Bettman's strategy

In this whole lockout situation the only thing we see is the owners totally ripping the NHLPA and setting up the public to view the players as overpaid whiners.

Now, isn’t hockey played by these players. Don’t you think that maybe instead of trying to illicit public opinion that they should work more on selling the game? Why not market the game?

Bettman has had the opportunity to try and pump up the excitment of hockey but instead has pitted the players against the public. To what point, because when hockey starts again people will still have the opinion of why should I spend my hard earned money to watch a bunch of whiney millionaire hockey players that don’t give their all every night.

Do you see coke telling people that it rots your teeth but it is still a great product?

This is definitely the worst marketing job I have ever seen and I pity the state of the game when and if it ever returns.