Bieksa out for months

Bieksa’s injury worse than expected. Salo about 1 month from returning

Will Nonis pull a trade, or pull the plug on this team? Are the playoffs realistic for this team that has lost its 2nd and 3rd best d-men?

In my opinion, the Canucks should start thinking about next season. I know we’re less than 1/4 the way through, but with the injuries piling up, and the poor play, it might make more sense building for the future then dealing the future for the present.

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  1. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Pull the plug. This team is screwed. Nonis won't make a trade. According to Neilios and all the other canuck fans, Vancouver has an abudance of young defenseman (I'm assuming this because neilios points this out everytime he proposes a canucks trade) so Nonis shouldn't have to trade for a defensman while they wait for Salo and Bieksa.

  2. KingCanada says:

    You forgot to mention Lukas Krajicek's broken foot.  They still have Luongo and he is arguably the best goaltender in the league and have a shot as long as he remains healthy.

    It is now Alexander Edler and Luc Bourdon's turn to shine.  This is their shot to prove to the league that they are worthy prospects and turn into legitimate/dependable NHL defenders.

    Vancouver Blueline
    Ohlund, Edler, Bourdon, Miller, Mitchell, Weaver

    They do seem to be short an impact defenseman and not to mention a scorer.  The solution of course is a trade.

    Proposed Trades
    To Vancouver: Pavel Kubina
    To Toronto: Brendan Morrison, mid round pick

    To Vancouver: Marian Hossa
    To Atlanta: Markus Naslund, Micheal Grabner OR Corey Shneider, 1st round pick

    The Kubina is a patch up job but can possibly work and Morrison is a cap casualty needed to fit.  The Hossa deal is needed to shake up Vancouver's offense and Naslund needs to be traded for Hossa to fit in cap wise.  Both are UFAs at seasons end.  Vancouver is one dynamic forward away form being competitive IMO.

    Hossa + Sedin twins = SCARY

  3. KingCanada says:

    Bieksa, Krajicek, Bourdon and Edler are the only young defencemen of merit in the organisation, the first two are injured by the way.

  4. svenki says:

    dont push the panic button just yet, you gotta remember that bieksa had a breakout season last season and with the abundance of young defensemen, one of them might breakout this year due to the ice time given

    salo, well, it was bound to happen again

    although i think nonis should do sumthing about our scoring problem, he's lying if he says he's not shopping naslund. i wouldn't mind if he traded schnider, i mean, i think we'll have luongo for the rest of his career

  5. frezz says:

    ARE YOU CRAZY KUBINA NO THANKS!! and naslund graber and a 1st i dont think so for a guy who is becoming a free agent…. maybe naslund and a 2nd or 3rd round pick and they wont give up grabner either if anything they should bring him up and give him a shot with the sedins and see what he can do.

  6. frezz says:

    luongo will be here for all time… schneider is expendable but i think nonis wants to wait till his value goes up and he plays a few nhl games… who knows he could be the next Luongo and than what do you do???

  7. neilios says:

    Bourdon and Edler are good up and coming defeceman so Canuck fans no need to worry about Salo and Bieska injurys these to young kids will fit in nice,and after Salo and Beska get back the canucks will relize that they dont really need them so then trade one of them maybe Bieska.Mitchell is looking in the mirror and see's Bieska cause those 2 play just alike.They can get lots for a Bieska type player cause there aint to many out there that play like him and thats tough and pretty good puck mover.After Canucks next two games when they sweep the Flames you guys who are putting down the Canucks young Dman will say sorry Neilios you do no what your talking about and those two kids are pretty good.

  8. KingCanada says:

    are you dumb, your basically saying that Marian Hossa is worth a 2nd or 3rd round pick only.  BOTH Hossa and Naslund are free agents at seasons end, there the swap, u pay Grabner and a 1st for Hossa's services who BTW is a MUCH better player then Naslund.  In order to GET something you have to GIVE something.  Try not to be so biased next time.

  9. turdfergusson says:

       Seems like alot of teams are slow outta the gate this year . Vancouver 1-6-0 at home thus far. ouch.

        …and now this.

  10. MR40 says:

    I don't get either trade.

    There are desperate GM's. Some need to make the playoffs, or they lose job's (and know they won't get another one). Someone would give up a 1st round pick for Morrison (as sad as it sounds, it's true). Waddel gave up a player who was a the 8th overall pick in one of the deepest drafts ever (2003) named Braydon Coburn (and he's not a bust) for Alexei Zhitnik. Regier gave up a 1st rounder and a decent prospect in Jiri Novotny (Washington could have resigned him and he could have become a pretty good player) for Danius Zubrus, who pretty much got all of his point's, because he played with Alex Ovechkin. It wouldn't make sense to trade him just for an average player, especialy a very overpaid player in Kubina, who would really hurt the Canuck's long term, since they would have 20 million tied up in 5 defensemen, and none them are even star player's.

    Naslund could bring in a 1st rounder, and above average prospect (like a prospect with the same value of hmmmmm maybe Mason Raymond). Marion Hossa could bring atleast 2 1st rounder's, and a good prospect. Why would one team that needs to rebuild (Atlanta) trade there best asset (beside's Kovalchuk, Lethonan only because Hossa is a UFA at the end of the season) for an aging UFA, and a couple of other prospect's/picks? And why would the Canuck's trade there best asset (who's available on the trade market) who could bring in a very high return for an extra 30-35 point's, and lose one of there best prospects AND a 1st rounder. Unless there's an agreement that Hossa has to sign with Vancouver (I don't think it would REALLY doubt Hossa would do that though, since he could just start a bidding war on July 1st, and get 2+ million more then he would if he signed with anyone right now). Obviously Hossa is much better then Naslund, but the problam is that even after a trade like happens it still won't put the Canuck's over the top and make them Cup contender's. Two many injury's, and problam's right now with the team for even Hossa to make those problam's go away, and with the lose of Naslund, it wouldn't make that big of a difference. Plus we don't have the prospect system to make a trade like this. It would cost us too much in the future.

  11. neilios says:

    What about the Canucks Dman they played pretty good tonight.I think after Bieska get healthy they can afford to trade him cause Bourdon and edler are the real deal.There are lots of teams that can use a Bieska type player like the Leafs,Thrashers,and Rangers to name a couple,and these would be some possible deals.

    To Leafs-Bieska and Cooke=5mill
    To Canucks-Tucker or Blake and Carlo or White=5mill

    To Thrashers-Bieska and Cooke=5mill
    To Canucks-Hossa=7mill

    To Rangers-Bieska,Miller, and Cooke=6.5mill
    To Canucks-Prucha,Mara, and dawes=5.5mill

  12. turdfergusson says:

    The Leaf deal  seems logical. Should they get rid of Bieksa though? He's their now and their future on the blue line.

  13. KingCanada says:

    OK your first issue regarding Kubina, i only traded him for Morrison because of salary cap restrictions.  IF he can be traded to some other team so be it.  Trading for Kubina wont cost very much because of his contract, i only mentionned him because Morrison needs to be removed if Kubina is to be inserted.

    As to your second point, Why does Florida trade their best player in Luongo to Vancouver?!? because Florida sucks and has sucked for many years.  Players get tired of loosing.  This is Hossa's 3rd year on this Atlanta squad that sucks.  He was traded (didnt sign with Atlanta) from Ottawa.  So he went from a relatively good team to a bad one.  Now that his contract is over do you REALLY think Hossa has any intentions of staying in Atlanta?  Not many unless they want to pay him the most money hed have to consider it.  So with that said why not trade him and get something in return for him.  Vancouver needs to shake things up offensively so to GET something one must GIVE something in the form of prospects or picks (Grabner replaces Hossa down the road).  Naslund has to go because he makes 6 million and so does Hossa, in order for the trade to work you need to exchange cap space.  Naslund is being shopped around anyways and if he ever resigns in Vancouver it will be a half of what hes making now. 

    So again if you DONT think the trade is fair, trade Naslund to someone ELSE for a first rounder and then you can trade Hossa for two 1st rounders and Shneider or something in that area of like a 1st and a 2nd and Grabner.  Cap is cap, you need to factor it in wether it be fair or not.

  14. KingCanada says:

    I realy like your Toronto/Vancouver trade i think it is excellent.  Im a big fan of Bieksa and hes that sandpaper the Leafs defense is lacking since we have waaaay too many offensive minded defensemen.  Cooke is thrown in the balance the books and is a UFA at seasons end so the leafs need not worry about him.

    I dont mind at all trading Carlo or White because to get somethiing one must give something.  It would also benefit the leafs in trading one of Tucker and Blake because in my opinion they are the same player (Blake being slightly better yet less tough). 

    But one last thing, does Vancouver trade away a fan favorite who has suited up 9 seasons for them?

  15. svenki says:

    although i agree that nonis needs to do sumthing to bring in a top 6 scorer, i dont think it should cost bieksa, he's a catch, he's the team future captain
    he's one of the best d-men we have that isnt over the age of 30

  16. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    They traded Luongo because they couldn't sign him.  They got fed up with his conditions, and who would blame him after the way keenan treated him?  Keenan had a hard-on for bertuzzi too.  They did not trade Luongo becuase tehy sucked for so many years, Luongo was probably the only reason they even had ANY close games.

  17. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    so u want bieksa and cooke traded for 2 of those 4 leafs? I don't think so.  Bieksa is gonna be injured for a lengthy amount of time, and who says he will play up to the same level he did last year.  Even this year, he has been horrible, I'd love to see how he plays after having a skate in his calve and his tendon severed.  Jfj is stupid, just not that stupid.

  18. MR40 says:

    I think the trade is fair for Vancouver, but it's just doesn't make sense. It's like us trading for a goalie (bad example, but I think you get the point i'm trying to get across). It's a dumb trade for a Atlanta. I think Hossa will definately be traded, but will get a better return.

    Your totally right about the cap thing, but i just think the trade's aren't great.

    P.S. Grabner won't ever be nearly as good as Hossa. Hossa has playing making skill's, and scoring skill's, while Grabner is pretty much just a finisher (has great skill's, and could be a playmaker, it's just not his game), and is almost a defensive liability (he is so good, but he just needs to learn how to play a complete game).

  19. KingCanada says:

    Well that i guess depends on his medical clearance and the nature of his injury.  But when you think about it Carlo Colaiacovo is always injured, Darcy Tucker isnt who he used to be so i think trading those 2 would be good because we can get something for them and we get rid of a contract in the process.  Tucker isnt really worth the money he makes anymore and Blake isnt doing much to earn his contract eigther.  The leafs need the cap space thats not a stupid trade.

  20. KingCanada says:

    Yea i know he isnt no Hossa, i just meant replaces him as in a winger for a winger on a roster spot.  Established all star winger for a young winger who could be good one day.

  21. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Well, Bieksa had a skate in his calve muscle, and his tendon was severed, How great do you think he will perform after he recovers?  It is said that the injury was a lot worse than previously expected, and he will miss 2 months minimum, but most likely in excess of 4 months.   Before he got injured he was criticized  by not only the fans, but the coach as well about his play this year.  He  seriously made some bad decisions which led to a lot of bad goals, maybe he was tryign to hard to earn his paycheck which btw is  around 4 million(im sure you would love to have another dman making 4 million a year for 4 years starting next year, to the most expensive dman core in the league)
    Now after signing dman to ridiculous overpriced contracts like mcabe and kubina, do you really think they need another 4 million on the books? The one good dman signing was Kaberle, you guys got him for a steal, but still regardless you will be WELL over 20 million, with just your dman, do you really need that cap space taken up?

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