Big Changes expected in Leaf Land

James Mirtle of the Globe and Mail is reporting that Big changes are afoot after Maple Leafs miss playoffs.

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  1. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Thinking Shanny could be great given when he took the commish role with NHL he went overboard with his videos detailing suspension in terms of accountability. Accountability is something Leafs management and players have avoided for years.

    TSN panel all agreed that Nonis is safe however given Burke got axed I think it’s a matter of time on Nonis once Shanny brings in his vision. I’d expect Nonis to get one more off season while they line up a management team. Hope Nonis doesn’t do anything too desperate.

  2. LN91 says:

    Well it was a solid article,if this indicates anything, it settles the many debates on the other thread:

    – For anti-Carlyle, he will be gone.

    – For anti-core, looks like it’s going to be somewhat blown up.

    It’s for the best. Carlyle probably needs to go…However, theirs not enough promise on this roster.

    Forwards safe (assuming) – Kessel and JVR.

    D-Men safe= Reilly, Gardiner (apparently), and probably Phaneuf.

    Goalie safe= Bernier.

    Can anyone else really be upset if anyone out of those names are dealt? Honestly speaking.

  3. leafy says:

    Last summer was very boring. I hope there are a few huge blockbuster trades in the off season.

  4. leafmeister says:

    I wouldn’t be upset as long as they get good value. They have to be very careful with Nazem Kadri. They should only deal him in a package for a #1 centre, or a youngish 2nd line centre who is perhaps more defensively aware.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Agreed, so sick of reading Kadri for Tanev, stupid internet.

    • LN91 says:

      With the increasing salary cap and the rising power of some young teams (i.e. Columbus or Colorado), this might be the summer that a center will be dealt.

      Already mentioned are the Staal’s or Kesler…Either is an upgrade (as a full package) then Kadri. I assume Toronto will be active this summer to get a little more defence, but yet maintain offence down the middle.

      Erik Staal is not the best defensive player…But the guy is better then Kadri.

      • leafmeister says:

        Eric Staal would be ideal. I’d be shocked if Kesler accepted a trade to anywhere in Canada though.

        What would it take for Staal?

        Kadri, Gunnarsson, 1st?

        • LN91 says:

          Well, you would have to base it off Rik Nash or other high end deals.

          2014 1st round pick, Nazem Kadri, Gunarsson, and a mid-level prospect.

          • leafmeister says:

            J. Staal got an excellent 3rd line centre and a top 10 pick.

            A 23 year old top 6 centre, a workhorse d-man and a top 10 pick should be roughly equivalent to E. Staal, especially with his contract and play this past season. Although I’d be willing to add a mid level prospect to get it done without question.

        • nordiques100 says:

          Not Gunnarsson, probably Gardiner. Staal elite player.

          He’d be a massive get for the Leafs. Huge Huge Huge acquisition.

          Then they should go after his brother in NY. He is the kind of stalwart D that could settle Phaneuf down, take more of the responsibility.

          Just not sure in current organization setup, they have the balls to do that. I think Shanahan would.

          • leafmeister says:

            If they trade all 3 of Gardiner, Kadri and the 2014 1st in one deal, they would not have many assets to go after M. Staal, or anyone for that matter.

            If it was all 3 or no deal, I’d have to seriously reconsider. That is a lot of pretty cap effective assets.

            • LN91 says:

              How about a package like that for Kesler/Hamhuis or Bieksa?

              • leafmeister says:

                A package like what? All 3 of Kadri, Gardiner and 2014 1st? It would be worth a look, but that is a lot of assets with a ton of potential.

                I like the idea of Kesler, but doubt he would waive to come here.

                In regards to D, Hamhuis would be ideal, but I’d go after Edler before Bieksa.

                • nordiques100 says:

                  I like Kesler but i have a strong feeling he will not want to play again in Canada.

                  I wonder if they could go after both Mike Richards in LA and Zach Bogosian in Winnipeg.

                  I am still on the Shea Weber bandwagon.

                  One thing’s for sure, we cant pussyfoot around and be scared in trades. The two trades they showed no fear was getting Sundin and getting Kessel. Seemed to work out ok.

  5. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Seeing the Leafs 1st round pick in a lot of trade scenarios, especially Staal. Perhaps we’re better off simply adding another quality center prospect to the farm would be a better route. Amassing organizational depth at that position should be a priority especially given that it looks like we’re in the midst of a retool. Trade roster players and take the opportunity to add a quality C prospect each season.

  6. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Ok, NYI is likely to keep their top five pick this year given it’s position so they sacrifice their 1st next year to Buffalo from the Vanek deal, how much pressure does that put on NYI to make the playoffs next year? Phaneuf could help their blueline and they’re ripped to be abused.

    I’ll oversell here, Phaneuf + our 1st for Strome. NYI recoups a pick and gets a top pairing blueliner they couldn’t get otherwise.

  7. doorman says:

    With the lottery changes we need to see where this pick ends up before trading it. Staal May very well be aan ideal player, wow, him with Lupul and say Clarkson could be scary load for any team to handle. I know people are saying Kessel, lol, but let’s not kid ourselves, JVR/Bozak/Kessel works, they aren’t breaking it up.

    Now I have read many theories on here of what’s wro with this team, from Carlyle, to this plar or that player or yadda,yadda, yadda. To me the BIGGEST problem this team has is they are NOT a TEAM. These guys don’t go all out or to war for each other. That’s the problem. I don’t care if Bowmanfinds a time machine and suddenly becomes 35 years younger no coach can be successful where the players don’t want to play for each other. Now I might be wrong and this is just my opinion, but that’s how I see it.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Trade for the Staal boys!!! Best suggestion I’ve ever heard. Marc is only a year and a couple months away from UFA as well, so if you can land Eric and Jordan, it’s just a matter of time before you get another freebie Staal.

    Here’s my offer:

    Lupul, Kadri, Gardiner, Biggs/Finn (‘Canes choice) and our 1st, as well as any one of D’Amigo, Ashton, or Leivo if their interested. I will also throw in either RFA Franson and/or Reimer to make it happen.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Overpaying IMO. J.Staal contract = Dion’s. Long term overpayment, 6 million for a third line center for another six hundred years?

      Dion, Kadri, Lupul for the brothers Staal.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    I agree in that there are like no quality coaches available right now, Peter Laviolette being the best? Maybe Guy Boucher?

    Its pretty slim so I am not sure if thats really an upgrade on Carlyle.

    But, at the same time the response from the team from his teachings has been below average to very poor. He may not necessarily have the personnel to achieve what he is teaching, but a team like the Predators or Coyotes for example are as good as Toronto, with half their rosters not even NHL calibre it seems. They compete, they work hard, they play good defence.

    Defence is something that can be taught. Its not being taught very well in Toronto right now or learned very well either.

    The team I believe will be getting a new head coach. The regression is just too bad to keep any of the staff around.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I’d imagine that Shannahan has a long talk with Yzerman about Boucher.

      • nordiques100 says:

        I can imagine Shanahan will be thinking outside the box way more than we’ve ever seen the Leafs do.

        Outside their traditional, Leafs usual pansy sort of way or of late the Brian Burke stubborn way.

        I think being in the league at such a high position, being the one who created the player safety committee and being a key cog to change the game during the lockout, and now being hired to not just preside over the leafs but the entire Leafs organization, hockey side and business side, he must be good. We can only hope.

        I do like Boucher. He fell into the trap like all other coaches. When your goalie sucks you suck.

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