Big chance for the youngsters, or more meaningless shuffling?

The Canadiens are without Kovalev due to an elbow injury he has been feeling since Christmas, according to In addition Huet may be out with a pulled hammy, he will find out this afternoon.

Option A) The Canadiens call up Halak, Grabovsky and/or Kostytsin and let them try to show their stuff in a season that’s as good as lost anyways, and give lots of ice time to Kostytsin and Grabovski.

Option B) Carbonneau keeps shuffling guys around, changing lines, playing Streit, Dandenault, and Niinimaa as forwards, and leaving slackers like Ryder and Koivu’s evil twin on top lines and nothing new happens to spark the team.

Option C) Trade.

Well we all know Gainey seems dead set against option C, so let’s hope for option A.