Bobby Clarke: ''Heads – I buy; Tails – I sell''

After having to part with a young prospect and a 2nd rounder in 2005 to acquire a defensemen, Bobby Clarke apparently decided he suddenly had too many d-men on his team…According to the Philadelphia Flyers official website, just couple of hours after acquiring Vladimir Malakhov from the Rangers, Clarke decided to ship defensemen Chris Therien to the Dallas Stars for an 8th rounder in 2004 and a 3rd rounder in 2005.

The first one to explain me what Bobby Clarke masterplan really is wins a prize!

Seriously though, why trade away two veteran d-men (Weinrich & Therien) for possibly half their value and acquire 3 other d-men (Markov, Malakhov, Timander) at full price???

Who would you rather have on your team? Malakhov & Timander or Weinrich & Therien?? I pick Weinrich & Therien and then I add Markov… see? Problem solved. I guess it would’ve been not complicated enough for Clarkie though!

If Bobby Clarke didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him I guess…



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  1. PhillySteve says:

    Seriously – when was the last time you saw Chris Therien drop the gloves? Or better yet drop his gloves and not had his face pounded in.

    Therien is slowing down, and extreamly prone to mistakes.

    Good move Clarkie.

  2. goodfela26 says:

    While aquiring Malakhov was questionable, trading Therien was not. The guy is a liability on the blue line. For a guy his size, he is not intimidating. And he’s definitely not an offensive threat.

  3. cgolding says:

    it’s actually bullocks according to the dictionary… which makes sense because it is in reference to a bull… thus bull-ocks…. bullocks. and the x is just cuz… and if that is what annoys you in life, it must be a pretty miserable life.

    nevermind the bullox,


  4. goodfela26 says:

    He has a point about Therien’s value. Therien is a defensive liability on even the best defensive teams. Honestly, I’m surprised he was able to trade him to a playoff team.

  5. goodfela26 says:

    Therien has very little, if any, presence. He is listed as 6-5, 235lbs. Offensive players don’t fear him when they are skating to his side b/c they know he rarely throws a big hit. Roenick and Recchi hit harder and more often than he does, and they are finesse players for the most part.

    I’d rather have Malakhov over Therien. They are both defensive liabilities, but at least Malakhov can skate and he puts the puck in the net every so often.

    Heh, in my opinion, getting rid of Therien may be one of Clarke’s best trades.

  6. crackerzack32 says:

    You know very little about him. So little that you thought his name was spelled differently. That was the only point I was trying to make and I think I made it.

    I don’t need to read through your other articles. You made a mistake in this one. It wasn’t a typo. You made the mistake multiple times. It had nothing to do with your finger hitting the wrong key. The mistake was a result of your lack of information due to your failure to research the player before making a judgement on his value.

    Had you done a modi***** of research in regards to Therien, you would have surely discovered that Therien is a doofus and Clarke was lucky to get anything for him.

    Now I do appreciate all your articles but in this instance you were ill-prepared at best.

    Anyone can spout out their opinions but a good writer gives educated ones.

  7. Lynchmob450 says:

    Fristly, Weinrich was traded because at the time, they did have too many d-men. But, Clarke is NOT Nostradamus, thus, he has had to react to the rash of injuries the team has had to confront.

    Secondly, DO NOT compare Therrien to Malakhov! PLEASE don’t show your lack of hockey sense!! Malakhov is a big body who when he wants to, can be dominant. He’s also a very strong skater who will make it easier to break out of the defensive zone (Therrien was only able to dump the puck out). Malakhov is also a very STRONG man. April 2, watch for Malakhov to teach Chara a thing or 2 about fisticuffs!!

  8. Lynchmob450 says:

    So you’re ANAL…who gives a SHIT!! Spell this….***** YOU!!!

  9. dino1971 says:

    Not full Price at all!!!

    Timander’s price was a 7th round pick in 2004 draft.

    Weinrich was traded becuase he became the 7th D-man when we got Markov and we got a 5th round pick for Eric.

    Clarke traded Weinrich so he could get some playing time (did him a “favor”, similar to the Chouinard trade). Markov moved in front of Weinrich (the only reason Weinrich was seeing playing time was because of injuries). When they had 6 healthy D-men, Weinrich became expendable.

    Anybody that follows the Flyers knows that Therien didn’t deserve to be on the ice (christ, even my fiance knows he stinks). He was placed on waivers last Fall and NOBODY picked him up. The only reason Bundy was seeing playing time was becuase he was being shopped around HEAVILY!

    Therien was a free agent at the end of the year (and the Flyers had zero interest in resigning him).

    Also, since Malakhov is a free agent at the end of the season, and the salaries ($3.5 M vs $2.5 M) were pretty much the same at this point in the season, why not make the upgrade?

    As they say, there is always more than meets the eye.

  10. piettro22 says:

    ok…maybe all of you will say that i am insane for saying therrien does not deserve these treatments from flyers organizaiton or fans, but i seriously think that therrien has played a role in flyers’ recent success. clarke loves to keep players whom he thinks can contribute, and he can get rid of the worst players on the team EASY.

    i dun think i need to show my credentials to prove that i am right. just ask anyone from any front office of any teams.

  11. cgolding says:

    erm… what? the quote was from the posting… and i was responding to it… i understand all trades and despise therien…

  12. UsedandAbused says:

    Therien sucks… GOOD MOVE!

  13. tockeyhockey says:

    last i checked they were in first place.

    i’ve watched therien for 10 years — his nickname isn’t therible for nothing.

    weinrich was losing twice as man battles in the corners as he was winning.

    anyway, if you watched the team every day, you’d know that clarke is making the right moves. he’s managed to increase our d’s size, manuverability, and power play contribution without giving up much at all.

  14. Lint07 says:

    so you’re what exactly? 12 years old? Not funny when people doesn’t agree with you on your precious Flyers, uh? Get over it and try to argue like a man instead of making an A$$ out of yourself…

  15. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    DUDE ITS BOLLOCKS!!!!!! not bullox, please make a note of it and correct yourself

  16. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    “”and if that is what annoys you in life, it must be a pretty miserable life””

    Ive got a list of about 300 things you probably fall in at 301, dont give yourself too much credit

    nevermind the BOLLOCKS,


  17. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    This is taken from a british/english dictionary (im assuming your trying to use the sex pistols reference) in which case you should use the correct country of reference when trying to defend the word your writing. you looked in an American dictionary for your reference.

    bollocking n :

    telling off, severe reprimand, rocket, “he gave me a right bollocking”.

    bollocks vulg sl intj :

    testicles, but in this sense used like bullshit, syn. balls, “what a load of bollocks”, “kick him in the bollocks”.

  18. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    dude, therien was awful, hes slow and goofy, he makes poor decisions in his own end and looks clueless with the puck……getting rid of him for anyone is an upgrade

  19. cedrick says:

    haha, you’re getting funnier all the time!

    so he played well with Montreal?! I’m from Montreal, and thats really news to me pal!

    He’s always been a Half-ass player! Always will be!

    You’ll learn to hate him to, you’ll seem, just give it time!

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