Blake questioning his future with the Leafs reports that upset forward Jason Blake is questioning his future with the Maple Leafs after having been a healthy scratch for a number of games so far this season.

Blake was brought in to the Leafs organization at the beginning of last season after a 40 goal campaign with the Islanders. The problem is that it is reported that Blake takes many low percentage shots and he is saying things like “Maybe it’s not meant for me to be here.” HTR speculates that there are many teams in the NHL that could be interested in Blake at the right price. His 5 year 20 million dollar contact is not out of control for many teams and the reality is that the Leafs are probably willing to unload him for a bargain price.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    what a classy team player blake is.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     Nobody would take Blake at 4million a year with almost 4 years left, the only way they will get rid of him by trade is if Toronto does what the Devils did a couple of years ago when they traded Malakov and a first rounder to San Jose for basically nothing. Maybe LA would do a trade like that.

  3. Kramer says:

    I got new information on Blake.  My secret sources say Blake wants out and Fletcher is trying to move him to another team.  Something can happen looks like.

  4. KingCanada says:

    Forget that scenario, the Leafs wont part ways with their high draft picks and its not like they are strapped for cap space with roughly 8.5 million of space like NJ was when they traded Malakov

  5. mojo19 says:

    No Malakov didn't even play a game after that trade, he was technically already retired. It was a pure salary trade. Blake will still be playing, different scenario.

    I think he would clear waivers, but I also think they could deal him for another bad contract. So who's that? Handzus?

  6. KingCanada says:

    Id love to hear HTR's reasoning as to WHY many teams would be interested in him???

    There are so many problems with this guy and his contract..

    -first of all hes overpaid at 4 million for 3 more years (after this season)
    -he is 34 and under contract until 28
    -he is undersized at 5'10 and 180 pounds (thats MY size for god sakes)
    -he has been THREWOUT his career only about a 20 goal/50 point scorer (with exception to one year he got 40) thats way overpaid..
    -players making similar money and roughly same age would include Micheal Nylander, Kristien Huselius, Saku Koivu, Shane Doan, Ryan Malone, Daymond Landkow. (is it just me or would u rather have any one of those players over him…)
    -lastly not to mention his cancer thing definatly wont help him in being moved considering how long his contract is which increases the risk of the cancer becoming a problem.

    I believe he is untradable, and if we do trade him we will take back an equaly horrid contract.  No use in trading him since were not cap strapped. 

    One more things thats bugging me…I really hate the idea people are throwing around of having him sent to the minors.  MLSE would still have to pay him the money so it wont solve anything besides take 4 million of the cap which we dont need to do!!

  7. the_word says:

    This reminds me of Samsonov asking to be traded, being willfully ignorant that it isn't an option.

    Couple of question for anyone better read on the CBA than I am ….

    Is it possible to bury Blake in the minors for the duration of his contract?
    If he were to retire, are the Leafs off the hook for his contract?

  8. habswinthecup-again says:

     I realize that, I was only stating the only way that I could possibly see Blake getting traded thats all.

  9. KingCanada says:

    Yes they can send him to the minors which would take him off the cap.  Regarding the retirement…Im not sure but I think he forfeits his salary but still remains on the cap??  Or something like that…

  10. pezzz says:

    I think it's only for players above 35 years old that the salary remains on the cap if they retire…but I'm not sure…

  11. leafy says:

    Yup, Blake has buyout written all over him.

  12. KingCanada says:

    Yup I think ur right on that one but hes 34 right now and im sure hed be 35 by the time hed consider retiring anyways so looks like the Leafs are SOL!

  13. Rico420 says:

    Any contract is moveable as long as you find someone just stupid enough to take a chance on that contract. Like Blake "could" break out of his "funk" and score 40 goals again or you can get the more likely 20 goals and 50 points that i'd expect from this turd.

    Absolute worst contract in the NHL is Jason Blakes and I'd love to see anyone argue it.

  14. offside12 says:

    How much would they pay him for a buyout??  It might be better not too because they dont have cap issues.  After a few send him to minors because you can only do that for one year right?

  15. cam7777 says:

    We need a GM who will walk a hard line with Blake.  I don't want to see him bought out, that doesn't help anything.  That just means we'll owe 1.333 million on the cap for the next 6 years!  On top of that, for almost that entire time the Leafs are still paying Tucker 1 million per year.  That buyout will come back to haunt the Leafs in 2-3 years when they're looking to sign a big free agent, or make a big deadline trade, and can't because of the lack of cap space.  The cap is not infinitely rising anymore either, but rather declining in all liklihood. 

    There are a multitude of other options for what to do with Blake.  First, I think he needs to be given a chance on a top line right now, at least until February.  The Leafs are blowing any slight, remote chance of someone taking a risk on him if they don't do this.  Of course he won't produce on the 4th line.  What I propose is moving Blake into Kulemin's slot on the second line.  Yes that line is hot, but it's mostly the duo of Hagman and Grabovski.  Slot Kulemin into the third line with Alex Steen and Dominic Moore (where he scored his two goals at the start of the season).  If he starts to put up numbers again, someone desperate for a playoff appearance could take him off our hands for nothing. 

    Yes his contract is the worst in the league, but the one half-assed bright spot is that the last two years the salary drops to 3 million.  In two years, the state of the league in struggling markets might dictate that a guy like Blake, with a 4 million cap hit but 3 million salary becomes mildly attractive (think Atlanta, Phoenix, etc..).

    The next step, if he does prove unmovable, is one of two things.  Either A.) Help him rekindle scoring touch and accept the fact that we're stuck with him, or B.) contineu scratching him and playing him on the 4th line.  In option A, the Leafs should pursue acquiring guys who have had chemistry with Blake in the past (perhaps signing Mike Peca, or Miroslav Satan to 1 year deals), or players they think can benefit Blake's game (but these should only be extremely short term contracts). 

    If that proves useless, or the Leafs opt not to try that route, then I would still not buy him out, but rather bury him in the minors next season(but keep his contract on the books, since we still won't need the cap space).  Again, I don't know what the Leafs owe to Jason Blake that they can't do this to him.  It's not as though he's Darcy Tucker, given a lot to the Leafs and the community, and has only slightly fallen off his game and needs to be moved for attitude purposes.  He has done nothing for the Leafs and has completely fallen off his game!

    This would lead the Leafs to two seasons from now, when Blake's contract should become movable.  IF it still proves too unattractive, then the first option should be loaning him to a Russian team.  If he's unwilling to do that, he can sit in the minors for another year, and this time, we'll take his salary off the books.  

    By the last year of his contract, someone should claim him off re-entry waivers, or trade for him outright.  If that still doesn't work, then, and only then would I buy him out.

  16. KingCanada says:

    I think that one of the big problems in this that many are overlooking is that if MLSE handles the Jason Blake problem wrongly itll be a PR nightmare concidering its only been about a year since hes been diagnosed with cancer.  Yes its treatable and hes alright to play but the media will just EAT UP this situation and make MLSE look evil! 

    Regardless it has to be done..

  17. mitchamac says:

    Blake will be playing beside  bell in the ahl

  18. markjohnston says:

    they won't buy him out unless they actually need the money to compete…which they won't for a few more years.

    they'll just let him rot in the AHL.

  19. markjohnston says:

    khabibulin or however the hell you spell his name.

  20. leafy says:

    Sure enough, after we criticize him strongly, he comes up with a great game like tonight.  If only he can play like this more consistently.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    blake played his best game as a leaf last night outside of that stupid tripping penalty in the 3rd.

    i guess we can thank joe nieuwendyk for blake's good showing. apparently they talked at length after practice and i guess blake did actually take his words to heart. cant really argue with a player with over 1000 points, hall of fame credentials, 3 cups with 3 teams and olympic gold.

    blake played gritty, dirty, and smart. and unselfish.

  22. mitchamac says:


    To: Minni – Steen Colaiacovo Blake and 1st round pick

    To: Tor – Gaborik and matt kassian – (if gaborik will sign long term with the leafs)

  23. mojo19 says:

    That's one way, but I think he could be dealt for a different bad contract.

  24. mojo19 says:

    You can only take a players salary off the cap by sending him to the minors for 1 year! So even if we sent him down this year, his cap hit would affect the Leafs for the next three, so might as well wait until we need to make some room one year to send him down.

    the exception to this rule is if a player is on long term IR, or retired due to injury.

  25. habswinthecup-again says:

     Probably, but what is the point in that?

  26. LeafsNation91 says:

    He wont be bought out because of the buyout with Tucker and Andy Gaycrof:)

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