Blow it up Bob

It’s done, it’s over, cooked, fini. I thought maybe after the 30 minute meeting Saturday after the game, and the guys airing their dirty laundry, they would come out flying. Also the supposed cancer of the team Kovalev wasn’t playing some of the players would have steeped up…

How can a player who puts on the Montreal Canadens jersey not feel proud and honored to play in this city. Too many players on this team don’t care, they have no leadership, heart or passion.

I only see 4 players on this team who are untouchable: Higgins,Latendresse,Markov and Komisarek. Everyone else is available. Ask Koivu if he’s willing to waive his no trade clause. Call every G.M. in the league and tell them that Souray is available and start a biding war. Package Ryder and Rivet and go get a decent prospect. Maybe a team looking for a veteran D-man would be intressted in Dandenault. Bonk could be a valuable asset to a team looking for a shut down type center. A team not sure of their goaltending may look at bringin in Huet

Then call up some players from Hamilton, and see what they can do. Im thinking Chipchura, Kostysin, O’Byrne, Locke, Halaak. Maybe then we could fall off and end up with a top 5 pick.

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  1. sheam316 says:

    Isn't it funny how people hate the way the canadiens have a lack of canadians but they beg them to trade people like Rivet and Ryder. And by the way Koivu cant be traded. He's the heart of the team. The Heart is having problems right now beating on its own though so the rest like Kovalev and others have to give it a little kick to get it going again. I also Think Guy should try a Ryder Kovalev line for a few nights. I mean Ryder does nothing but get in the spot and score goals. And Kovalev says he wants  a guy to stand infront of the net and finish off the plays. I mean the team sucks now why not try it. Also your suggestion to bring up those hamilton players I think is flawed. I think what he should do and will do is he'll keep them there for the season and bring up Grabrovsky and Kostystin and maybe Chipchura in the same year. Which makes me realize murray and bonk won't be apart of the team after this year. maybe even a few others. Also Danis or Halaak will get there shot. And with Huet Possibly injuried one of them may get a shot to show them that there ready. to back up in the NHL. A Personally think we should make a decision on Danis, Halaak or Price and trade atleast one up and commer.  Give Danis a shot now or trade him away. Also what you all find in the dumb ass Komisarek is beyond me. Takes stupid pentalties, Really not that fast, Get pissed fast and takes stupid retalation pentalties alot. But he's young.

    I like to end with this When We Hired Bob Gainey he said this will take some time for this team to be a good team. Now I dont think we should get rid of players like plekanec, ryder, koivu, rivet and other just on a few bad months under a rookie coach. Took Nashvilles coach 7-9 years to get them into the playoffs, took Lindy Ruff about 4-7 years to get recignized for his coaching. same with John Torterella in tampa. I say have patetents. Make tweeks to the team. Dont worry about a number 2 center. Plekanec will be the center. Just wait till next year or possibly the year after. This dude loves to work hard and loves too win. The problem with Habs fans is they spread rumors and then when 99% of the rumors dont come true and we dont get a star were a little upset because we thought all those rumors were literally gonna happen. Just try and enjoy the games. Dont get too pissed at the team and just think about the great time were gonna have winning in a year or two.

  2. the_purolator_guy says:

    hard to win when all you did is play shorthanded, the ontario refs are making sure leafs have every oppurtunity to make the playoffs

  3. leaflova says:

    pfff, ya right, have you seen the reffing in toronto?Its probably the same thing as montreal, if not worse.

  4. trakman says:



  5. blarneylad says:

    its bad in leaf land but not as bad as the habs trust me, the reffing is obvious too, how are they getting away with it?

  6. Habs_to_the_top says:

    You know what I like about Komisarek?  The fact that he actually HITS people.  He plays a physical game!!!  We are a bunch of lollygagger pussies out there.  At least he brings an element of toughness to the team that we desperately need and very few other players on this team have.

    As for who we need to get rid of…..I will agree Plekanec is good and I like watching him play.  We should keep him.  He has talent and I think desire.  Maybe needs to get a bit tougher but that's about it.  And goes for half the team.  Ryder…not so sure about.  He is a one dimensional player.  Sure he can score on the PP(well used to be able to).  But most people would be able to.  Rivet….how many times have I seen him at the point shoot the puck right into the oppossing players shin pads, and have the puck bounce past him and give up an odd man rush….TOO MANY.  Let him go.  We need to keep Markov for sure.  Easily our best puck moving defensemen.  I'd like to keep Souray and his shot (although that is about all he's good for besides toughness which i like).  Bonk has finally turned into the player we thought we were getting.  So I'd like to see him stay.  Kovalev, I think he does more harm than good.  He and Samsonov need to go.  But they are expensive and I'm not sure who would take them off our hands.  We need a game breaker on this team…some one like Lecavalier or along those lines.  How we get one is up to Bob….but we need one.  And maybe the coaching isn't working out so well……we need a lot of work in a lot of areas…….but I believe is a year or two if the right things are done, we could be a force to be reckoned with.


  7. bleedingblu says:

    WOW…. bitter! Buddy, the refs are not any better in Toronto and the Leafs ARE going to make the playoffs because of hard work and heart.

  8. bleedingblu says:

    you might want to change your email to

  9. ganou60 says:

    We need a cpatain, a real captain, that hsows leadership and some heart, get rid of koivu, make souray captain

  10. bleedingblu says:

    Ok, ….. seriously…. the habs are very likely to be out of a playoff spot by tomorrow but that just means that they will have to fight for a playoff spot. This is a slump that all teams go through. The Habs have a lot of injuries too.
    Sure on paper they don't have the strongest team in the league but they could still make a run!

    Relax folks!!

    Habs fans ARE worse than Leaf fans!

  11. the_purolator_guy says:

     no bleedingblu and any other leafer here, the only reason the leafs will make the playoffs is cause of the nearly 40% of nhl refs come from ontario ( stats courtesty of, then click on officials ).  also in the last 20 games the pp to pk ratio has been 92 to 180.  habs are second last in pp's but florida may have more now after tuesday's game and they are the most penalized team in the eastern conference. I only wish the garbage happened in toronto because then the problem would be recognized but since nobody sees habs games cause they are only available on rds and hockey night in toronto only shows them when they play the leafs, it goes unnoticed

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