Bobby Ryan Available – Bob McKenzie

Hearing ANA’s Bobby Ryan is “available” again after being taken off trade market after Randy Carlyle’s Duck departure

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  1. Gambo says:

    Bob McKenzie also said quote “If ANA moves Ryan I suspect it would be for two or three building block pieces that would increase organizational depth but not payroll.”

    As a leaf fan, I’d like to see Ryan as a leaf (even more than Nash)

    To TOR: Ryan, Schultz(rights).

    To ANA: Franson, Macarthur, Percy/Blacker/Holzer and the 2nd of this year.

    Since Anaheim isn’t going to sign Schultz, he doesn’t really have any value in the trade. Franson is one of the building block pieces that Bobby Mac was talking about and replaces Schultz or could possibly be an upgrade over him.
    Anaheim will probably want Kulemin but I think Burke will be able to do Macarthur plus the 2nd to make up for it.

    Resign: Frattin, Kulemin, Scrivens.
    Sign Moen.

    Trade Lombardi and a prospect for Luongo.




    Good lineup, just missing one small piece, first line center. They will still have Colborne and will probably draft one of Galchenyuk, Forsberg or Grigorenko.
    Lets say, they draft Grigorenko, let him play in the CHL for one more year and let Colborne play in the AHL for another year. After that, one of them(I think Grigorenko) will be ready for a top 6 center role.
    Rotate Grabovski, Bozak and Grigorenko around for a year, see what works best and then for the next year go with Grigorenko as 1st line, Grabovski as 2nd line and Bozak as 3rd line.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Wow, do the Ducks want to get burned by Burke again?

      I’d offer Schenn and Kadri, that’s as good an offer Anaheim will get, then try to flip 5th overall for E. Kane.

      Kulemin, Kane, Ryan solves the Leafs issue for size without having to get desperate and over pay Penner and makes the Leafs better short term which Burke needs to save his ass.

      With Colborne, Biggs and D’Amigo on the way up the Leafs could transform into a big team. We still have a hole at center but Kessel- Garbo – Lupul could gel as one of the fastest skill lines in the league.

      Though I prefer your trade proposal if the Ducks bite, I don’t think it gets it done.

      • Gambo says:

        Yeah I doubt the ducks would do that but if anyone was to pull a deal like that off with Anaheim it would be Burke.

        Kane would be nice but I wouldn’t want to trade this years 1st for him, unless it was Patrick Kane..

        I don’t think there is anyway the leafs trade this years 1st, unless it’s to go up or down in the draft, It would be stupid to trade 3 high 1st rounders away in 3 years.

    • toronto77 says:

      the leafs cannot!!!!!!!! do another season of bozak as the no.1 C. either demote him to the third line or package him in a trade.

      This team will definitely not improve if bozak is still the no.1, even if Luongo is our goaltender.

      • Gambo says:

        Bozak isn’t stellar, but he didn’t do a terrible job this year did he? Lupul and Kessel were able to be point per game players with him as the center and Bozak also improved quite a bit in his own end.
        I know he shouldn’t be the number 1 center but it’s only for a year until someone else is ready(in this scenario)

    • kessel_leafs81 says:

      Ryan would work perfect! I don’t think kadri would be able to make the jump next year.. Should slowly work his way into a full time position. I very much like the idea of evander Kane. I hate the thought of trading our 5th overal pick but Kane would be pretty much the only scenario I don’t mind it besides trading up.

      To Anaheim: franson, MacArthur , Percy , 2nd overall, Lombardi

      To tor: bobby Ryan, Schultz

      To van: mckegg, 3rd rounder, Connolly
      To Toronto; luongo

      To jets: 5th overall , Armstrong
      to Toronto: evander Kane

      Sign gaustad, moen

      Lupul BoZak/colborne. Kessel
      Ryan. Grabovski. Kane
      Kulimen. Gaustad. Frattin
      Moen. Steckel. Brown

      Gunnarson – phaneuf
      Liles – schenn
      Gardiner – Schultz


  2. kessel_leafs81 says:

    One of the biggest teams upfront instead of one of the smallest. We’ll need to upgrade our depth on defense and still look for a number one centre but I think our forwards are very well rounded with that for it not to matter much. Still have the likes of Ashton kadri and colborne ready to come up if an injury occurs. Think vancouver will take Connolly? Fit him with Lu going our way and he would fit into there third line decently well. Lombardi fits with Anaheim with there need for forward depth and Winnipeg asked about Armstrong at the deadline so hopefully we can get rid of all three!

  3. mojo19 says:

    Gunnarsson, Kadri, 2nd round pick (35th overall) For Bobby Ryan 6’2″ 220

    Schenn, and a solid prospect (Biggs, Ross, or McKegg) for James VanRiemsdyk 6’3″ 200

    Add a couple American’s with a good mix of size and skill.

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