Bill Guerin Speaks on ESPN Radio

I thought leaving work 30 minutes early would start my weekend off on a good note but I was wrong. Upon coming out of my office’s parking garage ESPN Radio was tuned to my Sirius system and the hosts were interviewing Dallas Stars player and VP of the NHLPA, Bill Guerin.

I have never heard stupidity in my life. Some of the brilliant points he made were:

1. “The NFL cap is terrible for the players and the owners.”

– USC star and Heisman trophy winning QB, Matt Linart, recently stated he was told by his agents that he would have made a $10,000,000 plus a multi-million dollar contract as the likely number one pick in the draft. How is he doing Bill? Starving? Did you see Mike Vick’s contract in a salary cap world? It is GIGANTIC.

– Philadelphia Eagles owner, Jeff Lurie, purchased the team around the time the NFL cap went into place. The purchase price was 185 million dollars for the team. The team, 10 years later, is worth nearly 1 billion.

– The NFL has a 17 billion dollar TV deal. The NHL is on commission and thanks to the NHLPA’s unwillingness to accept a cap – may not have that.

2. “A salary cap would hurt younger players.”

– How? Younger players need to prove themselves to define their worth (unless you are Carl, Bonnie and Eric Lindros and you demand to be paid as the highest paid player in the league before you have won a league MVP or an Cup). A cap redistributes the values of players from the haves to the have nots and even on each team. It puts a premium on drafting, player development and coaching – not just star power. It likely removes the 8,9 and 11 million dollars players from the game but there will still be plenty of 2, 3 and 4 million dollar players. I am sure that would be too little to play for right Bill?

– Tell me Jason Spezza isn’t being hurt by having to play another year in the minors after clawing his way onto the Sens last year as a 50+ point 4th line center. With a new, more offensively minded coach, you are telling us the hockey fans of the world that he isn’t going to make more than his $800,000 per year salary if he scores 30 or 40 goals this year?

3. “In the NFL, all you need is a QB, a good defense and 2 receivers to win.”

– What NFL are you watching Bill? The NFL is a far more dangerous sport than the NHL considering the amount of injuries per game played. Those guys fall like flies. And for the record an NFL team fields over 50 players per game. They all matter if you want to be better that 4-12.

I could go on because he never made a cogent point and spoke poorly for the entire interview. It was shameful and embarrassing.

I did learn something tonight however. Despite the fact that is reporting the NHL is likely preparing another offer – the NHLPA is dumber than I gave them credit for. Realistically, what background does Bill Guerin or Trevor Linden or any of these other players have in business at any level? How many of them have a degree in business? How many of them have ever closed a sale of any kind – let alone headed a negotiation to save a multi-billion dollar business? What kind of credibility does the NHLPA have when it was the NHL that caved the last time to “save the game” at a time when the game was very popular.

Bill Guerin sounded like a fool tonight and he is about to drink the Kool-Aid if he and his buddies do not wise up. The major “philosophical difference” between the players and the owners is – the players think they own the teams. They do not. They work at the pleasure of the owners and the owners are demanding that they accept the business model of the most successful sports league in North America. Until the NHLPA understands this point – there will be no deal. In fact, their idiotic, historically disrespectful union will ultimately be broken.

For the first time, I have stopped believing that there will be hockey this year. I do believe there will be anther NHL offer next Monday but it will be rejected by the players without any consideration because it will have a hard cap.

To me, the only hope is to call in a third party conflict resolution like JAMZ and have both sides to agree to a binding resolution. Even if it is for 4 or 5 years, it might save the game. Bill Guerin and Trevor Linden simply don’t have the chops to do the job. They are far better on the ice than in a meeting room when the stakes are this high.


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  1. guinsfan4life says:

    Great post Flyers fan. I think it pretty much tells us how out of touch the players are with reality. Guerin is a moron for even opening his mouth. He knows nothing about business…this is further proof that the players will do anything they can do for themselves–that is the only thing they care about. Vick’s contract will pay him over 100 million and Guerin is going to sit there and say their CBA doesn’t work for them?

    I am interested in knowing what the announcers had to say in response.

  2. Oilerz says:

    You can add in Todd Marchant to this string of idiots:

    “If your next proposal is going to involve a salary cap, then just cancel (the season) now,” Todd Marchant, player rep for the Blue Jackets said. “Let’s just get it over with and then everyone can go about their lives and we can stop talking about it until next September.”


    His unrealistic, militant attitude is only going to cost his players money in the long run. Get something now while you can under a cap before you have nothing under a labour impasse.

  3. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Sorry to say this guys, but it’s the Americans. Here is a list of big mouth whining *****es from the States:










    Now here are the Canadians:





    I think that we should ditch Europe, Americans, and maybe even our Canadian NHLers and start our own Canadian League. Play for a sane wage, or don’t play Keep the current Canadian teams plus a few more. That would be great. Really Canada’s game. No Europeans or Americans… a kid can dream can’t he?

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Oh ya I forgot Marchant, he’s American.

  5. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    The hosts were respectful and even kissed Guerin’s butt a little. They should have taken some calls with him there. I tried to call in (something I would normally NEVER do) but I was so enraged. I would have systematically taken Guerin on point by point. I ended up doing it here instead.

    It is a shame and embarasing that it has come to this. The players that have made the most from the league caving in 1994 are the ones who are ruining the game for the fans and the up and coming players.

  6. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    as much as trevor linden did to get the sides talking again, you can lump him in too. They all have the same attitude – we’ll ruin the game before we admit we have been over paid.

    Keep in mind if the owners just kept the current system and took the 24% roll back, it would be the NHLPA that filed the first collusion lawsuit when teams wouldn’t cave to the agressive tactics of sports agents.

    I have said it before on this site. I am Flyers Fan In LA and I have bought Kings tickets before but when they come back ESPECIALLY with replacment players – I will be there to support the game. NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN THE GAME. These NHLPA guys need to understand that and fast.

  7. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:


    Don’t be stupid. The reason the NHL is great is because of the old USA. Canada is about the size of California in population and its economy can’t even compete with CA.

    The game needs growth and expansion. Unfortuately Bettman betted wrong when he took on the new teams. He must be blamed for that. NOW he is fighting to get a system that allows teams in the NFL like Green Bay (with about 100,000 living in the city) to have a competitive team. You want a team in Quebec or Winnepeg – you are going to need a cap. It is that simple.

  8. rojoke says:

    “A salary cap would hurt younger players.”

    I think he forget to say, “which in turn would hurt me, uh, I mean older players.”

    Doesn’t he know that the younger players are under a salary cap, such as it is?

  9. Oilerz says:

    I especially like Linden’s rebuttal to the likening of the NHL to General Motors where he says the players are not the employees but the product.

    Wake up Trevor, the game is the product and the employees are killing it.

  10. TheCoach says:

    3. “In the NFL, all you need is a QB, a good defense and 2 receivers to win.”

    Well Bill, in todays NHL all you really need is a great goalie.

  11. hockey_man1468 says:

    One day they’ll see. On the bright side, I heard today Theo Fleury has been cleared to play for the Horse Lake Thunder, copeting for the Allan Cup.

    The contract is apparently for no money , with a promise to spend off days on the reserve, taking part in hockey camps for kids.

    All the best Theo.

  12. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Very good point.

    I really would like to see trevor Linden and his NHLPA cronies come to the real world and try to make a living. I might not get my lip busted open from a Dacry Tucker high stick every day but I do get some Gen Y chick at an ad agency hanging up on me. when that costs you 10% of your paycheck – that hangup works worse that anything Darcy can do to you. And oh yeah, when I get injured or sick, I have to play through it or my entire company and their famlies starve. But these NHL players have to fight for their 1.83 million dollar per year US livings (on average).

  13. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Excellent point. Take JS Gigeure, Kolzig or Vanbeesebrook as examples of ONE player taking a team to the finals. If anyone should get paid, it should be the netminder.

  14. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    theo is a troubled soul. I hope he gets his act together because he was a skilled player.

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Actually there are elevan teams making a profit. All but one of the Canadian teams are part of that eleven. Ottawa. Which sucks hard. If we have American teams then keep the Flyers, both Ny’s, the Bruins, Sabers, throw in hartford, Green Bay, and other northern cities.

  16. Oilerz says:

    Well they have each lost 1.83 mil (on average) now that they will NEVER see again, and more to come next year. I sure hope it is worth it for them. (Not)

  17. TML51 says:

    This is a great example of what happens when a militant unionist is handed a microphone. These are typically the individuals that paint the picture of the rest of the association when, in fact, the rest of the players are probably are willing to explore the idea of a cap, or a system like it. Players aren’t stupid, they know the leauge is in finacial trouble, and action will be required to stop it before professional hockey by any description loses credibility. You can tell Mr. Guerin hasn’t done any homework on the topic, as he seems to make rather uneducated statements on the NFL, yet fails to mention that the NFL, NBA, and MLB are all THRIVING…BIG TIME!!

    Whatever system that they are using is working, be it a cap, tax, their players are making fortunes. Case in point…Clemens in baseball just signed a one year 18 MILLION contract! Why? They can afford it. Most players in the NHL won’t make that over their careers, let alone a year.

    Perhaps Mr. Guerin should be researching thier contracts, caps, sponsorships, TV deals rather than mock the leauges that employ them.

    He may just learn something!

  18. Oilerz says:

    Transcript of interview at:

    He is such an idiot.

  19. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    You aren’t getting it leafy.

    The game needs teams all over america in order to grow and thrive. It can not be a provincial, cold weather game unless tey want the game to be out of the top ten of pro sports.

  20. Rico420 says:

    I’ve never been a Bill Guerin can be attested by this letter to the editor that I once wrote to the hockey news, and was printed..

    October 1, 2002

    Brett Draney will likely never see time in the NHL and, in my opinion, after what you pulled, you should probably never see time in the NHL again either.

    I was outraged originally when I heard about the incident, but it didn’t upset me until I actually witnessed it on the September 30th edition of The Hockey News television program.

    If the league didn’t suspend you the Stars should have. Your actions were a McSorley chop, a McLaren forearm and a Marchment hit all rolled in to one.

    The thing that bothers me the most about your actions was the fact that if Mr. Draney had done this to you he would be playing in the UHL, but you can get away with it because you are an overpaid NHL superstar, and I use that term lightly.

    You disgust me Bill Guerin.

    Funny how you’re a crusader for the youth players Bill yet you chopped Draney down like a Christmas tree…you can’t talk out both sides of your mouth forever you *****sucker, it’s time that PA put gag orders on the idiot players like Guerin.

  21. Rico420 says:

    Yeah the proposal you tossed out doesn’t work Leafy, especially seeing as most of the US cities are selling out nightly, it’s the teams like the Hurricanes, Panthers and Ducks that make me cry because those teams SHOULD be in traditional markets selling out nightly, instead of playing for crowds as small as 11,000 people.

  22. Bishop7979 says:

    Yeah but the oilers and calgary have been struggling for years under the current cba to keep a team together that limps along outside of the playoffs year in and year out. granted the flames managed to make it to the finals last year, but that will most likely be seen as a abboration than anything else. yes these two teams are making a profit, but at the expense of the inability to compete on a regular basis.

    face it the NHL is a US league. the sport may be canadian, but the hockey leauge that is reguarded as the best in the world is a U.S based league in a U.S based market. The canadian teams are just along for the ride.

    No league that is based in Canada will have the drawing power, or the prestige that the current (well the pre lockout) NHL has. hell the AHL would probably rise about any league created by, and based totally in Canada.

    Besides, no one would want to watch a team without the some of the biggest stars in the world the foresberg, the lidstroms, the jagrs, kovalchucks, ect.

    the canadians already have plenty of canadian only leagues. theo fluery is getting ready to play in on now.

  23. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Wow, who knew?

    the owners can fix his ass real easily. When he is dumped back in the draft, let him slide. When he is a 9th round pick in a new NHL, he can make 1.2 million instead of many times that. I can tell you owners like Ed Snyder listen to the blabberings of an idiot like him. JR admits he is an idiot and at least he is funny and even proposed solutions to the CBA problem months back.

  24. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    No they aren’t. Everything is bought by Canadians. When Canadian teams (Paticularly Toronto and Montreal) go on the road, there are more fans of the Canadian teams their, then the host American teams. Canadians buy the merchandise, we buy the tickets, we suply the players. Face it, it will never be an American game, and the fact that the Flames and Oilers are struggling is a myth. Besides if the “big stars” from Europe had never come then players wouldn’t be as greedy, the Europeans are only here because it makes more money then European clubs. They don’t want the cup, the hall, the game, they want the money. I would rather watch an all Canadian league, then Kovalchuck and Forseberg skate around and think they look pretty.

  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Actually my proposal (posted several times) gets rid of the Californian teams, the Floridan teams, basically all the Southern teams. I can deal with Philly, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Massachussetts, because at least they can survive.

  26. Rico420 says:

    I agree and JR speaks for the good of the game, he is probably the closest thing the US has for an Ambassador of hockey, people like the *****sucker Guerin worry about making more money and not really giving two shits about the good of the game or loyalty to a city.

    Remember Billy said “I won’t ever play in Canada again” and wouldn’t restructure his insane contract so the Stars could keep their franchise defensemen in the fold..yeah sounds like a guy who really cares about the brotherhood of his team and union.

    Seriously they should put a sock in his fat mouth and not allow him to ever speak again.

  27. Rico420 says:

    There’s more that I forgot to add..

    My outrage is directed strictly towards Bill Guerin haha if you haven’t figured it out already.

    This is a guy who “Delivered” a list of teams that he would be “willing” to play for as well seems like an awful accomodating person, and this from a guy who’s never won any individual awards, is NOT a team chemistry person and provides the leadership of a rookie.

  28. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:


    real estate prices are $700 to $1000 per SQ foot in CA. There are 14 million people who live in So Cal alone (that’s like 1/2 of canada). We have as many people and more money.

    Figure it out – make the game better and they will watch. Name a team after a lame ass movie and nobody will come.

  29. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Come on, people barely came when they had Wayne Gretzky, what else do you need?

  30. rojoke says:

    And oh yeah, when I get injured or sick, I have to play through it or my entire company and their famlies starve.

    Along those lines, how many people have the luxury of getting a full paycheque if they get hurt in the course of their jobs? In the real world, not all of which is unionized, if you get hurt, you may not get a paycheque at all. Not everybody has a guaranteed contract to rely on.

  31. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah, I am so frustrated with the entire situation. For Guerin to say that is just totally off base.

  32. 19Yzerman says:

    Lets reduce pad sizes on goalies to that which would be not more than what is needed for personal safety. No question that when a goalie is hot that team will go a long ways. You forgot to mention Kipper. Funny how the goalies mentioned all lost in the finals. A glowing testement to how even a hot goalie can not be expected to do it all.

  33. 19Yzerman says:

    The reasons for a CAP have all been echoed here for months.

    It will create a level playing field. Well NYR not making the playoffs since 1997? Wings getting bounced by Calgary an the bolts winning the CUP kind of makes that point debatable.

    It works great in the NFL. If You think the NFL pay scale system is so great then perhaps you should speak to the players who are in the trenches opening holes for these Higher payed players to run through and ask them how fair is that system actualy?

    To protect the owners from theirselfs. This actualy means to keep the teams in big market cities from being able grow and allow smaller market teams (no market teams) to stay in business with inadequte clientel.

    The owners have displayed that if give enough rope they will hang themselves. This will not change simply by trying a knot in the rope.

  34. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Leafy, I was at those games and they were SOLD OUT. How would you know you were still in diapers.

    And for the record, the Kings do a nice job filling up a HUGE stadium now. The Kings are the NHL’s problem.

  35. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Why should a low spending owners (say Minn) go after free agents for a run whenthey know larger market teams will ALWAYS be able to out spend them? With a cap, it automatically sets a more reasonable price versus the unreasonable desire by owners to win. Remember, this is what we love about our fav teams isn’t it?


  36. guinsfan4life says:

    I don’t think the MLB is thriving..but I do think the NFL and NBA are…but these idiots are blinded they aren’t going to realize it.

  37. GilaMonster says:

    what do u mean?

  38. Beckfan5 says:

    The Eagles worth 1 billion dollars?!?!

    Are you out of your *****ing mind? The Yankees arent even worth that much and they win World Series’ and have their own network.

    And a football team doesnt “field” 50 players. Theres 50 guys on a roster but only about 25 play.

    Its amazing how everyone likes to blame the players when its all Bettmans fault. Bettmans’ the one who expanded the league when the league was on the rise, for no reason whatsoever. The league is watered down which in turn slows the game.

    Rules had to be changed to apply to 5th and 6th line players cause they couldnt compete against the better players. Same goes for the “locks” and “traps”.

    These things may have never happened if Bettman did have dollar signs in his eyes to make a proffit from new cities and expand the league.

    The man is not respected buy the players and I can understand why. He wants to break the union and make himself look like a hero to the owners.

    Ya know, hes wasnt voted #6 out of 7 as the worst manager of a company in the United States by Newsweek for nothing.

  39. Bishop7979 says:

    Given that today the edmonton owner said he would basically close up shop if a cba is reached that doesnt include a salary cap, i would say that saying that they are stuggling is far from a myth

  40. SabresAreCool says:

    Todd Marchant went to the same high school as I did so I should be thinking “support the hometown guy” but what a moron. Todd Marchant is exactly the reason the nhl needs cost certainty….he is making 3 mil from columbus because he scored a few powerplay goals to boost his popint totals in his last year in edmonton, but hwat did he do last season nothing…..he’s a career third liner and because he’s paid like a first line center he’s against the cap…..loser

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