Bits and Pieces (signings)

The Buffalo Sabres re-signed tough guy Rob Ray to a 1-year deal.

The Florida Panthers traded winger Jason Wiemer to the New York Islanders today (Wednesday) in exchange for defenceman Branislav Mezei.

Defenceman Vitaly Vishnevski agreed to a 1-year contract Tuesday to stay with the Mighty Ducks.


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  1. habs_88_4life says:

    It’s good to see Ray still with the sabres its good to see them sign the only player they can afford.

  2. DaMick says:

    The Isles must be really worried over Peca’s injury for them to get Weimer…hes no better than a 3rd line center [a good one though,I like him.]

    With Martinek’s development Mezei was expendable…so its a decent move..

    For the Isles to recoup some Face over the Ranger’s recent signings id say getting Tony Amonte or Scott Young will be a priority in the next few weeks.

    Getting Luke Richardson wouldnt hurt neither…

    as for other moves:

    Oates to the quacks…..Nice move Kariya finally gets a great center [on his last legs though]..Kariya should have a much better year.

    Belfour to TO: hmmm….could be a great gamble or a HORRIBLE mistake…

    id get a decent Backup goalie….just in case.

    next few weeks should be fun to watch the transaction sheets….i think we’ll see a few more trades.

    Your resident RangerHater & LeafBasher


  3. topshelf05 says:

    The Buffalo situation is a bad one. There was even talk (talk, mind you) that they might move to Houston. That’s how bad the situation has become. Considering to move the team. Just think, they were in the Stanley Cup finals three years ago with Dom.

  4. mikster says:

    Hockey…. ice, cool air.

    Houston… hot temps

    Me think….hockey and houston stupid.


  5. mikster says:

    You’re going to like Weimer. The Isle’s need that type of player anyway, even if Peca wasn’t injured.

    This is what a GM does. Milbury has a another player to replace Mezei. I say good move by the Isle’s, Weimer will love it when it comes playing against Lindros, Holik, and Kaspar, and Oliwa, and McCarthy, and Kloucek, and Purinton (if kept), and Barnaby.

  6. Habfan1234 says:

    According to Bill Guerin has just signed a 5 year/45million dollar deal with the Dallas Stars.

    This signing is at least justifyable in comparison with the NY Rangers deals. GUERIN IS BETTER THEN HOLIK.

  7. beefer says:

    Its funny how you can complain about the Rangers throwing the salaries out of wack, but the Stars are paying someone the same thing and there is no problem. Would you have been alright if the NYR had signed Guerin instead of Holik for the $9 mil? Doubt it. And Guerin had 8 more points than Holik last year. Playing for the team that finished first in the east. Holik was playing for a team that couldn’t score for crap. Devils will be in big trouble next year without him.

  8. NYRfan78 says:

    Maybe Portland??? Hey you got a guy with deep pockets up there and the rose garden (or what ever the arena the Blazers play at is called)and is not afraid to spend big money.Beats Houston then again they are in the AHL anyway.

    But I rather see the Sabres stay at the HSBC arena in Buffalo, if they move what do they do with the place?? Arena football only? I know the people of Buffalo did not want that place built up for only the Destroyers thats for sure. (nothing against the Destroyers by the way)

  9. NYRfan78 says:

    Very true, you said it all.

  10. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, if you ask me, and none of you would, but if one of you did, I would say that Milbury made another horrible trade!!! Mezei went 10th overall in the 99 draft. That’s only three years ago, and it takes most d-men years to develop. He will be an excellent 2,3, or 4 d-man for the Panthers, and Weimer will be a decent third liner for the Islanders. Terrible trade!

  11. NYRfan78 says:

    Think Keenan is drooling about now with him and Jay?? And they gave up a 3rd line guy for a top 10 pick not bad for them Mad Mike Strikes again!!!!

  12. ch says:

    Personnaly I think Jeff Hacket is going to Toronto (or he’s going somewhere else) but with a goalie like Belfour Toronto must search for a goalie with experience (forget Schwab) . Jeff Hackett is one of the best backup of the NHL , but he’s salary is really high for a second goalkeeper. If Montreal agree to take 2 millions of his salary this year and Hackett agree to change his contract , I think Toronto really want a backup like him.

    Sorry for my English

    I’m a french canadian.

    Go Habs Go

  13. beefer says:

    Half of the people I work with have worse english than yours. I’m in New Jersey.

  14. nskerr says:

    I like the Wiemer trade to the Islanders for a couple of reasons. He gets under the skin of Kasparitis and Darcy Tucker, 2 guys who gave the Islanders a problem. He will be a solid 3rd line center and maybe a number 2 center while Peca is out, and he adds experience to a young team. He also has shown he can produce for a couple of lousy teams in Florida and Tampa. I think he will score between 15-20 goals with the Isles. Look at what Shawn Bates did for the Isles once a good team gave him an opportunity.

    Mezei was expendable. He wasn’t going to crack the lineup and good teams are built through the draft either by playing their picks or trading them for better players. The Islanders are going the second route. I do think they need a sniper for Yashin. With Guerin in Dallas, maybe Amonte comes down a bit in his demands. If he does, the Isles should pay up and get him.

  15. Jonathane says:

    For a newstory I cannot believe that people are citing as their source.

    I have nothing against the website and frequently go their as well, however it is not a newsgathering organization.

    Sure they they interview some people, however at least 90 percent of their informaiton is just repeating a newswire story.

    Again, I am not knocking the website, it’s just that should not be someones source for these kind of transactions.

    I am not trying to bash the author of this article either,its just that, that website is not a primary source. Instead try usng or going to and clicking on the AP Wire link. To have cited one of those sources would have been much better.

  16. rooney says:

    my friend was tellin me that he read that amonte had dinner with some of the devils the other night and last night had dinner at the governors mansion

  17. ch says:

    Thank you beefer but write and talk isn’t the same thing (I’m lucky) . I pratice my english here because I like hockey rumors and talk about.

  18. NYIchooch75 says:

    This was actually a pretty good trade. Mezei would not have made the big team this year and with Peca out, it allows Weimer to step in as a 2nd line player for three months. Mezei is going to be a good player, and it gives him a huge learning curve to go and play in Florida. Good trade for both teams. I guess Milbury didn’t like his team being pushed around by Toronto in the playoffs and he did say him wanted to get tougher and bigger. He accomplished that by trading for Weimer and Ansham. BUT, it still doesn’t solve his most glaring need. WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PLAY WITH YASHIN? I hope they would just pony up some dough and sign either Amonte or Young. Milbury has said in NY Newsday that he is not optimistic at all about signing anyone. Either am I.

  19. pantherboy says:

    I think this was a good trade for both clubs. I espically like this for the Panthers because they get yet another blue chip defenseman prospect. They now have some good D prospects with Ferance, Ward, Novak, Bowmeester, Krajicek, and Vladimir Sapozhnikov. These guys are going to be one good group of D one day.

  20. DARTHJIM says:

    This trade of Wiemer for Mezei was a good one for both teams. Mezei wasn’t going to be playing for the Islanders much this year, and he will give the Panthers a pretty solid D-man as he matures. Wiemer fits in perfectly with the Islanders. This guy loves to hit, and has a decent scoring touch.He will score more goals on a better team and will knock the hell out of the Darcy Tuckers of the league. He will fill in great for Peca until he returns, and he will then center what will be a very good 3rd line. The Islanders will be fun to watch next year. They will out-hussle most teams, and will hit everything! The only thing the Islanders need is a goal scorer to help Yashin. Don’t believe Milbury that he is not going after any UFA’s. He is just saying that to make other GM’s think they can bid low, that the Islanders aren’t in the running for Amonte or Young. (Either one will score alot of goals next to Yashin). The Islanders probably will get one of these guys. Amonte will have to lower his asking price, now that Dallas has overpaid for Guerin. If the Islanders get one of these guys, they become a very realistic Cup contender. If not, the Islanders still be better next year because of this deal. Islander fans will find this out!

    On a side note, the Islanders are talkin to Domi also. (According to Newsday). If that happens, no one will want to play the Islanders come playoff time.

  21. JohnFlan22 says:

    Granted in the long run, Mezei’s upside is a steady top four dman on an average team. Really at this point he wouldn’t be getting a steady shift on the island with the nucleus on D in place for years to come. In Florida he’ll get baptism by fire with solid minutes all year. True Wiemer is a third liner but he’s one of the best depth players a team can have and it was the lack of such players like him that contributed to the isles first round exit. The Guys a mean SOB and is gonna run people over. Milburys building a solid team that isn’t too expensive that he will be able to keep together even if 2004 brings a cap or whatever. You cant say that much for these free spending teams. It’s a good deal for both teams. Wasn’t Weimer a former top 10 pick as well? Plus his age fits perfectly with the rest of the young but now maturing team. Peace

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