Blues looking for an elite goalie?

Goaltenders Jaroslav Halak and Brian Elliott have a combined .833 save percentage in those games, with Halak pulled twice and Elliott once. Halak has been pulled four times this season, overall. The Blues have a great team, but they need a true starting goalie. They won’t give up their best prospect, forward Dmitrij Jaskin, but I can see them moving former Oiler Magnus Paajarvi and their first-rounder, plus Halak would be in play.

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  1. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    So, would the Blues consider Reimer an upgrade? And what could we get if they do?

    A couple of other Leaf thoughts.

    So Kadri elevates his game, which is great. Rumour is that he is trying to prove trading him would be a mistake and he doesn’t want to be moved. Since he has shown he can elevate his game at will, how is it NOT an attitude problem when he chooses to play the way he did?

    Franson has taken a lot of heat. Many have said he is not a top 4 D-man. He was top 10 in D points last year, is top 25 this year. Using the “Phaneuf” top pairing debate logic…name 120 defenceman better than Franson to show he is not a top 4. Hell, name 90 to show he isn’t top 3.

    Franson/Gleason has been a solid looking pair. A good combination of puck movement and toughness. Gardiner/Rielly although scary in their own end is intriguing with the way they can move the puck. The up-grade needs to be on the number 1 unit. More specifically Gunnar IMO. Yes, he is solid, but not a top pairing guy. I want my top pair to be tough in both ends, not just defensively. Phaneuf is solid in both ends, but Gunnar is an offensive liability most nights.

    Carlyle has also taken a lot of heat. Six game winning streak…I think he deserves some credit for it.

    Bozak was just bad before his first injury. Since he has comeback, he has played better than I thought he could. I didn’t like the re-sign, but if he continues to play the way he has recently, I will love it.

    It wouldn’t be complete without some trades to

    Could we get a Reimer for Berglund and Elliot kind of thing? Blues have centre depth and we could use some.

    Then follow that up with sending Kadri, Gunnar, Orr and pick/Prospect to Vancouver for Bieksa and Kassian (yes,

    JVR Bozak Kessel
    Lupul Berglund Clarkson
    Raymond Bolland Kassian
    McClement Holland Kulimen
    McLaren, Ashton

    Phaneuf Bieksa
    Gleason Franson
    Rielly Gardiner
    Fraser Ranger


    • doorman says:

      Hey lol, was that a shot at me and my Phaneuf references?

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        LOL, not at all. I agree Dion is a top pairing guy…plus, I don’t remember you bashing Franson every time he makes a mistake(which is about every game and a

    • doorman says:

      I don’t like the Blues trade TBH, only because they are both going to be UFA’s at seasons end. The second trade well, lol, if Gillies goes for it great but I doubt he will. Too bad it would be a great trade and is depending the pick/prospect surrendered not a bad deal Bieksa would shore up this blueline nicely.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Berglund is RFA like Reimer I believe.
        Second trade…I was thinking a Percy type prospect. When you think of what Van needs…A second line centre that can score and has some grit (Kadri), some real toughness as they feel they get pushed around (Orr), another defensive defenceman to go with the offence of Edler and Garrison (Gunnar). Ahh, who

        Plus, I just want to see Torts vs Kadri…it would be awesome!lol

    • reinjosh says:

      Please no Berglund. Blues fans will be the first to tell you he’s nothing special. He barely adds anything to the team that we don’t already have. His height isn’t reason enough to get him.

      Also speculating on Kadri “stepping it up at will” and then calling him out for attitude issues is just forced. We get it, you don’t like him, but that line of reason is bad and you should know better. Do you honestly think it’s a coincidence that Kadri started getting going at the same time other players did? And hell, sometimes players just need to be kicked in the ass. Sometimes trade rumors can do that. Doesn’t mean he has attitude issues, just that he was struggling (and as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m not sure why he has been singled out for this since the entire team was struggling) and used the rumors as a way to fuel a resurging game. You’re logic jumping with your conclusion.

      Franson has been hella awful in our own end before Gleason started getting paired with him. Yeah he was playing with Gardiner, but that only covers half his mistakes. He was making a fair bit of them. Him and Gleason are looking much better now, full credit to them.

      And yeah Carlyle has been better lately. Playing Gardiner/Rielly, and Gleason/Franson consistently is working. He’s being less of an idiot lately thankfully. Still playing Bodie far too much, so he’s still making idiotic decisions. He deserves some credit but he still doesn’t deserve to be called a good coach. FOr whatever reason he still can’t get it out of his damn head to tell his team not to sit on leads. We are the worst team in the league in the third period and he deserves plenty of blame for that.

      Agreed with you on Bozak. Didn’t like the signing but the way he’s played lately, if it continues, I’ll love it.

      Also agree with an upgrade on Gunnarson, he’s just not good enough.

      And you can pretty much forget any trade involving Kadri, he’s not moving. He’s everything we need on this team, whether you like him or not. His play lately has pretty much solidified him being a fixture on this team for years, and years to come. Thankfully, because losing him would be one of the biggest mistakes this team could make.

      • TmLeafan says:

        Well said about Kadri. People thought it was a forgone conclusion he was getting shipped out a few weeks ago just cause Darren Dreger said it.

        I think people forget who our GM is. Dave Nonis doesn’t have a history of giving up on young players, he never has I have no reason to believe he is going to start now. Kadri is not going anywhere.

        And if him or Gardiner do get moved it will be for something huge, not Boone Jenner or some bullshit. So many teams are desperate for a player like Kadri, we are lucky to have such a talent. Nobody thought we drafted Crosby when we drafted him his development is not going to be flawless he is trying to find a way to be more of a consistent pro.

      • blaze says:

        Josh the Leafs are something like 20-1-2 with the lead after two periods, it may not be pretty but it works.

  2. doorman says:

    Josh, while I am in no hurry to trade a talent like Kadri, I as well believe he has attitude issues. I am also of the belief no player is above being traded, in the right deal. I however, didn’t see effort from him period playing well or not, the appearance of caring less then others bothered me.

    As for Carlyle, I am indifferent. Right now I do not see a better option, so I think he stays. A lot of what you see in Carlyle is what others see in Kadri. As with Kadri, change for the sake of change in the coach is not a good reason.

    Bozak has played well and I never hated the signing. I want to see playoff results though.

    • reinjosh says:

      I’ve denied Kadri’s attitude issues before, but after watching 24/7, I’m willing to admit I’m probably wrong. However RLF was stretching those issues, IMO. I’m not sure they are as serious as many suggest. All I see is a young player with lots of talent who is cocky. He’ll grow up. We’ve seen it before in many players, such as Seguin or Pat Kane. I’m of the opinion that you don’t trade a very talented player because of small attitude issues. I’m not sure that these issues are anywhere near comparable to the issues I see in Carlyle, but I’m willing to admit I’m both biased for Kadri and against Carlyle.

      But yes, I agree any player can be traded. However I don’t see many worthwhile packages or deals for Kadri. I seriously doubt trading him helps improve this team.

      • doorman says:

        Like I said I am not opposed to keeping either or neither in the right move. I don’t wanna see Kadri moved for say a first and a prospect, well unless the Oilers want him, lol. But seriously in the right deal I wouldn’t flinch. He has amazing talent and if he ever “gets” it look out. I would prefer to see him realize his potential here, no doubt

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        A little un-fair to say I am using Kadri’s emergence lately as a means to prove an attitude issue. I have been saying he has an attitude for a couple of years as I have seen it first hand. It was there in the minors, it was there during contract negotiation’s, it is there in lack of effort during games, it was there on 24/7 etc.
        Just because I don’t like the way he conducts himself, doesn’t mean I don’t like the skill level. As for “kicked in the ass”…how many times does this need to happen before he gets it into his thick skull? Was I tired of watching Kadri sulk around the ice like he doesn’t care? Absolutely.
        I also agree with doorman, I am not wanting to trade Kadri if he finally grows up, but I am not against moving him either.
        As for Frasnon, there are many D-man that put up points that are not great in their own end. It was how many justified Dion’s pay when he was much worse defensively. But I guess when you make only $2mil you’re just shit.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Dion is the best Leafs in +/- and Cody Franson is the worst in +/-

          Dion plays harder minutes and he’s worse that Cody? What?

          Aside from that, Cody doesn’t factor into the top three offensive blueliners given he’ll always sit behind Gardiner, Reilly and Dion. So it’s hard to find a pairing for him to carry. He’s not useless but more the odd man out, not unlike JML.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            I did not imply Franson is better than Dion, nor have I ever. I have said Dion is a first pairing and Franson a second. I clearly referred to Dion in the past when his defensive play was poor…not to today.

        • reinjosh says:

          Not unfair at all. Here’s what you said.

          “Since he has shown he can elevate his game at will, how is it NOT an attitude problem when he chooses to play the way he did?”

          That heavily implies that Kadri’s recent hot streak indicates an attitude problem because he can apparently just elevate his game at will. Somehow you’re still skirting around the issue of the entire team not producing during the same time, yet only calling out Kadri for it.

          And Kadri’s apparent issues during the contract were only rumors. Nothing more. And his issues in the minors were always overblown, and the media making mountains out of molehill’s. His issues are nothing more than a talented player growing up. This happens with lots of player. Nothing all that awful with that.

          I never said Franson was shit, just bad in his own end. Which is the truth. Doesn’t take away how good he is offensively. But nice try putting words in my mouth. The difference between Phaneuf and Franson was that Phaneuf actually was decent in his own end and improved every year, Franson never has been and has shown a distinct lack of improvement in that regard. He has the most GA out of any player on our team. Forgive me for not being thrilled with that.

        • Gambo says:

          Never in Dion’s career was he worse than Franson defensively. Franson is a mess out there. Good offensively though, but never put up the points Dion did when he was poor defensively.

  3. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Attitude is a buzz word for hack writers and let’s be perfectly honest, the reason Cody Franson is basically getting a pass is because TSN and Sportsnet hasn’t made him a whipping boy because he’s just not good of talent on his best day to warrant that kind of attention.

  4. doorman says:

    I go by what I see in interviews and during games watched, player reaction etc. I don’t care what TSN or Sportsnet say, I go by what I see. Franson is a solid talent but yes not on Kadri’s level, same reason why everyone comes down on Kessel more then say Raymond.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Agreed doorman. C-mon Wallace. You use that same “you watch too much TSN” argument all the time. I can’t speak for others, but I rarely watch or care what sportscasters think. I watch the games and the players. I find it hard to believe after coaches have said it and interviews have shown it that someone would suggest that attitude is a “buzz” word and Kadri doesn’t have one.
      Funny how Kadri has the most giveaways and he is a keeper that doesn’t deserve criticism, but Franson leads the D in points, second in D ice time and his talent isn’t worthy of talk. Yes his +/- is the worst among d-men, just as Kadri’s is the worst amongst forwards.
      Franson makes some nice defensive plays, but people have become fixated on his misplays. Funny how no one is talking about Gardiner’s giveaway last night which was freakin brutal. As bad as anything Franson has done.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        It goes like this, Kadri is made an issue and everyone flocks to it. Not unlike Kessel being a whipping boy up until last years playoffs. Cody hasn’t be made an topic of conversation if he was he’d easily be perceived as one of the league’s worst blueliners. It’s whomever the spotlight is put on.

        You say you want to talk about the game? Well then why all this whining about what you perceive Kadri’s attitude to be. That has zero to do with ‘the game’ and is pure speculation. Or what you say on 24/7. Lol, the game though huh.

        Cody gets a lot of second assists, so does the worst defenseman on every house league team.

        Leafs issues are down the middle, Kadri has the potential to be our best center so I say keep developing him cause talented centers are hard to come by (we just get another Kadri for Ledba).

        Also the are getting killed on SA because we have blueliners that are beyond useless in their own end (i.e. Franson). You can always find another Franson in the trade market or in free agency.

        Gardiner gets a pass because he has elite PMD potential. Gardiner bring another dimension that Franson couldn’t dream about. Franson sits behind Dion, Reilly and Gardiner on the depth chart and the Leafs need a shake up to this blueline. So it makes the most sense to move him.

        I don’t see the Leafs getting better by making a knee jerk trade for the sake of a trade with Kadri. I honestly see the Leafs no better or worse without Franson in the lineup.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          You ignore the biggest concern mentioned about Kadri…his lack of effort on the ice. He plays when he feels like it. He listens when he feels like it. It is even said by his own coaches and I have noticed his behaviour on the bench, which I have talked about before. Is that on Sportsnet?
          I notice how you ignore that I have been saying this for a couple of years as well, before TSN, Sportsnet or 24/7 (which it was Josh who said he watched it).
          You are only using little bits of what has been said to justify your own thoughts…very TSN really.

          • reinjosh says:

            While I saw it in 24/7, it was a mere 10 minutes of combined behind the door time. Hardly conclusive.

            You’re speculating based on conjecture, rumors and play during an entire team’s down time.

            When has a coach actually said he listens when feels like it? Find me a direct quote on that. Please do.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              Of course, I can’t find a quote. Are you trying to say that Eakins or Carlyle haven’t insinuated that Kadri is difficult to coach and he doesn’t always listen? I’m not going to argue this with you guys. If you can’t see that Naz has a an attitude that has hurt his development…that’s fine. I believe he does and I am entitled to that opinion.

          • leafs_wallace93 says:

            I’m sure the coaching staff has leveled criticism on each player on the roster it’s which one is becomes the anxiety of Leafs Nation. Kadri is prescribed and Cody is ignored.

            Lol, sorry I’m not putting this under an analysis of your narratives from two years ago (and yet I’m reaching?).

            The tv agrees with you, not me. Just saying.

            Let’s hope Kadri decides to have a hat trick against Dallas, it’s that easy for him.

  5. leafy says:

    Is it a coincidence that Gleason’s arrival has paralleled this winning streak? I think he has helped a lot to stabilize the defence.

    Bodie looked very good and worked hard all night. He’s not a dog with fleas. He could actually play.

    The other lines have to start picking it up. Can’t expect the Kessel, JVR, and Bozak trio to carry the offense every game. Will the real Lupul please stand up? Bolland’s return should help.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I don’t mind Bodie, he is a big body that can skate. Gleason and Franson have become a good pairing and our most physical pairing. Gleason has definitely helped.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I’d love to see a Volchenkov for Franson swap. That’s a blueline Caryle could work with.

      • doorman says:

        I have to admit being able to have Gleason and Volchenkov to pair with guys like Gardiner and Rielly intrigues me. to good physical stable vets with young horses, could be good, or even one hell of a shut down pair in the playoffs

        • TmLeafan says:

          Gleason has been a great pick up. He is very solid. He seems to have for sure settled down Franson and to a lesser extent Phaneuf and Gunnar. Gleason’s style of game fits well with playoff hockey too, he should help us even more if we get to the postseason.

          I would be open to moving Franson in the off-season. Not a big loss defensively and Gardiner can take over duties on the 1st pp unit.

          • Gambo says:

            Gardiner or Rielly could.

            Yeah Gleason, Clarkson, Bolland are all additions that are made for playoff hockey. I think this team will be a better playoff team than regular season team.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Not totally against this trade. But Volchenkov is older, oft injured and makes over $4mil, so he won’t be a savings on Franson. I am also not convinced the kids are ready to take the role Cody plays offensively yet. It could really backfire to put that kind of pressure on them from a team that struggles to get points from the D this year.

          • doorman says:

            Don’t disagree he is older and more expensive but he brings a different dimension. I look at a potential playoff pairing of Gleason/Volchenkov kinda like Natress/Macoun type pairing. Also allows our younger players if cast into the offensive role more a safe guard. Not saying they should but it intrigues me

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              I would like the dimension he brings…but for how long can that body last the way he plays and how many games will he play? He is almost 32 and two more seasons at over $4mil. Franson is durable, which he doesn’t get credit for. If we are making a trade for a d-man, I am hoping it is for a 1st pairing up-grade. I just feel we are solid enough 3-7 right now and for the immediate future. Don’t hate it, just not sure if it’s a real up grade on the whole. Cody plays about 4 mins more a night and about 1/2 that is 5 on 5 minutes…that’s a lot of extra time we would be asking Volchenkov to make up…especially in the playoffs.IMO

              • doorman says:

                I am hurt, I made an awesome pairing reference and you ignored it, sniff sniff.

                • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                  LOL. Not ignored at all. I like the pairing. I was asking if Volchenkov can play the minutes that pair would have to play? Franson and Gleason play about 19 mins a night 5 on 5 and PK. Volchenkov only plays about 17 mins a night 5 on 5 and PK. It’s either ask him for more minutes or give those minutes to the kids…not sure if either are ready for that. In all seriousness, curious on your take of that, you believe they are?

  6. Gambo says:

    90 defensemen better than Franson:

    Brian Campbell
    Erik Karlsson
    Shea Weber
    Andrew MacDonald
    Roman Josi
    Drew Doughty
    Andrei Markov
    Dustin Byfuglien
    Alex Pietrangelo
    Mark Giordano
    P.K. Subban
    Zdeno Chara
    Oliver Ekman-Larsson
    Paul Martin
    Travis Hamonic
    Andy Greene
    Dennis Wideman
    Ryan McDonagh
    Jonas Brodin
    Kris Letang
    Dan Hamhuis
    Duncan Keith
    John Carlson
    Dion Phaneuf
    Christian Ehrhoff
    Jay Bouwmeester
    Niklas Kronwall
    Keith Yandle
    Alex Goligoski
    Cam Fowler
    Jack Johnson
    Alexander Edler
    Mike Green
    Justin Schultz
    Braydon Coburn
    Dan Girardi
    Jan Hejda
    Erik Johnson
    Kevin Bieksa
    Zach Bogosian
    Francois Beauchemin
    Matthew Carle
    Victor Hedman
    Slava Voynov
    Tyler Myers
    Brent Seabrook
    Dennis Seidenberg
    Marek Zidlicky
    James Wisniewski
    Brenden Dillon
    Tobias Enstrom
    Kris Russell
    Andrej Sekera
    Jason Garrison
    Andrew Ference
    Fedor Tyutin
    Jacob Trouba
    Dan Boyle
    Justin Braun
    Brooks Orpik
    Niklas Hjalmarsson
    Jake Gardiner
    Karl Alzner
    Jonathan Ericsson
    Kimmo Timonen
    Johnny Boychuk
    Danny DeKeyser
    Christopher Tanev
    Marc Methot
    Josh Gorges
    Marc-Edouard Vlasic
    Seth Jones
    Willie Mitchell
    Matt Niskanen
    Dmitry Kulikov
    Bryce Salvador
    Johnny Oduya
    Mark Streit
    Ryan Murray
    Chris Phillips
    Lubomir Visnovsky
    Kevin Shattenkirk
    Stephane Robidas
    Carl Gunnarsson
    Marc Staal
    Trevor Daley
    Ben Lovejoy
    Hampus Lindholm
    Kevin Klein
    Jake Gardiner

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      LOL. Man your are really stretching it on at least 10 of those. That still makes him a top 4 guy even if you really believe some of those are better. You have some kids who haven’t proven a thing and Jake Gardiner twice…so who is the other 30 that makes him a 5 guy? like you claim. This should be really Can’t wait.

      • Gambo says:

        I don’t think some players on that list are top 3 or 4 dmen. They can all be considered better than Franson though.

        It’s funny, i used to really like Franson last year and the year before. I still would like him as a 5th defenseman. But he is so bad defensively and i just know he’s going to try for a huge contract this summer. He makes Dion Phaneuf seem like flash out there and he constantly does stupid pinches that almost always lead to goals. His +/- says it all.

        The jump from bottom pairing to top 4 for Franson is like the jump from AHL to NHL for some players. Can look like a star at one level, but just can’t keep up at the next.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          I am not suggesting Franson is a top pairing guy. I would agree hands down that 45-50 of those guys are clearly better than Franson.
          As for some of them, “Better” is relative to what part of their game you are referring. Gunnar for instance, people will say is better because he plays a better defensive game. Cody’s defensive game was better and can get better, he is only 26. Not likely Gunnar will get better offensively, where he has little to no creativity. If Gunnar’s defensive game falls apart…what does he offer?

          As for his top 4 jump being like ahl to nhl. He was playing top 4 by the end of last season and was top 4 in the playoffs. Last year Dion had the worst +/- and was being justified by his tougher minutes. Cody has tougher minutes this year and played with the kids mostly which has to do with his +/-.
          In the 6 games(I believe that’s right) he has been paired with Gleason…he has 4pts and a -1. That’s respectable.

          Has he been bad with giveaways this year? For sure. He also makes some very nice passes every game out of our own end to relieve pressure where most of our D would just try and bank it off the glass and give the puck back to the other team. No one talks about how he helps us keep possession of the puck coming out of our end though(when it’s not a giveaway of

          Cody is responsible for 25% of the points from the defence this year…that’s hard to give up and to throw Gardiner or Rielly into the top 4 when they are clearly not ready yet…is that smart?

          Plus, most of us agree that Gleason has been a nice addition. If you go by +/- stats like you used for Franson…He is a -4 in 9 games with 1pt. If you project that for 48 games with the Leafs this season, he would have 6 pts and a -24. Gleason is also a +0 while playing with Franson. He was a -4 while playing with Dion.

          It’s just my opinion, but I would rather have Franson, which gives us at least one RH shot and lets the kids develop properly, then the alternative. Which is put the two kids in the top 4, which they have shown they are not ready for and bring in Fraser or Ranger to play bottom pair with Gleason.

          If it were up to me, which I am sure a lot of you are glad its I would try and move Gunnar and up-grade my top pair. Then try and extend Cody to 3 years about $4mil. Let the kids continue to develop and if they surpass Cody/Gleason in the next year or two, so be it. Franson/Gleason become the third pair and Gardiner/Rielly the second. With Grandgerg, McWilliam etc in the minors, if one is ready and Franson or Gleason can be moved in that time, make the trade then (not now) and save the money and cap space by playing a kid with one of the veterans we keep (Franson or Gleason).

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Impressive post but what matters is whether or not Cody is a top four on the Leafs and that’s borderline. Again I see him as the odd man out behind Gunner, Phaneuf, Rielly and Gardiner. Don’t really want Cody for the 4-5 million he’ll ask for in the off season.

  7. leafy says:

    Leafs-LA trade. Anybody know anything about this Brandon Kozun? I would know him from Brandon Convery.

  8. Gambo says:

    Almost a goalie fight between Fleury and Budaj, but of course the refs break it up before it happens. Maybe the most rare and exciting part of hockey taken away from us. I blame #Obama.

    • leafy says:

      Goalie fights are the part of old time hockey that I miss the most. Sometimes it was goalies against skaters.

      I recall at least 2 fights between Billy Smith and Tiger Williams. Speaking of Billy, apparently he had 20 fights in his career!! That’s gotta be a record.

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