big names, big trades…plus what's left for UFA

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Thrashers: Byron Dafoe – He had some great years in Boston but has struggled in Atlanta. A team in need of a solid backup goaltender may be interested. Likely destination: Maybe the likes of Carolina may be interested… A return to Boston isn’t out of the question.

Boston Bruins: Felix Potvin – Played great behind Raycroft and still could be capable of being a decent number 1 goaltender. He’s in the same situation as Dafoe and Dunham; They may have to wait in the midst of the season for a starter to go down with injury. Likely destination: back to Boston? Carolina, maybe even Ottawa if Hasek gets injured, or even better TORONTO.

Buffalo Sabres: Chris Drury – Drury has been linked to several trade rumors but it is unlikely that he’ll actually be shipped away. He has soft hands and can rack up points but sometimes is inconsistent. Likely destination: he’s staying put.

Carolina Hurricanes: Ryan Bayda – Young depth player. He may just sign back with the Hurricanes or maybe even Toronto will try to take a stab at him. Possible destination: Back with Carolina, Toronto, Vancouver?

Florida: Mikael Samuels son – Earlier he’s been reported to be talking with Ferguson of the Toronto Maple Leafs. These rumors have died as of late. Possible destination: Toronto, NY Rangers?

Steve Shields – Shields was once a decent starter for San Jose but now is only an average backup goaltender… probably come for a cheap price. Possible destination: Vancouver, Montreal, maybe even New Jersey.

Roberto Luongo: This star goaltender has also been linked to several trades but now that the team has filed for arbitration it is likely he’ll stay put in Florida.

Jay Bouwmeester: this unproved young prospect is asking for way too much money apparently. Possible Destination: he’ll probably stay in Florida.

Kristian Huselius: scoring winger, could fit great in Toronto where the Leafs are in need of wingers! Possible destination: He’ll also probably stay put but may be traded throughout the season.

Montreal Canadians: Michael Ryder – RFA. I doubt he’ll be traded but rumors have said otherwise.

Jose Theodore: RFA. Montreal has been unable to sign this RFA yet

Yanic Perreault: Faceoff artist. UFA

New Jersey: John Madden: will Madden be traded to free up some room so they don’t go over the cap? More likely than anyone else on the roster.

New York Islanders: Marius Czerkawski – Sniper. He can rack up to 70 pts per year. UFA.

NYR: Mike Dunham – UFA

Ottawa: Wade Redden: has been linked to trade rumors. Possible destination: Florida?

Peter Bondra – UFA

Tampa Bay Lightening: Martin St. Louis – unless he is willing to sign for under 5 million he’s going to be traded for probably a younger cheaper alternative. Who interested? Everybody.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Owen Nolan – Inevitably a UFA.

Bryan McCabe – Way over paid. Has been linked to trade rumors this summer. Had a terrible year in Europe last year.

Ron Francis: has not announced his retirement.

Washington Capitals: Brendan Witt – He recently signed with the caps but did ask to be traded.

Western Conference soon to come.

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  1. pens_fan says:

    supposedly redden to pittsburgh for tarnstrom and morozov

  2. mikemodano9 says:

    ya cuz the pens are having trouble with d i c k

  3. pens_fan says:

    yeah when they signed gonchar he became expendable so expect him to be traded. Id love to keep him make the powerplay more unstoppable put i see him bein traded

  4. LeafsLegacy says:

    That wouldn’t make sence. Ottawa is trying to free up cap space.

  5. LeafsLegacy says:

    I don’t think McCabe is overpaid, I think Belfour is way overpaid.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    You have to look at their potential payoff though. I saw some of the games McCabe played in Europe via satellite, and he was abysmal in some of them. The new wide open style of the league is really going to hurt him, unless he has worked on his skating. He definitely should have been bought out. Hopefully he can have a great training camp and get into great shape, because he’s going to be carrying the Leafs defense this year unless they trade him.

  7. shakrmakr says:

    He was one of the top scoring d-men last season and out of the top five scoring d-men he had the best plus/minus. He is definitely not over paid. He also was amongst the top d-men in scoring in the playoffs with the best plus/minus. Look at how much Aucoin is making!

  8. kamullia says:

    I know Morozov has an escape clause for this year (he didn’t have one for his last year) in his contract with Ak Bars Kazan. However, I also know he has a deadline some time before the NHL season starts where he must notify Ak Bars Kazan if he is going to play with them, or in the NHL. I don’t quite recall when that deadline is, but I know that if it has not passed yet, it is certainly not far away, and so I am weary of all those rumors that involve Morozov.

    If the Penguins were to trade him, the new team would have to act quickly and also get Morozov’s approval to the trade and sign him, since otherwise he will stay in Russia.

    I am not sold on this rumor.

  9. quick_stick says:

    Haven’t seen any of the games of him in europe, but as of the last NHL season he’s better than a lot of D men that signed for as much or more money than him.

  10. jrl2282 says:

    Nice observations on the F/A’s that are left out there.

    Does anyone know anything about Yanic Perrault heading to the Burgh? They need a second or 3rd line center man that can win some draws.

  11. LeafsLegacy says:

    rumours say he might go to Pittsburgh or Toronto, but Pittsburgh i think is looking at Damphousse instead of Perrault, but we never know whats goin to happen

  12. nordiques100 says:

    so i guess john madden is a terrible player too because he was awful in europe and got up and quit. i guess lecavalier kovalev, kovalchuk, heatley are not that good either because even they were so so on a stacked team in russia taht couldnt win one playoff round.

    and of course forsberg wasnt so great at home and was chronically hurt. in some cases seriously hurt. he is a pure wash up now too based on last season.

    last season in europe provides no basis on evaluating players. simply put, mccabe gets a bum rap for being a leaf and for 1 bad playoff game. plain and simple. forsberg had a terrible year in sweden, a big setback due to injuries but the flyers are going to win the cup because of him apparently. if we based that prediction on forsberg’s play last year in europe, everyone would say that the flyers were dumb for signing someone who had such a bad year in europe. just like everyone says mccabe should be bought out because of his bad year in europe. please. every hockey fan knows that forsberg was one of the biggest coups this summer.

    mccabe at his price tag is cheap compared to what we have seen. malakhov at 3.5 mil is a wash up has been who will play half a year due to injuries. just ask ranger and hab fans.

    rafalski is a good offensive guy but at 4 mil? he faded badly last season without stevens and may have to play without him again. he isnt the same without scotty covering his tracks.

    and everyone on long island figures aucoin is overrated and he got 4 mil as well when may say 2 at most for this guy. and while rathje is a very solid dman, he is making the same as mccabe.

    you talk to people in buffalo and sabre fans. they are thankful that zhitnik is gone and for 3.5 million is grossly overpaid and overrated. but he too is making as much as mccabe.

    my question is did any of them score as many goals as mccabe? no. did any of them finish better than 4th in norris voting? no. are all of them making more than mccabe? yes.

    so if mccabe is overpaid that means he is getting more than the market dictates. from this clearcut evidence the fact is he is underpaid. he was even a free agent after that big year of his and he ended up signing for less than market value. so please enough of this mccabe needed to be bought out.

  13. -Swizz- says:

    eklund is reporting

    hossa + maybe phillips or a dman for heatley

  14. CaptainInsano says:

    Ryan Bayda!? You must be his cousin or something, because this is the first time I’ve seen his name mentioned on a list of notable free agents.

    If the Leafs can get Samuelsson on a 2-way deal then they should go for it, otherwise it would be questionable to commit to him when they have guys like Steen and Wellwood chomping at the bit.

    Huselius would good with Sundin but I don’t see them making a push for him until after the season has began.

    McCabe played just 10 games in Europe last year. It’s hard to judge whether his game has declined based on 10 games.

    I’d be darn shocked if McCabe, Bouwmeester, Luongo, Theodore, or Ryder got moved, but stranger things have happened. If the Sens could get a Bouwmeester for Redden they should take it and run. And Drury might fetch a good return for the Sabres, but why trade away assets for him AND pay his 3 million salary when guys like Anson Carter, Cory Stillman, Ray Whitney, and Jozef Stumpel go for peanuts.

    Madden is a good candidate to get moved in NJ but I don’t see who would want his salary. He is always a Selke candidate, so maybe a revamped team like Chicago would want him now that guys like Khabibulin and Aucoin show their commitment to defense?

    Francis and Czerkawski seem done to me, and I have a feeling that not all of those goalies will be back in the NHL this year.

    I think the Caps are going to get a really good return for Witt … they can’t afford not to.

  15. CaptainInsano says:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Eklund seems darn sure about this too …

  16. pushkiss says:

    new to the site, from a great source. Hossa and either philips or redden to atlanta for heatley. all but done, but you never know.

  17. theleaflunch says:

    amen to that brother

  18. CaptainInsano says:


    Has to be more to it then just Heatley if Phillips or Redden are part of it unless Muckler has been getting a little too close with Mr. Jack Daniels or Mr. Buddy Weiser. Okay who am I kidding, Buddy Weiser would not have enough of an influence.

  19. ranger_fan says:

    This source wouldn’t happen to be Ecklund would it?

  20. -Swizz- says:

    tsn reporting it now too

  21. -Swizz- says: just reported it

  22. PayUpSucka says:

    Gonna let you in a little secret Nords. One that you’re probably aware of by now. Most of these leaf haters know nothing about much of anything let alone hockey. Then you have morons that rip McCabe because of Game 6 vs Philly or his Euro vacation, and never talk about how head to head against Redden in 4 of the last 5 years McCabe has far outshined him in the playoffs, i’m not going to geek out and write their numbers down, but the stats don’t lie. Check it out sometime. Yet Redden is 2x the player Brian is round here. There’s logic for you.

    The euro game and the NHL has as much of the sames differences similar to the NFL and the CFL. There are reason’s like pretenders like Jiri Dopita don’t stick in the N. Ask Sheldon Souray about the big ice, and how it exposed him for the fraud he is in the last Worlds.

    Just ride it out bro, laugh it up, and come February and April, when the leafs are still one of the beasts of the east we can look back and have a giggle at all the same ole unoriginal morons that come here, and bash the leafs for the sake of doing so.

    I’ll take it from Philly fans as they have a right seeing how we seem to be their red headed step children as off late, but these hab guys and sens guys that came out of the woodworks in drones, i’m drawing there. haha. Keep up the good fight.

  23. K-Dubs says:

    Mcabe Is One Of The Best D-Men In The League In My Opinion, The Fact That He Did Bad In Europe Doesnt Matter, and everyone is getting on his case cause he didnt do so hot in the philly series, but this year i feel he will have a very good year and prove liem wrong and everyone else who thinks hes overpaid and overrated

  24. K-Dubs says:

    I strongly agree with ur post, mcabe is defanitly a good dman at a resnable price, and europe stats dont mean anything to me

  25. habsoverserver says:

    great deal for ottawa. getting younger and losing a guy who couldn’t get it done for them.

    i’m not sure what atlanta is thinking. why is hossa an upgrade?

  26. splendidchink says:

    Getting something for nothing…..I would love to see that happen, but just think-we would be dumping 2 players we are having trouble getting to sign for a decent amount. Ottawa is already near cap. If it was maybe Jackman, Koltsov and a #4, or oter prospects already signed, I could understand Ottawa doing it. I hope I eat crow cuz it would be awesome, but…

  27. nordiques100 says:

    yeah i know. but these idiots try to make it sound like they are totally serious and do try to geek it out throwing out stats like turnovers and missed hits rather than what he does accomplish.

    yeah it will be quite funny when lindros is working on a 40 goal season and flyer fans are just wishing forsberg would play 40 games and chanting JR JR JR.

    nice to see you back man. you went MIA for a bit

  28. wingerxxx says:

    Europe plays a more wide open style than the NHL has in recent seasons. And since the league is adopting a more wide open style of play for this coming season, it’s definitely something to be concerned about.

  29. goleafsgo1991 says:


  30. wingerxxx says:

    Yes, the fact that he played pretty badly in Europe does matter, because the European leagues play a more wide open style of hockey. The fact that the NHL is moving toward this, means that McCabe better have done some serious conditioning in the off-season to improve his skating. I watched many of his games via satellite and he was really getting burned in a lot of those games. He’s a good point man still, but he’s got to improve his movement on the ice, to accommodate the rule changes this year.

  31. wingerxxx says:

    I watched a number of those games he played there by satellite. He did NOT look good. Definitely needs to improve his skating to get a jump in his step, ala Pronger. Big guys can be good skaters too. He just needs to put in some work on it, because the league is going to be much faster and wide open this year.

  32. thekeyholespy says:

    …”According to an article on a Finnish website, Pasi Nurminen (the #1 goalie for the Atlanta Thrashers in the 03-04 season) has been forced to retire due to a knee injury.

  33. splendidchink says:

    Answer: What stiff did the Penguins trade to Florida to get the #1 pick and draft Marc Andre Fleury? Nuff said.

  34. nordiques100 says:

    different game on the bigger ice. angles are tougher to play. cannot compare what happens there to what happens on nhl size ice.

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