Bob Goodenow is done

According to Bob Goodenow is to step down as Executive Director and General Counsel to the players union. The decision followed after discussions with the players associations excutive commitee.Ted Saskin will be the man to replace Goodenow at the top of the NHLPA food chain and none of this really comes to any surprise. The move in general dosnt come as much as a surpise. Both sides were talking about the PA’s future and Goodenow most likely disagreed with the direction and decided to step down. Im interested to find out that “step down” is the proper word used here, I think force out would work a bit better. Goodenow will in all likelyhood receive a nice hefty package from the NHLPA for leaving. Although I wasn’t surprised by Saskin replacing Goodenow, I really wonder if Saskin and Bettman have the type of realationship needed to propel the NHL into the future.