Blake Out With Fractured Leg

The Colorado Avalanche will be without All-Star defenseman Rob Blake for an indefinite time period. It was announced that Blake has suffered a hairline fracture in his left leg.

No specific incident contributed to the injury. Blake claims that it just happend over a stretch of time. He also noticed that recently he has been hit with sticks and pucks in the legs and this helped cause the injury.

These injuries can vary in severity. Blake may miss from 1-2 weeks, to 2-3 months. Blake added, “it’s not very serious and I shouldn’t miss too much time”.

This may force Pierre Lacroix to do something drastic and acquire a top-notch defenseman to help replace Blake. Someone like Sergei Gonchar might fit in great.

Blake is considered by many to be the top runner for this year’s Norris Trophy as the league’s top defenseman. These honors should be eliminated now, unless Blake misses 2 weeks or less.

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  1. cgolding says:

    that could be a bitter pill to swallow for avs fans…

  2. MantaRay says:

    Blake’s injury will allow Aebisher to relax a little in nets now.

  3. Lint07 says:

    what do you think about the Devils relocation, Manta? I thought you might write an article about it…

  4. original6dan says:

    Wow! And I thought the Avs were just lucky that Foote didn’t get suspended (though he probably should have been!).

    Now, with Blake out, I think the Avs are REALLY DAMN LUCKY that Foote didn’t get suspended!

  5. GretzTML99 says:

    Oh Yeah, The Devils are moving to Newark. Exciting.

    The new arena will be equipped with thousands of cutout fans to make it seem like there is a full building and people actually go to see them.

  6. MAniac29 says:

    To my knowledge, Gonchar is still out for at least a couple weeks with his shoulder injury, so don’t know how much good that would do, and I don’t know of another top notch Dman that is available, so….hmm…

    I would imagine Dick Tarnstrom could be had for a pretty hefty price, but would be a great addition!

  7. AvSfAn01 says:

    I dont know if players usually get suspended for unintentional acts…but you have to say that Foote didnt mean to spear Yzerman in the face like that….come on now

  8. TheTruth says:

    From the avs point of view I hope they don’t get too carried away over the injury. There is little doubt Blake will return before playoffs get underway. So jumping the gun and sacrificing young talent to shore up a hole could cost them.

    Then again without Blake they will be short a D man with that exceptional first pass out of the zone. Not to mention his scoring and defensive capabilities.

    In the end I’m sure the Avs will get by just fine until he returns.

  9. HabsNick says:

    I’ve had such an hairline fracture a few years ago, i expect Blake will miss 3 weeks to a month at most.

    If i was Lacroix, i’d play a prospect or two from the farm, and would look for a trade *only* if those prospects perform poorly or another D gets injured. If he needs to get another player, a 7th defenseman would be all he needs.

  10. jacosta says:

    The Fan 590 is reporting the Blake could be out 4-6 weeks. That is a long time for a defensman especially when the Canucks could use that to push Colorado out of first place.

    These injuries must stink for GM’s because now you may have to use your assets for a defensemen when prior to this you would have not had a need for one.

    This will put Colorado in the serious thick of things when it comes to Gonchar. (If he comes back this week)

    ANother injury that is not getting as much press is the fact that Scott Stevens may not return this season either.

    This will cause the trade deadline defensemen value to sky rocket

  11. matteo says:

    off in the distance – if you listen very carefully – you can hear D-strate crying…

    All these defensemen getting hurt….good thing the Flyers just gave Weinrich away for a 5th rounder and a roll of hockey tape

  12. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    You have to be in control of your stick, unintentional or not, he should have been suspended, period.

  13. original6dan says:

    Intention has got nothing to do with it. I respect Foote for being a dominant player, and the Avs ONLY stay-at-home defensive defenseman, but this is totally unjust.

    Only a few weeks ago Matthew Schneider was suspended for 2 games for “unintentionally” high-sticking Boston’s Glen Murray (with no injury). Murray is a good friend of Schneider’s — they work out together in the off-season.

    If Sakic ate a stick and lost teeth, you’d be upset, no?

    Colin Campbell is SOOOOOOOOO inconsistent. What a joke!


  14. n0rea11y says:

    but they made up for it by not overpaying for Markov which they would have had the Canes held out a bit longer.

  15. AvSfAn01 says:

    Dont get me wrong…That was one of the worst high-sticking incidents i’ve ever seen and i would have no qualm with a short suspension like the one Schneider endured…But I’m still not convinced that suspension can occur without some evidence of intent…

  16. greatlife15 says:

    Haha great news for everyone! Should this injury make the Avs fall back a bit, they could fall back to 4th or 5th, and should this be a long-term injury who knows how long they will last in the playoffs. Now would this make them a runner in the Gonchar sweepstakes once he is healthy? Or maybe Dick Tarnstrom. MEH.

  17. greatlife15 says:

    He’s just a bully but hey he’s fun to watch and that time he jave Lindros a concussion! That was sweet! Oh yeah Lindros should retire, too much damage to that family. A bunch of dazed fools around the Lindros dinner table.

  18. Flyers_01 says:

    Gonchar will play on thursday.

  19. MantaRay says:

    Its big news, but its not a done deal.

    Its much needed though.

  20. Aetherial says:

    I don’t think they got a roll of hockey tape…

  21. big_booty says:

    It was duct tape.

    Even better.

  22. matteo says:

    The refs and the league are too busy taking down the real criminals like Roenick and his water bottle……they can’t be bothered with this petty crap.

  23. matrix2003 says:

    The Norris Trophy is possibly up for grabs now. I think Bryan McCabe is a very possibly candidate for it right now. Others including Gonchar, Schneider, Pronger, Souray, Redden, Chara, Niedermayer, and Aucoin.

  24. commonwealth says:

    I don’t think people should be overreacting so much to this Blake injury. If he goes down, and then comes back to have a great playoff year they will probally give him the Norris despite.

    Only Pierre knows what he’s going to do, so it’s pointless to try and guess. Gonchar certainly would fit in nice, but…. who do you give up for him? Skoula? I’d rather see another trade for a defensive forward.


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