Bob Goodenow is done

According to Bob Goodenow is to step down as Executive Director and General Counsel to the players union. The decision followed after discussions with the players associations excutive commitee.Ted Saskin will be the man to replace Goodenow at the top of the NHLPA food chain and none of this really comes to any surprise. The move in general dosnt come as much as a surpise. Both sides were talking about the PA’s future and Goodenow most likely disagreed with the direction and decided to step down. Im interested to find out that “step down” is the proper word used here, I think force out would work a bit better. Goodenow will in all likelyhood receive a nice hefty package from the NHLPA for leaving. Although I wasn’t surprised by Saskin replacing Goodenow, I really wonder if Saskin and Bettman have the type of realationship needed to propel the NHL into the future.

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  1. Montrealsdogg says:

    i’m not surprised by this, in fact i kinda saw it coming since the PA took a big time dive and was also getting mass criticism towards the end of the lockout.

  2. Flyer_Dman says:

    The war has officially ended.

    You knew before this whole thing even started that either Bob or Gary was going down. The last piece of the puzzle was finally put in place. Can’t wait to move on and talk the better part of hockey, the actual game and its players.

  3. Bishop7979 says:

    Thats step one, step two get bettman to do the same thing. I really think the league would be better off with saskin and daily in charge

  4. habsoverserver says:

    Let’s face it. It’s tough to represent a testosterone laden, multinational, uneducated, physically violent group of first time millionaires who swing wooden sticks for a living. Maybe Goodenow would have kept the players with him had he riden a horse and worn blue body paint to meetings.

    I wonder if the players will offer Saskin the same $2.5 million US annual salary that Goodenow received.

  5. Flyers_01 says:

    Why? What did Bettman do during the lockout that was bad?

  6. simplyhabby says:

    2 lawyers that never played pro hockey would be better?

  7. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Where is Yzerman19 when you need him?

    In the ultmate act of breaking the NHLPA – their head has predictably rolled. According to my sources, Goodnow was the force that got the players to reject the deal “in principal” in February despite the work of JR, Pronger, Roenick and Esche. All of it happened in 30 minutes. I remember VIVIDLY talking to Kevin Greenstein at Inside Hockey about how I was right about their being a season and that Wayne and Mario weren’t in NYC for no reason. (PS: I was WRONG) I recently met with Eklund in person and we discussed the same event (BTW: I am not Eklund nor is Kevin) and he confirmed the 30 minute time window. I encoraged him to write a book on the topic. It would be good toilet reading.

    As much as it is tempting to rub it in for the NHL, it is important for them to REALLY reach out to Ted Saskin and HAMMER home the idea that what the players feel they have “lost” can be earned back in a mere few years if they players and the NHL work together as a team. A Comcast TV deal, sold out arenas with more fairly price tickets, hype around Crosby-Carter-Ovechkin and beyond can all lead to the NHL being a 2.5 billion dollar business. If the players feel a part of they maybe they will stop cluthcing and grabbing in a way that makes the TV product look like soccer on ice for the new fan.

    Today is a good day for fans who love the game. I outwardly question if Bob Goodenow loves the game the way we do. His negotiation skills will be the TEXTBOOK example of how NOT to rework a CBA not just in sports but in industry as well. 1994 might have been a victory for the players over the owners. You might argue the players had control of the league by the end but that didn’t lead to health for the sport. This program will and I think the players know it. They will be able to accept it a lot easier when they hear the cheering for the first time in 2005-2006.

  8. nonhl2005 says:

    About 365 days too late

  9. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Bettman is bullet proof. He goes nowhere. He should get a raise if anything. He delivered on his promise to the expansion franchises, he saved the Pens. He save the Sabres and Sens last year.

    The question is – can Bettman and Saskin MARKET the new game to the point where they make 2.5 billion dollars so that everyone gets rich – NOT just the players is it would have been under the old deal. Think NFL (even though I love hockey more than football) and you are on your way.

  10. guinsfan4life says:

    Your crazy..why would you want that? He just negotiated the best CBA, the largest salary reduction in pro sports history??

  11. guinsfan4life says:

    I think that ultimately, the reason why Goodenow failed is he didn’t love hockey. If he had, it may have been even harder to negotiate for this deal, but he had to know this was the best for hockey.

  12. Aetherial says:

    He failed because his *style* of labor negotiation is to provoke conflict with the knowledge that the other side will blink first.

    His ego was too big and his belief in his own legendary status too misguided to allow him to see that his the initial NHLPA stance doomed them to failure.

    He gambled wrong and took a whole NHL season down with him. I am glad he is gone.

  13. p0k3 says:

    What has Bettman done for the league since he took over? Is the league in better shape now than it was before the Bettman era? Sure the future looks good but the past ten years have been garbage. For me it all started with the 1995 new jersey devils. Hockey has gone south (literally) since then. Sure Bettman didn’t do anything bad during the lockout but the bottom line is he hasn’t done anything good for Hockey up until now (and even that remains to be seen).

  14. Freeze says:

    Shit can your leader before you get screwed, not after. Hockey players are not the brightest bulbs on the planet.

  15. 19Yzerman says:

    Bettman was great! He was able to cancel a season and not only point the finger at the players to put the complete blame on them but, he also was able to make the players foot the bill for the lost funds during the missed season.

    As far as the Step down of Goodenow goes. It reminds me of saying you can’t fire me I quit or It was me who broke up with her first. Doesn’t matter much does it? Well maybe to Bettman as a victory over his much hated counterpart.

    The whole problem with the lockout was that the owners claimed that they were losing money and it was because the players were sponging up 75% of 2.2billion dollars and that the skyrocketing cost of players money demands had to stop. However after the players offered a 24% roll back it was still not enough. Bettman took it upon himself to wager the industries 2.2 billion to get his way. Which is a system devised to keep the owners from hanging themselves by offering players amounts of money that often was more then the player was actually worth. So the health of the sport was not about making the players stop demanding more money. It was about removing the owner ability to over pay to many players.

    “Lost”? Everyone lost!!! 2.2 billion went down the tubes and the fans didn’t get to see any hockey. How does a CAP CBA or Goodenow stepping down justify canceling a season and blowing all that money.

    As far as rubbing it in goes all I can say I can’t blame you for calling me out on that one. I don’t know that I could have singled out any one member as you did me because I may have been the only Pro player member and I fed this a site a daily dose of my pro player thoughts.

    You say this CBA will work. Well they have 4 years for it to do so otherwise action will be taken and for good reason.The six-year agreement, scheduled to run through September 15, 2011, may be reopened by the Players’ Association following Year Four (2008-09). 11 money makers and 19 money losers wasn’t working well. Now in order to say this CAP CBA works as well as what has been speculated no team should be claiming loss of money anymore. Now the pressure is on the NHL and its owners to be making money in every market. If they still have 19 teams losing money after 4 years then Bettman will have made the mistake of cancelling the season based on a miscalculation.

  16. Phillys_Hitman says:

    Good Riddance you rat bastard!

  17. NemiNA says:


  18. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    I signled you out because you are the most outspoken member of HTR thus you get harrassed JUST like I did when I took inside information and made my prediction back in Feb. I should have been right and it SHOULD have gotten me my button which I don’t have.

    Nobody won? Are you kidding? How about Mario Lemieux? How about every “have not” owner who now can spend without fear of losing their best, young talent to the Flyers or Ranger$ etc…? How about Bettman? He won the biggest labor victory in a long time.

    On a more wholistic level – as a card carrying, check writing Democrat I can say organized labor is OVER. Are you following how the Teamsters are pulling out the AFL-CIO? Did you catch the stat about the amount of Amercian workers who are in Unions today? 8%. 15 years ago it was 38%. Bush offers up his “Weak Dollar” policy so that we can sell off American assets at discounted prices in order to “save” US jobs. What we SHOULD be doing and the voters of OHIO should have know this enough to vote for Kerry (if they could even get to a voting booth back in November) is that education is what we should be spending our money on. Building stuff if LOW WAGE JOBS. We should be inventing things. We should be the world’s leader in customer service (call Bank of Amercia or AMEX or USAirways for examples of bad service). We instead invest in a war in Iraq that kills our kids and spends our $$$…

    But I digress..

    The NHLPA’s loss is the WORST organized labor defeat ever and I can’t wish it on a nicer bunch of guys. One thing you and I can likely agree on is the fact that the fans NEVER deserved this level of treatment. You might also agree at this point that you NEVER SAY NEVER in a negotiation. NEVER!!!!! Would the players take a 27 year old UFA age and a $45,000,000 hard cap right now? Damn right. Could they have gotten that before the season was lost? No but close.

    I will be done ranting about Goodenow and the NHLPA soon enough and we can back to what matters. I wish I could beat you up more about your team but Detroit is my 2nd favorite team. I LOVE Datsuyk and Zetterberg. I have Datsuyk on my fantasy team at a good price and can’t wait to see him light it up this year.

    Hugs and kisses,

    William Jefferson Clinton

  19. Bishop7979 says:

    Its my opinion that he didnt negotiate anything, basically it was his @ss if something major didnt change from the last CBA he negotiated, and he was willing to strong arm the players (who deserved to get knocked down a peg mind you) to save his own neck.

    My view is the most work on the CBA got down when bettman and goodnow both were not in the room, that it was guys like daily and saskins who did alot of the work, the give and take that made this deal happen. Maybe Daily isnt the best person to take over given that he is more a lawyer than anything else, but someone with a hockey background needs to step in and steer the league in a direction that improves the game for the common man, but still keeps its roots for the real fans. I just dont think bettman is the guy to do that.

  20. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Leafs suck…

    where have you been?


  21. 19Yzerman says:

    I don’t think you can tag that stat of the missing 30% of unionized workers over 15 years to ineffectiveness of unions or the disinterest of workers to be in a union. That number is down because the Big companies like Fords have been trimming the fat at the rate of retirement by changing the name on the sign out front to Visteon and all the workers brought in to replace the retired workers take the jobs without a union contract. I worked in a manufacturing facility with this guy who worked with us for a “TEMP” workers job finder company. Well he had been working right next to me for three years. One summer just before plant shut down for vacation I asked him what his plans were for vacation. I was shocked when he told me he was still a temp. I asked how that could be and why he had not filed application for a permanent job with our company. He said he had but keeps getting told how he didn’t get the job. I went to our supervisor and asked how this guy could be a temp? Its been three years what is temp about three years? After a month of barking up every tree and going over the job postings with the guy. He was finally made permanent with health ins, vacation and holiday pay. I also worked at another factory job where the workers were paid on production incentive. This put the workers in direct competition with each other. These people worked hard enough to compromise their own physical health and they could have formed a union and made some demands for improvements. No instead they would help mask job hazards when OSHA came around.The reason we are not the world’s leader in customer service (call Bank of Amercia or AMEX or USAirways for examples of bad service). is because companies pay to much to the upper level workers and not enough to the lower. Northwest airlines is about to face a union contract dispute. Why?? Because even though they could afford to resolve any potential problems from within by reducing the pay of the top 5 paid people by 10% and that would be enough money give the actual workers enough to make them happy. No instead they will make the workers look bad and in turn hold their hand out to the US government who will give them the tax payers money and reward them for being disfunctional. For every one of those 19 money losing teams I bet I could find three people who do nothing more for the team then one of the ushers and are being paid like one of the players.

    I think you enjoy seeing laborers lose labor disputes and that you would like to see unions completely done away with. Why? Do you somehow think that companies who save by cutting labor cost will in turn pass it on to the consumer? I haven’t heard anything about reduced NHL game ticket prices.

    I agree with you 100% about building on our education. Right now Mexico is offering our teachers to move down there in turn they get better wages, A house, and opportunity for those teachers get a better teaching degree. This all should be available to our teachers right here.

    Bettman will not get my stamp of approval for a job well done until this CBA works as it has been speculated to work. It cost us fans and the history of hockey it self a cancelled season so that every team will make profits. Who knows maybe 5 years from now we can look back and feel the NHL has improved enough to warrant having cancelled the season.

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