Blues have new Owner

Finally after all this time the Blues have a new owner and they can finally start being a little more active the rebuilding process. Cheketts bought the Blues and although he mainly has a basketball history, he was president of Madison Square Gardens so he has some experience of working with the Rangers. Should definately be a good thing for the Blues as they need a change and hopefully Pleau will be the first thing to go. He has made a lot of bad trades, and I’ll give him credit for a few good trades but the bad definately outweigh it.

If the Blues are active in the free agency market and get Weight back I would look for them to start working on a new playoff streak, probably not win it, but should at least make the playoffs again. Of course that all depends on if the new owner is all in and allows them to use the full salary allowed, along with a new GM who makes smart pickups.

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  1. thatleafsguy says:


  2. iginla012 says:

    why are you cynical about everything ?

  3. thatleafsguy says:

    why is it your business?

  4. papichulo71 says:

    with no NBA franchise the Blues & Saavis Center will continue to lose money. Hopefully the Blues can turn things around next year.

  5. PuckMucker says:

    now they just need an identity.

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