Big Problems in Edmonton

I am a huge Oilers fan, but a realistic one. This team will not make the playoffs with the current roster. They need at least 2 more good d-men.That will make them good enough to get into 8th, and be swept………why bother.

If I was Kevin Lowe I would TRY to make the following moves.

Re-sign UFA Ryan Smyth (give him the “C” he is the face of the Oilers and has to stay.)
Trade Jason Smith (current captain) to Pittsburgh (they need the toughness and defensive help) for a pick or prospect.
Trade UFA Tjarnqvist sp? to anyone for a pick
Trade RFA Torres to Toronto for a prospect or decent rookie
Trade UFA Sykora to the Rangers (2nd line for Shanny) for a prospect or decent rookie
Trade UFA Marrkannen (bring up Dubynk from minors) to Vancouver for pick or prospect

Aquire Brewer from Stl for pick or prospect
Aquire Morris (edmonton boy) from Pho for pick or prospect
Note: only if players were interested in re-signing immediately upon arrival in Edmonton.

The acquisitions would be made with either current Edmonton assets, or new ones from NYR, TOR, VAN, PIT and Tjarnqvist trade.

These moves would make the team better on “D” now, and next year, and set up for the future a bit with some extra picks and young guys.

If K-Lowe did these moves I don’t think it would hurt the Oilers playoff chances this year either.

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