Better the devil you know than the devil you dont!/Short List of available UFA&#

It’s hard to say whether or not the Ottawa Senators need another forward for the upcoming season! Sure they have that amazing big 3 on the first line, but they still need to take up that secondary scoring up a notch!  Vermette and Fisher are talented players, but they aren’t top-end goal scorers! Despite their acquisitions in the off season, they were unable to replace Cory Stillman. Veteran guys like Kelly, Neil and Mcammond can pitch in a few, but rookies like Foligno, Lee and Bass are all gonna have to step up to pick up some of the slack. So how about bringing in someone to help them out! Someone who can help them develop, to serve as a guide, someone who loves the city, and someone, ironically, who’s been here before!!

How about bringing in UFA forward Brian Smolinski!! He’s got the leadership and determination the club’s been looking for and he’s just that type of player they need. He plays with heart and gives 100% every time he’s on the ice. Not only that, but think about the chemistry!! I remember when he first got traded from the club to Chicago, it was reported that he had asked GM John Muckler If ever he was going to be back?! If I remember correctly Muckley said if ever he’d have the room he’d for sure make a pitch for him! I know now Murray took over the job and I don’t know whether he’d want that or not but since Smolinski’s available do you not think he’d be worth giving a shot?! The guy loves it here and I’m sure he’d be willing to come over at a bargain price!

It’s hard to say though at this point with so many young players that will push for a spot at forward at training camp. Taking a look at some of them, Alexander Nikulin, Ilya Zubov, Jesse Winchester, Josh Hennesey, Peter Regin and a few more from Bingo will be driving in hard to take a spot in training camp!! Not sure what Murray’s got planned but all these kids have great potential in the coming years and could very well steal a spotlight!!

As for they’re Defence, If they can pen Meszaros under the ink, they’ll be fine! Despite the loss of Redden and Commodore, they aren’t that shaken up! With the addition of Smith and with Lee and Nycholat ready to make the Jump, they shouldn’t have any major issues! Goaltending, well, as for Martin Gerber, he will again have to try and prove he can take the No. 1 job, which doubts are still anyone’s guess!

So what do you think?? Should they go out and sigh a free agent. Smolinski doesn’t have to be the answer. In my opinion he’d be a great choice, but lets not rule out anyone of the other available UFA’s. There’s still a few out there but which one’s would fit in most with the sens current needs at a reasonable price?! I’ve mad a quick list of some of the most notable ones still available with their point totals from last year:

Stu Barnes, Centre/Wing, 38 yrs old, 23 points in 79 games with Dallas
Mathieu Darche, Wing, 32 yrs old, 22 points in 73 games with Tamba
Martin Gelinas, Left Wing, 38 yrs old, 20 points in 50 games with Nashville
Jeff Hamilton, Centre/Wing, 31 yrs old, 24 points in 58 games with Carolina
Jan Hlavac, Wing, 32 yrs old, 35 points in 80 games with Tamba/Nashville
Glen Muray, Right Wing, 35 yrs old, 30 points in 60 games with Boston
Mark Parrish, Wing, 31 yrs old, 30 points in 66 games with Minnesota
Randy Robitaille, Wing, 33 yrs old, 29 points in 68 games with Ottawa
Martin Rucinsky, Left Wing, 37 yrs old, 16 points in 40 games with St-Louis
Geoff Sanderson, Left Wing, 36 yrs old, 13 points in 41 games with Edmonton
Josef Strumpel, Centre/Wing, 36 yrs old, 20 points in 52 games with Florida
Josef Vasicek, Centre/ Left Wing, 28 yrs old, 35 points in 81 games with the NYI
Stephane Yelle, Centre/Wing, 34 yrs old, 12 points in 74 games with Calgary
Mike York, Centre/Wing, 30 yrs old, 14 points in 63 games with Phoenix

Now I know some or alot of these guys probably won’t have a team to report to come September 20th, but I thought they’d be worth mentioning! (Hope I didn’t miss any)

… There is of course Sundin, Sakic, Salanne, Forsberg, and Shannahan … but we’ll stay away from them!!!…

Lets not rule out the possibility of a trade as well. Rumours have been going around with names from Afinogenov all the way to Gaborik!! But who would Ottawa have to give up? What do do you think?! Would this better or Worsen the team?! Are they Better off left like this?! Those were my thoughts, now lets hear yours..