Big chance for the youngsters, or more meaningless shuffling?

The Canadiens are without Kovalev due to an elbow injury he has been feeling since Christmas, according to In addition Huet may be out with a pulled hammy, he will find out this afternoon.

Option A) The Canadiens call up Halak, Grabovsky and/or Kostytsin and let them try to show their stuff in a season that’s as good as lost anyways, and give lots of ice time to Kostytsin and Grabovski.

Option B) Carbonneau keeps shuffling guys around, changing lines, playing Streit, Dandenault, and Niinimaa as forwards, and leaving slackers like Ryder and Koivu’s evil twin on top lines and nothing new happens to spark the team.

Option C) Trade.

Well we all know Gainey seems dead set against option C, so let’s hope for option A.


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  1. mikey64 says:

    Option A is the best one there is putting Niinimaa as a foward yesterday was a pretty bad desion

  2. mtl_prince says:

    how do we all know that gainey is dead set against option C?????

    im happy he hasnt made a trade, he knows not to push the panic button.

  3. mtl_prince says:

    and stop dissing koivu, he has a crap season and now people want him out, gimme a break, he can only do so much eh.

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    I agree with the post right above mine, STOP bashing Koivu.  Man, he is a great player and a great leader for this team and I would not want him to retire anywhere else other than Montreal.  He may not have the ability to carry an entire team on his back, but very few do and just because he can't ppl are pissed.  I don't understand it, he can make any team better but if this team is going to be succesfull others need to start playing better too.  Yes, Koivu is in a slump but he will come around.

    As for the options, I don't understand why Niinimaa was put as a forward.  Just because it worked with Streit, doesn't mean it will work for every defenceman.  But at least Carbo is trying something (although, perhaps trying to be a bit too creative…?)
    Option A is the only one that will happen anytime soon.  He is building this team to be a contender by the centiennial, so if he can land that next piece he will. 

    Carbo needs to call up some forwards, as Garth Murray and Aaron Downey aren't players who produce, and thats what we need.  Samsonov turned into a perimeter player (I still don't understand what happened with him this season), and at 3.525 mil he ain't going anywhere.  That being said, you can bet your ass he'll have to earn a roster spot next training camp, or him and his 3.525 mil will be in the AHL – it would make more sense, since that way his salary doesn't count against the cap, whereas if he was demoted this year, next years would.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    here is what i would try for one game just to get out of the funk:

    ryder bonk higgins
    samsonov koivu latendresse
    johnson plekanec begin

    the idea would be to get bonk, latendresse and begin to create room on the ice for their linemates.  if the team hadn't lost so many games i a row, i would not suggest this, but i think it is worth a try. 

    my take on the key problem:
    they have no even strenght goals and  lots of penalties  because they do not  possess the puck often enough  – solution:  keep it simple, don't dump the puck, cycle in the neutral zone, don't turn over the puck, drill the defensemen how to make safe passes to clear the defensive zone, don't let forwards use their speed to take themselves out of the play.

    the solution isn't better players it is getting the existing players to follow a workable coaching system.  i have a lot of confidence in carbo and i fully believe he can coach the habs to the playoffs. 

  6. rogaut1 says:

    Kostytsin is in Russia, his wife just gace birth. Grabovski has a knee injury, so there is no option A)

  7. Les-Habitants says:

    There is still Ferland and Milroy, with Milroy actually leading the team in scoring, Urquart too (who was called up recently) is playing really well. While Kosistsyn and Grabovski always get the headlines, but Duncan Milroy (a 2nd rounder) has shown some promise

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