out there.GOOD

1. EDMONTON GROUP: Poor rich guys, what do they get for a couple million dollars in shares? They get to write a cheque at the end of the season. Like one of them said last year “I hope the players and fans appreciate what we’re doing.”

2. CALGARY GROUP: See above.

3. TED LEONSIS, Washington Capitals: Closest thing to a Mark Cuban the NHL has, comes to games, listens to fans, complains about refereeing, signs big name UFA’s. Too bad nobody cares in Washingon.

4. MIKE ILLITCH, Detroit Red Wings: Probably the highest profile owner in the NHL, the Illitch family deserves credit for the marketing of the team and not to mention spending big bucks on free agents.

5. THOMAS HICKS, Dallas Stars: Of the Illitch variety, Hicks spends tonnes on his team.

6. MARIO LEMIEUX, Pittsburgh Penguins: I know this is going to raise some eyebrows because many want to believe that Mario has ruined this franchise, to those people I ask, where would this team be without him? Thats 2x he’s saved this sad sack franchise.

7. ED SNYDER, Philly Flyers: It’s hard to rank guys like Snyder, they spend millions on their team, but they also rake in big profits.

8. CRAIG J. LEOPOLD, Nashville Predators: The only reason Tennesee has a team. Pretty ballsy of him to gaurantee the playoffs within 5 years as well.

9. BILL LAURIE, St. Louis Blues: The team is 40 mill in red ink but they still managed to re-sign Demitra and keep some of the cheapest tickets in the league.

10. ALAN COHEN, Florida Panthers: Gotta give him some brownie points for writing an angry e-mail to the Caps after they got whipped 12-2. Not many owners are that passionate.

11. EUGENE MELNYK, Ottawa Senators: Shelled out 2 mill so The Eagles would play a free concert for Sens season ticket holders.

12. TOM GOLISANO, Buffalo Sabres: So far so good, brought in Drury and re-signed Satan.


Phill Anschutz, Disney, Davidson (T-Bay), The Great One (Yotes)


Teachers Pension Fund (Leafs), Stan Kroenke (Avs), Bob Naegale (Wild), BJ group, Jim Dolan


John E. McCaw (Canucks)- Heart was in the right place with Messier signing, but has disappeared since.

George Gillete (Habs)- Meh.


PETER KARMANOS (Canes): Moves the team from Hartford to Carolina? Idiot!

“Dollar” BILL WIRTZ (Hawks): The mother of them all, Wirtz has turned what was once one of the NHL’s flagship franchises into this. He even blacks out games on his own fans, despicable.

JEREMY JACOBS (Bruins): SOB has been bleeding B’s fans dry for 25 years. Reason for departures Oates, Bourque, Allison, Orr, Guerin, Dafoe… Who’s next?