Bettman Has To Go

The only way that the NHL lockout is going to be settled in a timely manner is for this to go through a third party arbitrator, and seeing as this will not happen it’s time for the owners to can Bettman.

Since Bettman took over as league commisioner he has seen 2 teams relocate, 1 team not be able to meet payroll, had to have the league run one team for a season, saw another team declare Chapter 11 protection for the second time in it’s history, and overexpanded so badly that guys like Rico Fata are quality NHL Players now due to the thinned talent pool by insane expansion.

The problem came the day Bettman was hired, he’s an NBA business man, not an NHL business man. I remember there being an article in The Hockey News Yearbook back YEARS ago with an interview with Gary and he had a sculpture of a juggler..the balls were numbered 66, 99 and 45 and he flat out said to the reporter “These numbers represent the best players in our game…Lemieux, Gretzky and Dionne (in reference to GILBERT not Marcel!). I sidetracked myself with that little story..I’m sure Gary knows better now.

Anyway, the NBA has a GOOD national broadcasting contract, where all the teams will make money from the TV endorsements, the NHL basically is paying ABC to show games in the US, and with Bettman’s firm stance on no cap – no game he’s going to have egg on his face because the players aren’t going to back down.

The answer to the situation is Brian Burke, Burke IS a hockey businessman (he did take a franchise that was losing money and made it make a profit), he actually has an understanding for the game as a former player, players agent, general manager and recently media personality with reviews in hockey magazines and on Hockey Night in Canada.

Burkes proposal that we all have read is a fair solution for both sides in the agreement, and if somehow the sides involved in this lockout come to an agreement like this then Burke deserves the credit.

In closing I just want to say Brian Burke for President in 2004!

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  1. d0rd says:

    Burke also was senior VP and director of hockey operations for the NHL.

    It’ll take some time until the owners and the union eventually come to some common ground which will look something like Burke’s recommendations. Right now, they’ve drawn their lines in the sand, and when principle gets involved, it means that there will be a long bitter struggle.

    However, you can’t put all the blame on Bettman for the current state of the game (true, hartford, minny, quebec and winnipeg lost their franchises, scoring has dropped, we’ve had numerous on ice disasters a la Bertuzzi et McSorely, and skyrocketing payrolls all under his watch)…..but at the end of the day, if the owners didn’t want him, they had enough chances to can him. There’s plenty of responsibility for the current situation to go around.

    But yeah, let’s hear it for Burke.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Hey I’m back. (I don’t know about any one else, but I don’t think I’ve commented ina while. I have been on Wow) (On WOw I am Quack_attack_is_Back.)

    Any ways I totally agree. Bettman should be dropped. I hate Bettman. Burke would be a much needed improvement.

  3. rojoke says:

    Do you honestly think that if Gary Bettman had never been named commissioner, that the Nordiques and the Jets would still be in the league?

    Did the league expand too quickly? Yeah, they did. Did they pick questionable markets to expand to? Yeah, they did. But this still goes back to the owners, not stopping at Bettman’s desk. They hired Bettman to get a salary cap. The first time out, they blinked, thinking they had at least been able to cut down on one area of over-spending; rookie contracts. But having blown that opportunity, now they’re gonna give it another shot, and this may be the last shot they get.

    The owners will probably can Bettman after this deal is done, whether they get the cap they ant or not. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Burke was the next commissioner of the league.

  4. Rysto says:

    If you had been paying attention to Burke, you would have noticed that he believes that a salary cap is still the best solution to the NHL’s problems. Besides, if the NHL were to present Burke’s plan to the NHLPA, they would brand it a salary cap.

  5. koolcory77 says:

    Agreed. Goodenow, too.

    A few replacements could be:

    a) Scottie Bowman

    b) Steve Yzerman

    c) Ron Francis

    d) Steve Thomas

    e) Brett Hull

    f) Glenn Healy

    g) Bob McKenzie

    And I know some of these people will still be playing of some have contracts with TSN, or whatever, but its time to straighten up this league once and for all.

    94 Lockout: 103 Days long

    my 2004 lockout prediction: 450 days (15 months)

  6. DandoEagle says:

    are you joking??? bettmen has been a most greastest boss. his bestest move was ridding us of non markets in cananda like winnypeg and quebek. he will come up with the most fair deal as he is totaly looking out for the fans. you’re arguedment are hersey. you dont seem to know that we americans are most passionete about hockey and bettmen is one of the most biggerest of supports for the game. he knows the game and lives the game.

  7. dudemar says:

    Honestly I couldn’t understand a word of that.

  8. IceyCup says:


    good post

    Bettman MUST go.

  9. Sands says:

    Damn … is this Bettman’s little nephew or something? Kid Bettman sucks, I have been saying it all along. The guy must go.

  10. Sands says:

    What does Burke think would be a the best deal? i never heard of it yet.

  11. TheCoach says:

    I disagree. Bettman has made some bad decisions in terms of expansion, but this last deal was not his doing. He was prepared to go the distance to get the right one, but the owners blinked, not Bettman. Several owners even had a meeting with Goodenow in Chicago, and didn’t invite the comissioner.

    Now, I don’t disagree with the fact that Bettman should go, because I don’t like the guy and would love to see someone new in there. However, the thought that we would not be in this situation if Bettman was fired last year and Burke was hired is not true.

    The NHLPA will not accept any form of a salary cap. The league needs a salary cap to survive. Brian Burke has said numerous times that he agrees with the owners, and in his proposal, there was a mechanism that would tie revenues to expenditures. Bob Goodenow defines this as a salary cap so we would still be in a lockout situation.

    What Goodenow can’t seem to comprehend, is that every succesful business in Canada and America has this type of mechanism. A 5% rollback in salaries will not do anything, because when players become free-agents, they will not demand 5% less than they would usually want.

    The players seem to be harping on the fact that the market is correcting itself because a guy like Primeau only took 5 million. The guy scored 7 goals in the season! Sure he had a good playoff run, but if 5 million for a guy who scored 7 goals is a change in the market, than the NHL is in trouble.

    Not only that, but the players have always been unwilling to accept a drop in the market. They only want it to fluctuate up, not down. That is not an open market. There have been 24 teams that have continually tried to bring the market and salaries down, only to have players hold out on them. These hold-outs have proven that an open-market will not work, because it is only a rising market.

    Players know that there are 6 or 7 teams that will meet their demands, and because of that, the other 24 or 23 teams cannot lower the market. Players will hold out until the team has to sign him to get fans back, or trade him to one of those big spending teams. This is why the league needs a salary cap. Owners deserve to make money, and players taking 75% of revenues is ridiculous. No other business would accept this, and the NHLPA needs to realize that every other union has agreed to some sort of cap, by their definition, and they need to to.

  12. cementhead says:

    Perhaps Bettman does need to go, but as already mentioned, not until after this ordeal. You get rid of Bettman now and you fuel Goodenow’s fire. If he would have had any doubts, this would give him the strength and motivation to hold out much, much longer.

    ANd, as I see it, the owners are NOT going to be the ones caving in. Lets say there is a 5% rollback in pay. Do you know how many seasons it would take for a player to make up the lost wages for this season? Answer: can never make it up with any sort of rollback. With simple math, if they had a 5% increase, it would take 20 years to make up one missed season. At some point the players need to wake up and realize this. If it really is for the money, the best way for them to make the most money is to cave ASAP.

    The owners on the otherhand: This same principal may apply to a few owners. But we’ve also got owners losing less money during a lockout than a regular season. What motivation do they have for a quick resolution. Also, an owner is looking at this as an investment, not a job. Their investment could last as much as 40 years – twice what the NHLers career can last. Knowing this, they can hold out much longer and survive easier – with the “long term” in mind (more time to make up for any lost profits). And perhaps most importantly, as an investment, their teams will rise in value if/when a cap is in place. Automatically their net worth will rise. (the players have to deal with age and their value diminishing).

    Anyway, this is a super simplification, written in a rush, but it holds true. I am aware of many details I’ve overlooked – like losing fanbase, the different positioning of different teams, etc, but honestly I don’t have the time to get into it all in that detail. Nor do I think you would have the patience to read it. Enough said is the ultra, over-simplification. Lets just say the Owners have more incentive to hold out longer, and the players are setting themselves up to take the brunt of the damage. ONly question is: how long until they realize it and fire Goodenow.

  13. habs_punk says:

    when the ***** is the whiny ***** gonna get banned?

  14. 2buxaslice says:

    Let’s not forget that Bettman also created the stupidest rule in all of sports. The overtime loss point. Who rewards losers? Definitely get rid of Bettman he doesn’t know hockey, he just sucks.

  15. slugger says:

    Bettman is not the problem. He wants to have 30 teams healthy and competing and if that can only be reached by cap then be it. Plus if he is the problem than why is all 6 Canadian and carolina’s and other managers agreeing with him and supporting him. You guys have not noticed the rise in ticket prises and how teams have lost their superstars to other bigger teams. I am sure bettman was the cause of that eh. You folks are just hating bettman because you guys are fustrated with this lock out. If you look at the poles at and and you will see that people blame more the players for the mess then the owners. So tell me would those poles change if it was other person then bettman.

    The answer is no the poles wouldn’t change and neither the problem that we have. The truth is player will not agree to the cap regardless to who the commish is even if it yourself Rico.

    bottom line is I am big hockey fan and every year I have seen the ticket prise risen yes because the owners have decided to pay the players carzy amounts but If the players are not given that kind of money they go to other teams that will so to keep the player the owners raise the ticket prise so who to blame.

    lastly the players are saying that its the owners that have given them the huge contracts and them selves. The players say that no body put a gun to the owners head to get a huge deal done. But when the players threaten to sit out for the entire season or ask to be traded then I ask is that not putting a gun to the owners head.

  16. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    I think the players have to go…..and theyre gone….haha! the owners need to take the game back!

  17. Rysto says:

    Actually, Roger Neilson came up with that rule. As everyone seems to have forgotten, regular season overtime was awful before that rule came into effect, as every team was terrified of losing and losing the point for the tie.

  18. UsedandAbused says:

    I think Bettman Sucks… But regarding this Lockout… The players are the problem. They NEED a salary cap. They should implement one exactly like the NFL…. It is PROVEN to work. Besides it has also proven to more evenly balance teams out from year to year.

    The players are the ones that are completely WRONG. Personally I say ***** THEM and Start a NEW LEAGUE! Watch how fast they will want to work a deal out. There HAS TO BE a salary CAP!

  19. dave1979 says:

    i agree bettman has to go. there must be a former army sniper out there who is shell shocked and crazy enough to do us all a favor and wax bettman and george w all in the same day.

  20. dave1979 says:

    PS…..i also agree with the comment: Burke for pres in 2004!……..CANUCKS RULE!

  21. dave1979 says:

    hey dandoeagle….thanks for proving my point….americans are fu(king retards….you are a moron…learn how to spell, and put a sentance together and then we may take you seriously….what an a$$weed….you should hang out with darkhorse….he is another ignorant ba$tard

  22. TBLfan says:

    You’re not much smarter than ‘dandoeagle’ calling all American’s “F-ing retards”

    If some jackass from Canada said some stupid $hit on here I certainly wouldn’t consider every Canadian f-ing reatarded just because they live in the same country. I guess if I was at your maturity level I might though.

  23. TBLfan says:

    Hey you make some really good points. The 20 or more teams that lose money annually have zero motivation to resolve this quickly. Why lose more money with a season than without one. Might as well hold out untill a financially smart deal comes along. Meanwhile, for the 7plus months there is no hockey, book more non-NHL events at your arena, ie: concerts, rodeo’s, conventions, etc… I’m sure they can get by pretty well on non-sport events for the time being.

  24. Sands says:

    Watch your mouth. Not everyone on HTR are Canadian.

  25. dave1979 says:

    oh no! i had better watch my mouth……….AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA lol……dumb a$$…the site would be much better if everyone on here IS canadian….oh well…..silly americans….the land of the free-aks……

  26. 2buxaslice says:

    Still I’d rather punish those that play for a tie than reward those who lose later. Just get rid of the one point for a tie and make it so you have to win to get any points. Then every team has to play for the win every game.

  27. 2buxaslice says:

    Isn’t Canada just an American state now anyway? It could be if we told them it was. It’s not like they have a military to fight us with anyway.

  28. UsedandAbused says:

    By the Way Goerge W. Bush is AWESOME! The guy is a GREAT President… You people all listen to the liberal media to much. They can make anyone sound like a bad guy.

  29. wingedim says:

    If the owners were to start a new league the union would file a law suit faster than the ink dried on the agreement for the new league. It’s just like a regular strike, only the owners are the one on strike not the players.

  30. wingedim says:

    Actually we do if you want to call it that. We just use your old broken down crap for equipment that you convinced the PM wasn’t broken yet.

  31. ericthered1961 says:

    i want to thank you for a wonderful article and i agree….Brian Burke would be an excellent choice

  32. leafs_man says:

    well i would agree that gary has to go he isnt there for hockey he isnt lookin out for the game brian burke would be a replacement thta i would have to pick if u read another article on the site it shows his plan shown on cbc durin the world cup as far as im consurned is that there isnt a better deal that could be made out there and i think this lock out will last til xmas of next year boths side are not gonna move it will take alot of time to fix this problems up, i would also say a lock out could be the best thing that could of happend to the game the owners r financually better of and if resolved we should see better hockey i have to admitte that hockey has gone down hill we gotta get a system in the game where the players will try harder out of all the players in the nhl there arent very many would actually show up for game after game tp play out there heart and soul they r being payed too much and if that was fixxed up maybe they would come back to realitly and with a cap will free up some money to put back into the orgainzation and create better hockey as for as i am conserned well that my opinion and i want to hear yours as well burke for comissioner!!!

  33. Sands says:

    I’m as scared of Canada and Canadians as I am scared of Iraq. Not Much.

  34. big_booty says:

    If Gary Bettman were to take a spontaneous dirt nap, nothing in the current NHL landscape would change. Bettman is an employee of the owners and takes his direction from them.

    Replacing him with Brian Burke, while looking all warm and fuzzy from a PR standpoint, wouldn’t solve a thing. He would still have to answer to his employers (owners) and they would have final say over any decision he makes.

    Funny how Bettman gets painted as the evil one just for doing his job.

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