Blake Available?

Seeing as there is a massive need for more Pens rumours, here is one.
According to TFP Blake may be available, and the Pens may be interested.

I think this would fill all of Pittsburgh’s needs on defense. He is getting up there in age, but Blake is still a formitable defender, who could anchor the Pens defense very nicely for the next couple years.

I know there will be discussions about how they can’t afford him and need to resign Crosby and crew, but those problems are still a couple years away, in the mean time Pittsburgh could enjoy adding a top veteran d-man.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Pittsburgh + Laraque + Blake + Naming Recchi as Captain = Stanley Cup


    Staal wins the Conne Smythe.

  2. intelligentscorpio says:

    I have no idea how much Blake makes and how long is his contract. Does he compliment Gonchar, Whitney and Eaton? If he is top four, and can be an integral part of winning the Cup, only then it makes sense. I like Miller better. He is an UFA at the end of this year.

  3. mike7psu says:

    What would they give for Blake??   I dont see it being much because of Blake's 6million dollar price tag for next year.

  4. kamullia says:

    Absolutely not the kind of player the Penguins need. Rob Blake has the distinction of the absolute worst +/- in the entire league (-25). He is not fast enough to keep up with the Penguins playing scheme, and his offense from the blue line, although nice, is not needed by the Penguins. At age 37, Blake is a good player for certain teams, but the Penguins are not one of those, especially considering his $6.0M/year salary and cap hit (1 year left in contract). I frankly would be in an absolute shock if Ray Shero brought him to Pittsburgh, especially considering what the tag price for that trade will be.

    The Penguins need a fast enough, stay at home defenseman that will fit nicely into their playing scheme. They do not need offense from the blue line from that defenseman, and even if they did, they can get the same production that Blake would put up from other players at a much lower cost in both trade and money (plus cap hit).

    This is the kind of news that you get and immediately throw in the incinerator before it has any remote possibility of becoming reality. Just the thought should turn Penguins fans stomachs.

  5. kamullia says:

    I have to correct something. Rob Blake has the worst +/- between defensemen, this is what I meant to write and somehow omitted it. The distinction of worst plus minus overall, goes to Kyle Calder (W), with Blake a close second.

  6. CrosbyMalkin says:

    I think they mean Jason Blake

  7. AHLoldie says:

    The Laraque deal is not going to get done.  Phoenix is asking for far too much for him.  He's not even dressing on a regular basis.  Blake is much too slow to play for the Pens,  Even Recchi is having a rough time keeping up, they are that quick. I don't have to tell you what has happened when the Leafs have tried to keep up with the Pens.  The last game was an officiating farce.  As far as naming a captain, Therrien has already said there will not be a captain this year.  Recchi even admitted "We all know who the captain is on this team"  He was referring to Sidney Crosby, who has not accepted the captaincy, and likes it that way.  Without a doubt, the kid feels very self conscious with guys like Recchi and Gonchar on the roster.  As far as Staal winning the Smythe trophy, that is extremely unlikely.  He is capable of having big games but either Malkin or Crosby are far more capable of consistently playing over an entire playoff.  I don't know if the Pens can get out of the Eastern Division playoffs, but if they do they'll wipe out any team from the west.

  8. CrosbyMalkin says:

    My fault. Spoke before I read what I needed to read. I do not think that Rob Blake is the answer at all. Leave him in LA

  9. wingerxxx says:

    I expected a really good year from Blake this year.  His play in the second half of last year was outstanding for the Avs.  But it does look like he has fallen off defensively.  He is a real feast or famine guy on defense.  He can be either phenomenal or downright brutal on some nights.  He's still a top defenseman on a lot of teams, but I don't think he is an elite number one anymore. 

    As for the Pens…he is not what they need.  They don't have any trouble scoring.  And the last thing they need is a defenseman who has been shaky in his own end this year.

    Plus, Eklund is now saying that he is NOT waiving his no-trade clause.  Eklund gets crapped on a lot, but he actually has gotten some reports sooner than some major news outlets, on the internet anyway.  He might be sick of being deadline trade bait, especially at his age and this stage of his career.  I doubt he came to LA and getting a no trade clause with the thought of waiving it at the deadline and going elsewhere.

  10. wingerxxx says:

    The logical answer is, you have Gonchar on your team…why on earth would you want Blake?  That gives you two potentially disastrous defensive liabilities on your team.  Blake needs to be paired with a very steady defenseman, given his play this year. 

    Miller would be the better fit.  He's as steady as the day is long. 

  11. Williams1505 says:

    Blake is old and slow…needs to retire…

  12. BruMagnus says:

    Gonchar is no longer a defensive liability. He's bought into Terrien's system and is striving to be a much more rounded defensemen, even while putting up career numbers.

  13. BruMagnus says:

    Jason Blake, who as Mike Lange always suggests is a cancer vs the Penguins, would be an absolute fantastic acquisition.

    It won't happen as they are the same division, but I would give up Ryan Malone and a 2nd rounder for Jason Blake.

  14. BruMagnus says:

    dont forget that Blake plays many minutes on a terrible team, so he is bound to have a terrible +/-.

  15. kamullia says:

    That is understandable, but he has the worst +/- of his entire team. In other words, he is the worst of the worst. And there is absolutely no excuse for that, especially for someone who is a defenseman by trade, and who not too long ago was considered a premier defenseman in the entire league.

    Good thing he is not waiving his no trade, it would have been a career long embarrassment for Ray Shero making that trade.

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