Blue Jackets Re-sign Hainsey

The Columbus Blue Jackets have re-signed defenseman Ron Hainsey to a two-year deal.

Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

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  1. mush124 says:

    This was probaly the worst move bob gainey did has gm of les canadiens. Letting him be avaible on waivers, he was snatched up in to time. However rumors have it he had a very very low work ethic.

  2. magnifikko says:

    This guy is more of a superstar then a hockey player.

    No work ethic, no heart.

    Bye bye we have enough of players like that.

  3. SensDude says:

    at that time there was too many defencemen in Mtl , I think at some time there was 3 defencemen in the press box each game.

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    It was sad to see Ron Hainsey go, but in reality there wasn’t going to be an opening to him.

    In Columbus, he not only is and will continue to get quality ice time, but he has a chance to emerge as a leader of the group. The only chip against him is reportedly a poor work ethic, but he played well in his first full NHL season and I see no reason why he won’t next season.

  5. Lint07 says:

    this guy is a mess, that’s too bad ’cause he have talent… just no work ethic.

    There’s been an interview with the owner of the place Hainsey lived when he played for the Habs or Bulldogs (don’t remember which).

    When he left, the place apparently looked like a dump with broken stuff and used condoms all over the place.

    he’s getting sued by that owner btw.

  6. habs_fan_in_korea says:

    Columbus can have him. Markov and Komisarek are our future.

  7. robinson19 says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me, Hainsey???

    He had multiple chances to prove himself in MTL and coasted around like a fairy.

    Nobody who’s watched him play regrets Gainey’s move in the least.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    No need for a personal attack on the guy.

    He is a rookie who led his team in plus minus. If you think he has no work ethic explain his +13 on a team where Berard was -29, Suchy -8, Westcott +1, Klesla -4 and Foote -16. Any guy who leads his team in plus minus and can contribute to the offence is a welcome on my team.

    Gainey screwed up when he lost a first round pick who has upside to be a top line dman and had to pay half the guy’s salary and got zero in return.

    If the Habs didn’t want him they could have at least traded him for a second round pick or a prospect.

    Tell me why you would pick Streit ahead of Hainsey.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    and when markov sourray and rivet become free agents at year end, who will our future be?

  10. hab_o_holic says:

    No there were never 3 dmen in the press box except Aaron Downey and Todd Simpson..get your facts right..

    Secondly…Hainsey did NOTHING for Montreal. NO heart, terrible determination, hes a party animal too. Great D-man or not….Hainsey and Ribeiro would make great friends.


  11. hab_o_holic says:

    You don’t need to condoms to FlUCK yourself.

  12. hab_o_holic says:

    well said robinson

  13. hab_o_holic says:

    they’ll be resigned genius…Souray, maybe not.

    Hainsey just wasn’t part of the Gainey’s plans. Like i say and repeat daily…PEOPLE WITH NO HEART OR WORK ETHIC DO NOT BELONG IN MONTREAL

    But you are right, habs lack quality defence prospects (You can’t include this year’s first pick David Fischer cause he’s got years to go before he dawns the CH)

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