Bill Guerin A Shark (NYR requests Bertuzzi's medical records)

for 1st pick (NJ) + a non-roster player

5 Responses to Bill Guerin A Shark (NYR requests Bertuzzi's medical records)

  1. PSU_Penguin says:

    Does this mean that they're going to go after Souray harder now?  I can only imagine that they gave up a lot for Guerin and to not go all the way seems pointless.

  2. kamullia says:

    Confirmed by ESPN, Guerin is a Shark.

  3. BruMagnus says:

    and yet both Kamullia (usually quite respectful) and LeafymcLeaf (unlikely allies) called me an idiot (or a potential one) when I suggested giving up only a 1st rounder plus roster player for Guerin…

    ahhh, bathe in your self-worth Magnus… soak it all up

  4. BruMagnus says:

    actually I said prospect, and TSN is reporting a NON-roster player!  haha. could I have hit the nail any harder on the head?

    to reiterate:
    by kamullia on Tuesday, February 27 @ 10:39:23 EST
    Anyone who thinks a prospect and a 1st rounder for Guerin will happen, is delusional, perhaps even stupid.

  5. Sharks06 says:

    w00000000000!!!!!!! Sharks win this trade by a mile (so far at lest, lets wait until the dust settles)

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