Should Blues Consider Stastny ?

There’s some talk of Colorado maybe looking to move center Paul Stastny. Reports suggest he could be expendable with the addition of Ryan O’Reilly.

We’ve asked this question for several years, how would Stastny look in St. Louis?

Obviously he comes with a contract that pays him $6.6 million for one more season. That’s a lot for a budget team like the Blues and obviously some dollars would need to be shipped out to make room for this type of contract.

At 27 years-old I find it hard to believe Stastny is no longer the player he was two years ago. He may not be a $6 million player but he can help a number of NHL clubs. He’s never been flashy but has the Stastny smarts and is considered a very intelligent player. He sees the ice well and has hockey sense. He showed great chemistry with Chris Stewart in Colorado and has the reputation of making others around him better.

Could a team get Colorado to eat some of Stastny’s salary?

Chicago Head Coach Joel Quenneville once told me he’s one of the smartest players he’d ever been around.

It’s safe to say Stastny would welcome a change of scenery. He’s a St. Louis kid and there’s no reason why he wouldn’t be rejuvenated playing in his hometown. The Blues are lacking creativity and playmaking ability up the middle and the addition of a player like Stastny would be an upgrade.

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  1. JTRAIN1966 says:

    I would like to see Stasny here in St. Louis but, at what cost, & how much would Colorado eat of the salary, & the cap hit ? That is the question ! If its a prospect, & pick, i guess it would be okay . Just as long as it’s not a high end prospect, & a 1st because, that would suck donkey dong !

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