Bill Watters via Twitter – Could Carter go to Montreal?

further to Carter,he wants a chance to win wherever he goes.MTL has abig sales job,although he has to go where he is dealt.LAK&CAL favorites!/RealBillWatters/statuses/165921059042889728

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  1. shortcat1 says:

    Just a couple of comments here:

    1) I hope that this is exactly that: a twit(ter) level of a rumour.
    2) Please No!
  2. HABSSTAR says:

    Montreal doesn't need another thousand year contract for yet another player of dubious talent and determination.  

    Lots of rumours of his "partying" in Philly.  If that's the case he'll likely never play a sober game in Montreal.

    Not the guy you want to do a rebuild around.  He's an additional player not a foundation player. 

    Plus I just don't like his stupid face.

  3. 93killer93 says:

    Considering it's coming from Watters I'm going to say he's full of it.  

    However Carter to Calgary does sound interesting. 
  4. reinjosh says:

    Fair enough. I don't want him for many of those reasons. But at the same time, a guy who has scored 30 in three years straight (almost 4) and hit 40 in one of them? For a team that's struggled in recent years, he would be a nice add at a relatively cheap price on a year by year basis. 

    Who cares about that contract. He makes you better now and for years after this year. He's only 27. Yeah his deal will last till he's 36 but it's not like he'll be over 40 by then. It's not the worst contract in the league. 
    Personally I don't want him because he doesn't provide the top line center we need, but I honestly think it makes sense for Montreal. He'd easily be the most skilled player on your forwards. Plus I think the upside is there. 
    Partying (if its even a true rumor) can be fixed or used by the right coach.
  5. HABSSTAR says:

    You're right he would be the most skilled forward in Montreal.  I just doubt he'd put that skill to proper use.  Understood that he was hurt often in Columbus but he also seemed to be in a sulk because he was going there.  While I understand that going from Philly to Columbus is gotta be the sh*ts, you'd hope he'd be professional enough to try and make the team better.  In my opinion, I don't think he went there with that mind set, I feel him being on the way out within a year further demonstrates that.  It's going to be ugly in Montreal for several years to come, I don't think he'd handle it well either.  Even if you're going to roll the dice and take him I don't feel Montreal as an organization has either the right people or practices in place at the moment to deal with him.

    I think that needs to be fixed first and get the team going in the right direction, then once you're a top team in the league you'd add someone like Carter. 

  6. Steven_Leafs says:

    Montreal will not get Carter, the only way Columbus trades Carter to Montreal is if they are willing to send a quality player and their 1st round pick in 2012 back. The only way for Montreal to save their 1st round pick to get Carter is if they are willing to give up PK Subban or Carey Price. (no not the generational talent!!)

    Anyway that bring me to my…..

    BS offer of the day!

    (I'm going to try to make this a once a day thing, but will probably quit after today 😀 ).

    To Columbus:

    Carey Price

    To Montreal:

    Jeff Carter
    Steve Mason
    conditional 2012 2nd round pick (if Montreal finishes with a lower draft pick. Example: Columbus gets no.1 overall, Montreal gets no.2 overall)

    OK this deal would only get done for Montreal depending on quite a few conditions:

    1) Price really does want 7+mil per season

    2) Montreal is ready to tank the season and wants the no.1 overall pick (Columbus with Price may win enough games to pass Montreal in the standings).

    3) with Markov gone for the season and the selling of the vets (Gill, etc) Montreal should have more than enough cap.

    4) Montreal is willing to choke on Gionta's and Gomez's contracts (If they insist that Columbus must take one on then Columbus will insist on getting a quality pick back since they cannot afford too many big contracts.

    5) Gauthier goes insane (or is fired and the new GM is told to rebuild)

    In the off season Montreal would (most likely) draft Yakupov or Grigorenko, also try to draft M. Subban to add depth in goal. With a roster like this Montreal will be able to compete for a Cup in 2-3 seasons (once the bad contracts are all gone). Not too shabby.

  7. lafleur10 says:

    i think you should put the crack pipe down and wake up! those deals will never happen! and the way it's going now we'll likely end up with grigorenko or forsberg and with any luck(by winning ) the draft lottery  we could end up with yakupov ! BUT WE WILL MOST CERTAINLY END UP WITH 1 OF THOSE GUYS! AND BE ABLE TO KEEP PRICE AND SUBBAN ,AND ADD 1 OF THOSE GUYS GRIORENKO,YAKUPOV,FORSBERG TO THE YOUNG TALENT WE ALREADY HAVE ON THE ROSTER AND TO THE YOUNG GUYS WE HAVE  I.E. LEBLANC,BEAULIEU,TINORDI,GALLAGHER, and when the new g.m. is hired if he does the right moves and develops those kids properly we will be contenders in a few short years!

  8. lafleur10 says:

    if carter goes to the habs which he won't but i think we could offer this: it won't be enough but here it is,

     l.ellar, and a 2013 1st r.d. pick,and a 2012 2nd r.d pick
     for carter,and something else

  9. Steven_Leafs says:

    lol, I knew I'd finally get you to say something. I missed you buddy. 😉

    While Montreal could very easily end up with a top 5 pick, they can also very easily end up with 8th-12th overall pick. Trading Price guarantees them a top 5 pick in fact I would guarantee them a top 3 pick even if they lose the lottery.

    also you need to read the entire post before you have a panic attack. I titled the darn thing "BS offer of the day". Chill out bro, Montreal wont trade their generational talents, we both know that. 😉

  10. Steven_Leafs says:

    that is actually a pretty good offer, might have to switch one of the prospects for a more established player but still pretty good.

    I'm not sure Columbus can afford to take only prospects and picks for Carter considering their need to make the playoffs next year but I like it, it is fair for both sides.

  11. reinjosh says:

    To be honest with you, I don't think that Montreal is as bad as people make it out to be. 

    I understand what your saying about the organization not being able to deal with Carter. Maybe that's the case, but I honestly think you have to take that chance. It would be best if a new GM made it his first move with the team (or first big move). A new start for the organization if you will.
    The biggest issue I have with Montreal not going after Carter, is that those types of players rarely, if ever come ont he market. I know Burke receives a lot of flak for acquiring Kessel when he did but how often do you get the chance to acquire a player who is a skilled sniper, and is still young? I know the exact details are different but the case is similar. Sometimes you just have to go for the guy. I mean were talking about a guy that's hit 40 goals, hit 30 goals twice and almost did it a third time. HE even hit 80 points. And he's not even 28! And I know he hasn't exactly worked out in Columbus but its explainable.Injuries affected him a lot. Plus not being put in a great situation and lets be honest, its Columbus. Montreal is entirely different. It's a hockey town in Canada, something that should get his blood going. Plus he has the opportunity to be the man, something I think he wants.
    If you can add Carter to Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Emelin, Diaz, Leblanc, Bourque, Cole, Eller/Plekanec (I figure one is almost a guarantee to got the other way for Carter) and whatever you pick top 5, your looking a whole lot better. Plus you have some decent prospect to build around. It's not a bad core right now, it just has too many bloatware pieces around it. 
    I honestly don't think you can pass up going after Carter. He fits your guys needs to well. And he's going to be at an all time low value wise. It's the perfect time to strike IMO
  12. lafleur10 says:

    i just threw it out there but i thought that might be what columbus might want however i don't know which player you could subtitute for the prospect maybe dasharnais? but leblanc is our top prospect and is so far looking like he'll develop into a pretty good player and maybe a good 2nd line center so that's why i added him  like i said in my original posting not enough but i just put it out there!

  13. lafleur10 says:

    if you look at the current standings we will finish anywhere from 3-5 worst and getting us 1 of those picks we won't finish  with the 8-12 pick it could happen but not likely even with price playing as well for us as he is! but if we want to gaurantee those spots you just play peter" bad goal" budaj more and he'll lose alot more than he'll win for us , trading price is dumb he's proving that he's already an elite goaltender probably a top5 in the league and contuining his climb to the top 3 and you don't trade those guys,it just haunts your franchise and sets them back many years.

  14. lafleur10 says:

    or you could take out ellar and leblanc and add kostitsyn and dasharnais  with weber and those picks

  15. HABSSTAR says:

    Yeah you make some good points.  Maybe I've just become beaten down to the point of assuming any move will result in naked, shivering failure. lol

  16. reinjosh says:

    What do you think Carter is worth? 

    At the time of him being traded, he was worth a high 1st, 3rd and Voracek (a young 45 ish point forward).

    The first rounder wasn't Couturier. It's value was that of a mid end (on the higher end) pick. So you can't look at it as the value of Couturier.
    So Eller is a less experienced Voracek with about similar upside (same age, etc). 
    The first is a first, and the 3rd is a third.
    Eller, Leblanc, and a 1st in overpayment in my books. That's three first rounders. One with already a year and a half of development (and not stalled development at that). That's more than what Carter got originally. No way the difference between Eller and Voracek is worth pushing the 3rd up to a first.
    And you have to think Carter's value has dropped too. Columbus won't be getting full value. 
    And they probably want to go for the playoffs next year. I still maintain that going after Plekanec would be their best bet. No one is going to give them full value and getting an established second line two-way center with 70 point upside is something of big value. Toss in Diaz and their 2nd rounder.
    That's about the best offer I can see them getting for players now. Plekanec is still young, Diaz is too. So it still fits into the future as well. 
  17. reinjosh says:

    Haha I was there once too as a Leafs fan. Hold steady, things will get better.

    I do like your core, from a purely non=biased viewpoint. It's a lot better off than the Leafs were when Burke came.
  18. mapleleafsfan says:

    Holy… An overpayment offer by lafleur I'm shocked. Unless that something else from colombus is something substantial, you wouldn't need to trade that much.

  19. Steven_Leafs says:

    there is no way the GM, who is one wrong move from being fired, will take less than what he got for Carter (and that includes considering the 8th overall pick as Couturier). Even if you cannot count the 8th overall pick as Couturier that pick was a minimum of Hamilton, Scheifele, or Zibanejad when they traded it. I know in general that a 3rd is a 3rd but it is one year later and a first is not always equal to a first (no one would trade their 8th overall pick in 2012 for a 1st in 2013 or 2014).

    Think of it this way, Columbus would never trade Carter back to Philadelphia for Voracek, a 1st & 3rd in 2012. I understand that Carter's value has dropped, but why would Columbus accept a trade that gives them Carter's low-end value back in return? Trading Carter now wont help them in the standings, so unless someone is willing to overpay, Carter will not move.

    While your offer is bang on for Carter's value IMO, I still cannot see Columbus accepting it ever.

  20. reinjosh says:

    And any GM that gives more is in just as bad a position. Howson is in a terrible position. he doesn't have any leverage in this type of trade. The other GM does. So it's either take slightly less or keep a player who very well doesn't want to be there and isn't fitting. 

    That's my thoughts any. Howson is in no way going to get full value for Carter. His attitude, his play and where Howson is coming from, is all working against Howson. I would be absolutely shocked if he got equal to or more than he traded for him. 
    What do you do with Carter? He's obviously unhappy. He was obviously unhappy when he was traded. He hasn't played well and he hasn't achieved what you wanted. Yet you could look at the team and say its not his fault, you could say the injuries hurt his play. So do you keep him and keep a player who has no desire to be there, hoping he might turn it around? OR do you maximize his value, even though it won't be what you traded for him?
    Your screwed either way.
  21. lafleur10 says:

    well i'm not a dillisional leafs fan that thinks you can offer garbage and and get elite players! or number 1 centers! this is an overpayment  not too much of an overpayment the only really good piece is leblanc and possibly ellar

  22. Steven_Leafs says:

    I would hold onto him. I know most wouldn't but there is no point getting so little for him IMO. Keep him and see if he improves, I cannot see him getting much worse.

  23. kilter says:

    What a total disgrace this team and more importantly organization is!!! The team has absolutly NO HEART! And why should it when night after night they see a complete joke and embaressment like Gomez taking a regular shift and he isn,t worth shit!!! As for the orgaization…why the ***** is Gainey still involved in the operation of the team,when he is directly responsible for the pathetic product thats currently on the ice and most importanly the absolutly ridiculus trade for Gomez…which is easily Easily in the top 2 of the worst deals ever made in NHL history and i can,t remember the other one…you get my point. Finally….OMG why/how is Perrie Gouthier still the GM of this club…haha i mean i,ve seen some guys that were bad at there jobs but this guy takes the cake!!! I,ve never seen anyone more lost and have less understanding of how to run a team in my life!!! he is a JOKE,a Dummy and completely incompetent! Ya know when an organization is trying to put a team together and its not working and they are making changes to try and fix problems i can totally respect that but when you have no clue what your doing,you give players away for nothing and you fire people to try and cover your own ass and you don,t try and get someone in when one of your top players goes down///IE Gionta gone for the year…what does PG do go out and get another good player…NNNOOOOO will just bring up someone from hamilton…brilliant!!!! I,m embarressed for the first time im my life to be a Habs fan,,,so this is whats its like to be a Leafs fan everyday eh.

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