Big Changes coming in Minnesota?

The Star Tribune is reporting that the Wild are concerned about two major issues right now, Gaborik and Backstrom and their expiring contracts. In the case of Backstrom it is noted that the Wild may have to find a replacement for Backstrom and may have to deal him before the deadline if they can not get him signed to a new contact. It is noted that the Wild had recently lost Rolston and Demitra without a return and do not want to go through that the same ordeal this time. It is noted that the Wild should do everything in their power to get Backstrom resigned even if it means having to overpay for him. In the case of Gaborik it is noted that possible replacements could include Saku Koivu who may want to finish his career playing with his brother, Cammalleri or Franzen. HTR wants to know.

What would you give up for Gaborik?

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8 Responses to Big Changes coming in Minnesota?

  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     Minny is nuts if they don't resign Backstrom, I know they are fairly cheap but he is the whole team and needs to be kept at all costs.

     For Gaborik I would give up a conditional 2nd round pick turning into a 1st rounder if he plays a certain amount of games and plays in the playoffs.

  2. Titan2710 says:

    As a penguins fan, I know how much a few changes can make a big difference.  With the addition of Hossa last year, our team went from maybe a second or third round exit to coming within 2 wins of a championship.  Gaborik is a Hossa like talent, but a rental player at best.  Its almost a given that on July 1st he will sign on the dotted line with LA.  So it would only make sense for a team sitting in the position the penguins were last year to give up any type of package for Gaborik.  Probably the top 3 in either conference should even think about Gaborik, and LA should just wait till July 1st to get him for free.

  3. K-Mill says:

    Yea and i like Saku in minnesota. so Gaborik and a first or maybe second to Montreal for Saku.

  4. jeff_friesen_wpg_jet says:

    To Pittsburgh: Marion Gaborik 6.3 mil/year
    To Minnesota: Jordan Staal 2.2 mil/year
                         Brooks Orpik 3.75 mil/year
    Minnesota gets two defensive minded players that would go great with their system, with Staal showing potential offensive upside. This is however a trade that would only happen if Gaborik commits long term to the penguins.

  5. Steve362 says:

    you mean Gaborik to montreal for Koivu , chipchura , and a 1st

    why in the hell would minni throw in a pick to get overrated saku koivu

  6. RealisticNick says:

    Because he is actually playing now, and even though he was hurt has played more than Gaborik.  Gaborik is worth nothing right now, he has played in six games and no one even knows when he is coming back.  If Minny wants something for him it will likely have to be conditional.

  7. Kyleton says:

    Which is something I don't think Gaborik will do.  I think he'll want to test the market fully, and will likely go to a team with a wide open style of play. 

  8. Kyleton says:

    Toskala for Backstrom straight up… You heard it here first…. Just kidding…lol…

    it's a tough call for Minny.  Personally I think they need to retool and moving Gaborik and Backstrom will help alot in that matter.

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