Blackhawks in search of applicants for help-wanted ad

Stan Bowman doesn’t like what he sees. But, at least for the moment, the Blackhawks’ general manager said there’s nothing he can do about it.

Before his team extended its losing streak to a season-high five games with a 3-1 loss Friday to the Calgary Flames, Bowman told reporters that he is in regular contact with GMs across the league but he can’t find any sellers.

In spite of the Hawks’ second losing streak of at least four games in a month, Bowman pointed to the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins as ­examples of teams with talent and depth who rebounded from terrible starts with what they had.

“There’s stretches for each team where they don’t like what they see,” Bowman said. “The good teams are the ones that get themselves out of it. Now is the time to rely on the leadership — both in the coaching and from the guys in the locker room — and we expect a nice rebound.”

In order for that to happen, the Hawks are going to have to improve in their end. Only the league-worst Columbus Blue Jackets have allowed more goals in the Western Conference.

“Our players have to execute better in that department,” Bowman said. “We’ve just got to get a little bit of pride back in terms of defending.”

3 Responses to Blackhawks in search of applicants for help-wanted ad

  1. HABSSTAR says:

    But how is the Goat not on the phone here trying to make a deal.  If in fact there are no sellers then:
    a) whatever you have will hopefully look good compaired to nothing; and
    b) you may be able to get more then fair value for said asset as you're the only player in the game..

    Fire Gauthier. 

  2. FlamingHomer says:

    I think what Bowman means by no sellers, is that no one wants to take his crappy players/contracts in exchange for other teams best players.

  3. HABSSTAR says:

    I will take Toews…he's crap, he's even got a big C on his jersey, probably to demonstrate that he's crap.

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