The St. Louis Blues have relieved head coach Davis Payne of his duties and named Ken Hitch***** new head coach. Hitch***** signed a contract through the 2012-13 season, making him the 24th head coach in Blues’ franchise history. The Blues will be Hitch*****’s fourth stint as an NHL coach. He has previously made stops with Dallas, Philadelphia, and Columbus. Through 1,042 games, Hitch***** has compiled a record of 534-350-88-70 for a .588 winning percentage.


  1. Iceman23 says:

    Love how it edits his name out.  lol

  2. JoelLeafs says:

    Yeah, Hitchpenis deserves another chance.

  3. dumbassdoorman says:

    Not sure this is a good match up of team to coach, somebos=dy is going to get traded soon, you watch.

  4. reinjosh says:

    I agree, I'm not sure it fits. They do need defense but they need a coach that can spur that offense. They have so much talent up front it's not funny. They need someone to be able to use it effectively. 

    I wonder how long it is before another shocker trade. Maybe moving a guy liek Oshie to show the team they mean business. 
  5. JoelLeafs says:

    I though Hitchpenis would have been a good fit for Montreal. Really throw down that iron fist and whip that team into check. Too bad he was still under contract.

    I don't know, Oshi is off to a kinda slow start, but he has tons of potential and upside. Although, if it's what they need to do to start winning, why not.

  6. MystifoLeafs says:

    Kind of a slap to the Blue Jackets. It was rumored he was going to take over but I guess that is over with now.

  7. dumbassdoorman says:

    Yes and no, I mean he was around long enough that if they were going to make the change they should have. Plus it maybe just a guess but he may have phoned his buddy the owner and said, look STL has offered me a job, should I take it?

  8. reinjosh says:

    They had his contract still so they would have had to grant St Louis the ability to talk to him. This probably means they had no desire to bring him back (it didn't work out last time, why would it work this time).

  9. reinjosh says:

    That's one of their issue though. They have so many young guys with potential it would be impossible for all of them to hit that. Play on that potential and get yourself that top line left handed shooting dman they need to play with Pietrangelo. 

    Oshie leaves and they still have Berglund playing top line, McDonald playing second line, Arnott third line with them centering some combination of Stewart, Backes, D'Agostini, Steen, Lagenbrunner, Perron (when he gets back).
    Plus they have two high potential prospects in Scwartz and Tarasenko (who is almost guaranteed a spot on the team next year).
    Hoarding players doesn't work. They have to move someone or maybe two or three someone's. They have to many people up front. 

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