Big Toronto Rumor

This was posted and is entirely the work of Hockey Analyst Eklund over at The article goes as follows:

They will deny it up and down, but Mats Sundin could very well be moving. I have heard everyone deny it, and I expect them to mock me ruthlessly on Leafs Lunch as they did when I broke the Hossa/ Heatley trade…but here it is..this is from an email from a very old source in the Midwest…. “As you stated before, Mats name was put out in rumors a few months ago in a very strategic way to see who would call. And at least four teams did, and this is coming from “you know who” himself: LA, Detroit, Boston and Chicago. All the teams just inquired and were told that the Sundin wasn’t available. But this is a classic tactic…float a rumor, see who calls to check it, deny that the player is available, but take note on who calls. Then in the last week, through some external people, talks started up again with all four teams. Due to the way the Toronto media jumps on things they once again called on another classic tactic. Third party discussions. Basically it is like high school but it works. It also is used constantly in free agent talks before the start of the signing periods. It goes like this. Ask one of your friends to ask one of her friends if she wants to go on a date. No paper trails. Very few leaks. Unless one of those friends is friends with me. So far this is what I gather Detroit is highly interested in Sundin. Toronto wants either Zets or Dats. And Detroit wants a little more back, but it isn’t that far off. Toronto also likes Visnovski and Frolov. they also like Tuomo and “The Wall” in Chicago, and in Boston they like Lashoff and Raycroft. It also no accident that all these secret talks are going on while most of Toronto is in Italy…” I have several calls out, and I had three other sources that wouldn’t deny, but wouldn’t comment on the record either…..

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  1. PaulK123 says:

    Holy *****! Mats Sundin is gonna move! Awesome, no more useless Sundin! And the new Captain is…


  2. Oley says:

    nah tucker wont be the captain i bet it would be eather lindros when hes back or mccabe

  3. Aetherial says:

    I will believe this when I see it. I strongly doubt that Sundin is moving.

    His age, his contract, the fact that I believe he wants to stay in Toronto all point to him staying.

    There is a market for him, I just doubt that it is one that both satisfies him, and what the Leafs would get in return.

  4. MaltE says:

    I’d like to see sundin move, he costs a lot of money, and you could free that up for a good sniper. and maybe a coach too!!

  5. goose says:

    sundin if hes gone i aslo like da rumors of visnovsky, frolov, tuomo ruutu, and i have a gut feeling dat da leafs wont pick up the bulin wall and raycroft.

  6. bish says:

    i highly doubt this and i don’t think sundin should be traded but gettin datsyuk would be awesome

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    detroit wont trade datsyuk, or zetterberg. trust me when you are the top team in your conference you dont trade your best players

  8. koolcracker says:

    The problem is Sundin is a very big part of the community and loves it in Toronto, and I believe he has a no-trade clause that would need waiving.

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