Big Decisions to be made on Pronger and Bouwmeester is reporting on the tough decisions that will have to be made on Pronger and Bouwmeester. It is reported that both the Panthers and Ducks “are in unique situations because their teams are battling for playoff spots with an eye toward next season. It makes for a difficult predicament for their respective general managers.” In the case of Pronger it is noted that he earns 6 million per season and that there are not too many teams that can swallow his huge contract. It is also noted that if the Ducks do indeed move their huge defender that they will likely not want to take on a new sizable contract in return. Another interesting scenario is that “’St. Louis wants to send a message to their fans,” said TSN Insider Bob McKenzie. ”Instead of trading Keith Tkachuk at the deadline, they may want to hold on to him and add Chris Pronger.” This would be interesting because the Blues are not very far out of a playoff spot however HTR notes that the Ducks may not want to do this deal because they are in competition with the Blues for that final playoff spot. In the case of the Bruins who would like to add a top defenseman for a playoff run it is noted that wt would likely either Patrice Bergeron or Phil Kessel to make a deal happen.

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4 Responses to Big Decisions to be made on Pronger and Bouwmeester

  1. leafy says:

    No, the invasion of Normandy was a tough decision.  The Bouwmeester situation is an easy decision. Florida HAS to trade him. What is their alternative?  Letting their franchise player walk and get nothing? It is preposterous to suggest that a first round appearance is more important.

  2. alpalstewart says:

    i agree they have to trade him. look how many teams have gambled on resigning there ufa's and got burnt.the future is more important than now.
    how about matin havlat and a 1st for jaybo

  3. alpalstewart says:

    whatever team pronger goes to (if he goes).
    will be a force to be reckoned with.
    remember how he put my oilers on his back and took them to the finals.

  4. reinjosh says:

    they will trade him
    100% guaranteed
    if they don't get a good enough offer for him before the deadline
    then they will keep him for a playoff run
    and then when the off-season comes
    they will trade him to a team wanting the chance to negotiate
    they may not get as much as before but they won't lose him for nothing

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